Concepcion suggests limiting movement of unvaccinated people to quell Delta spread

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7/25/2021 4:45:00 PM

Concepcion suggests limiting movement of unvaccinated people to quell Delta spread

The Nation's Leading Newspaper

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo Joey Concepcion (RTVM Screenshot)Concepcion made the statement after the Department of Health (DOH) reported the latest count of Delta infections in the country at 64.In a meeting with some members of the government’s pandemic task force, medical experts, and private sector leaders, the Go Negosyo Founder said the government could consider exerting more pressure on those who continued to refuse to take COVID-19 vaccines.

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He likewise suggested to Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to consider limiting the movement of unvaccinated people like the recent policy enforced in France to prevent the spread of the disease.Concepcion raised the possibility of restricting the unpopulated population from entering certain establishments, eating out, or moving around the country as they posed a risk to public health.

He said incentives can be provided to businesses that will aim for full vaccination of their employees, such as increased operational capacity so they can recover lost revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Individuals can also be incentivized by granting them more mobility and ease of travel, which will mean doing away with mandatory tests since they have become fully protected against COVID-19.

Concepcion hoped that President Duterte and the government’s pandemic task force will consider his suggestion.“It might be one of the good news that can possibly come up as we approach President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday,” he said.

As of July 21, a total of 15,953,911 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered with 5,231,469 individuals receiving the required two doses since the vaccination program started on March 1.Meanwhile, Concepcion was not keen on the idea of implementing another lockdown as the country can no longer afford a severe setback to the economy, especially during the fourth quarter which is deemed to be the strongest quarter for the private sector.

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If you restrict movement of unvaccinated Filipinos, better scrap altogether the health safety protocol Teddybird Yes. joeygoneg Sir, may sufficient vaccine ba ang PH for you to suggest this? Sana napagisipan po muna bago mag suggest… this will cause a stampede of people rushing to get vaccines.. Inutusan ko na ang 89 year old lolo ko na may comorbidity na bumili ng pagkain sa Mcdonalds. Sya may bakuna. Ako wala pa

Makakapagpasa pa din ang vaccinated ng covid Tapos sna wag muna magpapasok galing sa ibang bansa. Baket ba ikaw ang nagsasabi ng dapat gawin? Hindi ka naman doctor Unfair naman po sa mga taong naghahanapbuhay na hindi pa nababakunahan. Isa pa hindi pa sapat ang supply ng vaccine para magmandatory kayo. Walang antivax movement dito sa atin na tipong nagrarally tulad sa europe. Huwag nyo nang dagdagan ang pasakit at hirap ng mga mamamayan.

Kung maka suggest ito parang kulang sa utak, eto ang tanong: maganda ba roll out ng vaccines? Matagl na kami nag aantay hanggang ngayon wala pa din. Kapag vaccinated ka ba di ka na ma infect at makakahawa? Gawin nyo rin nga itong covid czar

Pinahigpit na border control, kahandaan ng mga ospital inirekomenda vs Delta variantInirekomenda ng Department of Health ang mas mahigpit na border kontrol at kahandaan ng mga opsital sa harap ng banta ng mas nakahahawang Delta variant ng COVID-19. Hindi ba late na kung kailan confirmed na ang delta variant sa Pilipinas at may local transmission na, saka palang kikilos ang gobyerno. Mas malala, REKOMENDASYON palang para higpitan ang border control...

Kabobohan nyo nanaman. Ni hindi nyo nga magawang available yung bakuna para sa lahat. Tanginang gobyernong to wala ng naging matinong hakbang. henyo! Provide vaccinated people with close back to normal lifestyle. I would like to ask, is Concepcion a doctor?, may just a PhD not an expert for epidomology, so jusy be quiet, let the expert do their work. baka siguro nakikisali ka na din dahil ba tatakbo ka din sa nalalapit na eleksyon?,

discriminatory statement. vaccine is not a guarantee against covid infection. less people are vaccinated because of vaccine availability. please do not punish the people for somebodies’ failures. Utter discrimination. I thought you would still be a carrier even if vaccinated? Where is the freedom of choice that you in the gov’t are bound to uphold?

So it begins... Except government limits who can be vaccinated e Concepcion isa ka sa sa dahilan haggang ngayon mataas pa din kaso ng covid sa Pilipinas! 'Business without mercy' A4 wala pa din sa priority ng govt, sila yng working. Nasaan na yng vaccine para sa private company.

