Duterte asks LGUs to fix vaccination process amid rainy weather, Delta variant scare

President Rodrigo Duterte wants local governments to implement an orderly vaccination process for their constituents, as he denies there is a problem with the country's vaccine supply.

7/24/2021 7:19:00 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte wants local governments to implement an orderly vaccination process for their constituents, as he denies there is a problem with the country's vaccine supply.

President Rodrigo Duterte wants local governments to implement an orderly vaccination process for their constituents, as he denies there is a problem with the country's vaccine supply.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, July 25) –President Rodrigo Duterte asked local governments to implement an orderly vaccination process for their constituents amid rainy weather and the threat of the highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant.The President made the remark after people scheduled for vaccination, especially in Metro Manila, braved the monsoon rains and floods just to get inoculated.

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"The LGUs should immediately look for a place which is dry and which can house so many, dividing them into groups. It's a question of common sense," Duterte said in a national address aired late Saturday night.Duterte emphasized there is no problem with the country's vaccine supply, pointing out that local governments' management of vaccination sites contributes to the slow administration of coronavirus shots.

"The problem is crowding. People would respond to the announcement that inoculations will be given to those who are there on the site," the President said.Duterte added that barangay officials must be proactive in controlling their constituents lining up to get vaccinated. He also ordered Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año to craft solutions to address these problems in vaccination sites. headtopics.com

Meanwhile, Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. assured the President the country has a stable vaccine supply. Read more: CNN Philippines »

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Everything since day one of this pandemic has been disorganized, no matter how many heads and departments they put in. I'm sure, off the record, the more 'saner' dept heads would say that feel that way too. Even if there is scarcity, LGUs that allowed people to line up under floodwaters should be reprimanded for their inaction. People have a right to a healthy environment and LGUs must realize that. So kudos to LGUs who have an orderly appointments system.

Kilangan pa ata si digung pa maghakot at maglipat sa mga bakunahan... haysst. LGU.. DrTonyLeachon Para saan pa yung tinawag na vaccine czar? Dagdag lang sa pinasasahod ntfcovid19ph If only DOH and National govt directed local govt properly on vaccine innoculation so that all local govt is united in their actions and protocols. And not control who gets the donated vaccines.

DrTonyLeachon IskoMoreno They need to relocate the vaccination sites to safer spaces. Madami pang kasunod na bagyo at ulan, hindi agad huhupa ang panahon at baha. DrTonyLeachon Ha?!!! Who's telling lies LGU? Or the people waiting for their 2nd shots due to lack of vaccine supply? Duterte should acknowledge that there is an issue on vaccine supply and distribution. LGUs are doing their part in the vaccination. The buck stops with you, Duterte. Go back to oblivion in Davao after 2022. You have done enough harm to Filipinos! Tama na! Sobra na!

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I am A-2 Priority in Calaca Batangas and still waiting! My municipality says they cannot get the needed doses! slow Meron supply issue may mga LGU n 200 lang daw ang available vaccines. Philippines has vaccinated 5m of its population Tanga kasi, ayan tuloy wala may gusto ng sinivac When 15M of 30M doses consist of a brand that nobody likes, it is a supply problem.

Nasaan si Yorme? wag na kunin yung sa mga private sectors, para makatulong na sa pagvaccine.

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