Coronavirus: Atiku urges FG to distribute N10,000 to every Nigerian

Coronavirus: Atiku urges FG to distribute N10,000 to every Nigerian


Coronavirus: Atiku urges FG to distribute N10,000 to every Nigerian

He said the money would assist Nigerians provide supplements such as foodstuff across the 30 million households.

Mr Abubakar, whose son tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, urged the National Assembly to reconvene in an emergency session to legislate a Stimulus Package Act that will cater for all Nigerian citizens.However, we must accept the fact that much of the Nigerian public have a subsistence existence. A large percentage of our people do not have the financial capacity to withstand long periods of self-isolation and even lockdown.

It is thus time for the National Assembly to reconvene in an emergency session, perhaps by teleconference (in line with the demands of social distancing), to legislate a Stimulus Package Act that will cater for all Nigerian citizens.

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Is Atiku Foundation truly granting financial relief to Nigeria citizens as is being circulated on WhatsApp? You mean every household not every Nigerian AbekeOlamide How much is 10000 let me tell you 10000 now is 100 naira in those days Ok....what will 10k buy for an individual not even a family Am yet to understand please

Sir you right Sir but please sir don't forget my request sir We can't wasted our resources like yours, is an abomination to this Administration...Atiku is a big Scammer...That is not the solution. Same people saying FG should distribute 10k to everybody were the COVIDIDIOTS saying 10k TraderMoni to petty traders is way too small, Nigerians are driven by greed and interest. Politics, religion and ethnicity are curses instead of blessing to our nation...

Here is an individual who condemned Tradermoni to the most extreme level. How do people just change suddenly, anyways atiku has never been a man of his words for Once. Did he just say 10,000 for every Nigerians Are sure that 10k can do anything, because you once said 10k Tradermoni was a scam. You can't buy people's mind with your useless money.

Hypocrisy at its pick. The same Atiku that said N10k trader moni given to petty trader was a scam now urged FG to share the same amount to Nigerians. Mr. Man, just because you pledged N50m that doesn't mean u should make the call here. The money you pledge is the money you stole That’s way too small not even up $100 for each family I can’t believe this other countries are giving their citizens $1000 and you talking about N10,000 what a disgrace shame on you all

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I wish it was in another country. atiku knows what he's saying. The amount could be 'small' but it will go a long way in helping millions of our people out there. But again, it cannot happen in Naija! I really wonder how Nigerians in different states who have not been paid salaries for months will cope during this period. How far can this 10,000 naira go for such people.

0240610347 GTBANK savings account oshinubi jamiu Olawale Peanuts peanuts peanuts And wtf will that money do Cheap populism! What is the mechanism to reach those who mostly need it and who are not banked nor have any BVN number or any any form of identity. This will play directly into the hands of the corrupt elite to further grease their rooten palms.

Make I drop my acc no.. no stress go de find my bvn for computer I pray Soo...but it's only workers because there is no how students can receive it Will Dangote, Alakija... even Atiku collect too? Abi their own BVN na Ghana dem register? Make him start am first

Coronavirus: Nigerian scientists should lead fight, not politicians - ASUU warns FG, States - Daily Post NigeriaThe Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has lamented that politicians in government positions were leading the fight against coronavirus instead After ASUUNGR goin for indefinite strike? Set awón nonsense geng Lol, c ur life . Do nigeria have scientists,?

We don't need their money they should quarantine all our environment the way other countries are doing and take active responsive measures to curb this virus for spreading further If only they will do it not that there's no money in this country Nigeria but greediness is what is affecting them. Secondly it should be known that keeping us inside can not stop spreading without food and money so it will better to share the money

How? Data? No time ☺️ Less than $30🤔 ummm, we indeed need a new world How much has he himself giving to the people around him My submission is that in dire times, it should be the most vulnerable and less privileged demographics that should be catered for (first) and, is there any incisive demographics data to help with social/economic intervention? A bit rich toying with the sensitivity of the masses.