DOH reports 55 new cases of Delta variant of COVID-19 virus, total now at 119The Department of Health (DOH) reported on Sunday, July 25, 55 new cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus in the Philippines. READ: Lies If we have a better border control and strict quarantine of all incoming passengers maybe we have no cases of this delta variant, if the govt will not impose lockdown now we will be seeing the same of what Indonesia is experiencing now.

palangawan ng utak 'dre. Pag vaccinated ka na ba, at yung virus na airborne ay kumapit sa damit mo, o sa balat mo ay mamamatay? Ensure enough vaccines for at least 70% of the population first. Inutil nyo lang talaga. Also intensify testing and tracing. Provide more resources to our genome centers to fast-track sequencing of COVID samples and assess the real risk of variants entering our county.

Kulang nga supply nyo eh Mag invest ka sa testing, contact tracing, kung gusto mo nang pera Mr. Concepcion. Kaguluhan ginagawa mo di naman dagdag kita sa mga katulad mo. So these guys were incompetent to bring in vaccines. Then when it came, nauna pa sila and their families. Now they want the majority to suffer. Just focus on vaccinating the masses and shut up.

👎👎👎 Pag fully vaccinated ba di na makapag spread ng virus? Only in the Philippines eto ulit😱. Ilang percent na ba ang nabakunahan? as if overflowing ang supply ng bakuna sa basurang administrasyong ito Maraming gustong magpabakuna ....problema kulang pa sa bakuna ... Wag niyong gawing kasalanan nila ....

Duterte asks LGUs to fix vaccination process amid rainy weather, Delta variant scarePresident Rodrigo Duterte wants local governments to implement an orderly vaccination process for their constituents, as he denies there is a problem with the country's vaccine supply. wag na kunin yung sa mga private sectors, para makatulong na sa pagvaccine. Nasaan si Yorme? When 15M of 30M doses consist of a brand that nobody likes, it is a supply problem.

mga OGAG!! ang vaccines ay isang trial pa lamang at di nman guaranted na di na mahawaan ang vaccinated, niloloko nila sarili nila, damay ang ordinaryong tao.. against the constitution.. If vaccine available everywhere sure he can suggest that but without out that I suggest he keeps his 'see me I'm here' suggestions to himself.

No vac card no go out What can you expect sa taong na walang inisip kundi ang kumita lang. Ganyan lang naman siya kasimple yung pagiging gahaman nya. Una, separate bus para sa mga vaccinated, ngaun gusto nya limitado galaw ng mga hindi bakunado. Kapal ng mukha Better To Oust! The Mad Of Asia To Stop The Killings!

1 year afyer covid tapos ganto pa din yung safety measures natin. No wonder isa tayo sa mga bansang napagiiwanan. This suggestion reeks discrimination. To also put things in perspective, there is still a shortage of vaccines. It is hard to mandate something that is lacking at the moment. We want to be vacinated please get some more qiivker

Discriminating unvaccinated people is just these business tycoons' tactic.

Villanueva calls for mass transport plan considering typhoons, Delta variantSenator Joel Villanueva on Saturday, July 24, asked authorities to come up with a mass transportation plan in light of the rainy season and the threat of the Delta variant of the COVID-19. just for rainy season? why not do it everyday NO TO TeamTrabaho NO TO RE-ELECTION NO TO HYPOCRISY NO GREED Asa pa. They’re too busy planning for 2022 elections.

Who died and made Concepcion an expert in science, more specifically, epidemiology Clown din 🐵🙈🙉🙊 why only unvaccinated? this is discriination thuss limit movement of people in general since being vaccinated is neither guarantee nor offer immunity from being infected and spreading covid This promotes discrimination and cancel culture inmho

5 new cases of Delta variant detected in ManilaFive new cases of Delta variant of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) were detected in Manila, Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso announced in his daily capital report on Saturday (July 24). Do something Isko since you are bragging that you are not going around so you can take more your constituents. Sad to say that you are keep failing esp. with that vaccination in the middle of flood and strong rains. Isko should show more concern and less politics. Stop dreaming! Kaya ni Isko kahit wala ang DOH. Magaling naman sya talaga... Sa salita. Ivermectin DOHgovph

LGUs to enforce 6-hour curfew hours in NCR amid Delta variant threatLonger curfew hours will be implemented in the National Capital Region (NCR) starting Sunday, July 25, amid the rising cases of COVID-19 Delta variant. Ibalik sa dati kahit 1 week lang total nag uulan naman eh