Very good idea It is possible; even in its impossibility. This nigga just looking for attention, baba dey psyche us🤦‍♀️

FG alerts Nigerians to dangerous computer coronavirusI don't understand What do you mean? Lol they want to caution us over there own fault. Computer virus okay we have AVAST anti virus too

How would they achieve this? LouieDi13 That is the least they can do for the masses, but No! They won't . atiku how much you done give out That's not upto 10$ WTF other countries payed $1k etc. 10,000 Naira will not be enough oo How much has he contributed or donated to help fight Corona virus in Adamawa State and his Local govt area? I thought he said he won, so for the love of his people, let him donate. Its not time for cheap political points.

This wicked and selfish govt will share 10k, when we are not doing election? Now is the best time to share the social intervention funds to every Nigerians not selected few. JuniorEbong I pray so o That's what this apc government dont knw, they supposed to credit every account, tell all the banks through the central bank to credit every account with 100,000 throughout the country. With immediate alacrity

Their mate is planning $2000 for the next four months. They should take a cue

Coronavirus: Melaye urges Dangote, Otedola, others to assist FG – Daily TrustA former Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Dino Melaye, has urged wealthy Nigerians, multinationals, international oil companies (IOCs), and others to financially support the government at all levels to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country. Sell Ur cars and buy ventilators for government Why not you Y don't u also assist, mbok

This thief should close his mouth. Obasanjo said and wrote that you're a thief and instead of you to sue him, you took your sheik and pastors to beg him. Kamil Abdul-rahmon zakariyah (0236727791) stanbic bank Not every Nigerians but each home This man just say anything to be noticed... power hunger Scam He can start with even 1-1k... I'm sure the best way to lead is by example not words

Pls inform that baba i'm waiting woo. kennytrips It'll not reach, they should slash senate money Its possible. My prayer is that they listen and do something. How possible is that with a Nation that has no database? Which data base Will they use it? Is it INEC invisible server 😂😂😂

Coronavirus: Scientists urge FG to lock down Nigeria now – Daily TrustScientists have called on the federal government to order a lockdown of Nigeria to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Asap It is good advice but gov has to provide other means of living to alleviate the suffering expected Then no fit they're selfish

I prefer the federal government to slash down prices of food items rather than give 10k that many will not get. We can use our voter's card to collect the money irrespective of our lovations... Atiku should display an act of philanthropist So how do you achieve that,how do you identify legit Nigerians.simply subsidize essential items

We don’t need your stipends or that of federal government. All of you that have shared, eaten and still eating our National Cake 🍰 that belongs to all Nigerians it’s also time you share amongst yourselves the COVID-19 cake 🍰 They don't even have enough to loot and you're talking of giving the masses 10k.

Handouts are good but they are part of the things that have kept us at this level we just want an effective system that can cater to every citizen's need. Very important They’ll rather choose to die with their 💰 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It will never happen in Nigeria

Coronavirus: Peter Obi reacts as Atiku’s son tests positive, cautions Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaThe Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2019 general election, Peter Obi has prayed for recovery of Atiku Abubakar’s

See man wey suppose be our president here Urge able indeed!!😀🙌 He atiku can do his own bit. God has blessed him At least let MBuhari do it an let it be known that the Nigerian president really sympathises with the public on this pandemic situation. After all, it will be noted for the vision 'CHANGE'.

Where the money dey except of course in our politician accounts. FG does not have money that we know but money they recovered from ikoyi gate, dasuki gate, abacha loot which they have shared amongst themselves should be brought out.COVID19 Atiku is not realistic on this one! It can come from you too atiku It's never too much although you've conducted an act of welfiarism on this cause. Your ostentatious wealth won't run dry.

With the name of what? I voted Atiku in the last election but not this time. I voted him just to oust Buhari. We don't need his likes please. Don't be deceived by his antics. He's another disaster waiting to happen. I voted Atiku in the last election but not this time. I voted him just oust Buhari. We don't his likes please. Don't be deceived by his antics. He's another disaster waiting to happen.

Atiku is not realistic in this one! Good idea Atiku but am afraid never gonna happen That money will find its way in the pocket of few who’s in charge of the distribution. Even 10k to the Nigerians that have 100s of 10k in their account already. This Atiku mumu never stop It's easy for Atiku to make statements we would want to hear because he lost in the past elections.If he were in Aso rock as president right now,he wouldn't do such a thing

LuvSwagzx Well said sir To please Nigerians too hard, someone suggested d govt gv everybody 10k as a relief measure just as it’s done in other countries and many are saying trash here....Nigerians hard to fight for Atiku for president 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 Thats my man up atikulate Can this really happen in my time

What will N10,000 solve? 🤔 mayeesq 10k will choke all of them Idiots with valid ID😒😒 What is 10,000 when we are over 200m...if they make it 100k it won't even be up to what a senator has in his account. Oga Atiku,you dnt knw how it feels until your son got contacted.Anyway,I wish your son quick and full recovery.I will advice you to stop looking for cheap political score with sensitive issues.

hand2ome Federal Government of Nigeria should give at least N30,000 - N50,000 to Nigerians between age 25 - 60 using their BVN to enable them buy essentials and food items this period of isolation and social distancing. CoronaVirusInNigeria CoronavirusPandemic CoronavirusOutbreak Atiku should do some giveaway, Charity they says begins at home.

Why always uging the FG you also own private companies you can as well help not urging the FG That's why he must drop more than 50million, maybe 50billion from the money he stole from Nigeria . Sir pls how do i get my own 10k because i really need it for my children to get food stuff

Nice contribution atiku 014859274 Gtb Bless you sir Enhhhhh!!!!!! If I hear say them try am, you want dem to go broke Abeg ooo, let them dey their lane, before dem go use am campaign that they feed the whole nation,I can't shout..I'm not Awilo NGRPresident no fit do am .....1000% sure of this 🙄😂 hand2ome YungHusband_ begin fire prayer

ose_anenih If he’s the one there he no go share am Hypocrisy oshi Agba ole Baba you can do it, spend this money, aye o pe meji Good if possible. But this government na Alkagum Atiku this is not time for politics and don’t tell me that Y’all have made Nigerians so poor that 10,000 is enough for families when 10k can’t afford you a bag of rice. Shameless and clueless

Some persons' are FG when you look at the all their LOOTS...SO which FG are we referring to here

Corona tradermoni loadind..... That's while i luv you Mr Excellency ATIKU Does Nigeria have a secured data base to know who re Nigerians. Nigerian Government dont know the total number of birth/death. The borders are open and who do you give this money to distribute bet before that money gets to a common man its 1000 Naira.

Spot on sir 👍 Imagine Yen yen yen mark2thaking Because your son is ill, conscience crept in? Bros e don do God continue bless Alhaji wazirin atiku abubakar Stimulus corruption

anniefunkies Now he sees how it feels Yes good suggestion. They normally share 10,000,cloth and bags of rice during election. This is the best time to do the sharing This Buhari govt will be the last to do it. Unless if the general election is near. Disgraceful.. MBuhari Don't allow your self to be deceive by this ppl, if not because them no say this corona no dey look face, And his political career him no go dey talk about it.

Yes your right Other countries are doing it including South Africa,of Nigeria can emulate the same is not a bad idea,but maybe it might be in the next world.. Can that be done in Nigeria When FEC can't meet together again.. Who'll make decisions ? The president we never had

Biko this time sharing must be open and fair o. I must not miss my own o ALDidy3 Dey should make use of bvn. Send the money man. For where? In your dreams. Black man is selfish and callous. Forget it, it's not in our nature to give freebies. If atiku were to be a president today, he wouldn't dare give such freebie.

Av dey bn able to pay workers salaries.. 10k indeed.. Really! That’s where the real pandemic will hit the masses. Please let it remain with the elites Don't even set the minds of Nigerians up... 😒.. Urge them to put important measures in place and stop this.. Rant This man calling Atiku is moreorless Dino and Fayose. They like joking😂😂😂

AtikuLATE park one side please! The likes of you have no single ground to suggest anything because we know the source of your wealth! If you can PDP, you can't buy NIGERIA! Stop playing your games on us! You are not fit to say anything that'll uplift our country! Make i hear am. START from our stolen money

Atiku just like wahala Nigerians need Atiku more than Buhari ooooooo Bcos u Hv return back ur loot from de national treasury...... Sir if u don't hv any thing better to say, do hide ur face 😔....... I wish we have a responsive government. This suggestion is not for this deaf and dumb government. Nothing worries them. They are just insensitive to the feelings of Nigerians. I know their hounding dogs may want to defend them.

2050096327 u b a As a leader in adamawa state let him start or even with local govt let see How? Uhm Atiku shld hav giv Nigerians 50m to share since we hav almost 40m register for BVN.. we can share it 1m each Super story Mtcheeeew...useless urging as if he cares..if not that his son is in the mess too 🤨🤨🤨

Allah yasa Ahahajahaaaaaaa...finally Endorse tradermoni Ahmad_Damau Funny This isn't a bad idea, the billions EFCC alleged they have collected and recovered and the Abacha loot can conveniently take care it. It's a nice idea Those COVIDIOTS? Over their dead body to give 10k to every Nigerian. Selfish old fools.

aybeedee Ahh, Atiku, there is no Election now. Abi you no know? They only distribute trader moni during elections. We got to wait till 2023😂🤣 Can't he share from part of the one he looted?😂 Though small but commendable Tueh..! Where iRuntown dey bless pple with 20 to 25k each today.

Another opportunity for embezzlement of the remaining change if any. Don't be deceived please. Thank you sir, you should do it too cos I believe you are capable of doing it. God bless naija. The majority of Nigerians that truly deserve to be given bailout are those so poor that they don't operate bank accounts.

What i was expecting as response to dis tweet was to tell atiku dat 10000 is quite small. But to see tweet insulting atiku shows we still ve a long way to go.... I just pray things doesn't get worse. shittuolaleka17 Technology can quickly collate all account holders pivoted by BVN for credit balance =10k (or whatever minimum balance to use to determine who qualifies for such social intervention)

Even if FG approves it,the bastard in charge of disbursement would still hoard some of the money 🙄 Use that money to fix the roads and hospital!!!! ...the ones with proper identify abi the ones that are in a data base? Wait o, do we even have 'A Functional Database'?🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Why he no ask for our account number rather than giving it to wolves to chop.

He said every household don’t you know the difference. You sef don cash out well. You fit do am What atiku said, to the people on the streets is a good one but as a well meaning Nigerian who is aware that the govt is not making money rather in need of funds for its budget, sharing money will solve a problem temporarily and cause 3 more devastating ones. DeepThinking.

The govt of my beloved country Nigeria I know will never do such because they have enough for the families, they forget the less privileged & orphans😭 It’s every household not every Nigerian American government are given their citizens $1000 that's 360 or 400k to nigeria currency ... What would 10k do ... Share 100k to each nigerian ...

Smh Good 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿 😁FG should be able to distribute at least N50,000 per head. Only if he can return the billions he stole some years back... Masha Allah. I wish to see you as a president Atiku.

Abba_abdul316 What he said is OK, but he has more than enough let him start from somewhere, lead by example... Audio money 💵 Maybe when we get to heaven in Jesus presence President Trump and the Senate have agreed on massive $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill for Americans. The package will see people making $75,000 a year receiving checks of $1,200, while couples receiving up to $150,000 salaries will receive $2,400.

Yes at least to ease this untimely stay at home with food or money, company refused to pay so how do we survive That one na dream 🇳🇬... In this country, hahahaha I swear if eeee go work God don pick nigeria call be that. Chuksbey America printed more than 6tr dollar to boost their economy and also give out to people. Why can't Nigeria print money at such a critical time

It should also be added that he has pledged 50 million naira as his contribution to this. Me na 1 million go do me oo if they can buy 109 cars for senators why can't they afford a million for each and every one of us? Campaign has started but you should not use a pandemic for campaigning It's a good idea from you sir. The money should be sent to active bvn cos If this money should be distributed in another means, average Nigerians will not see Kobo and those that will get it can collect more than 5k.

For 2023 election campaign abi? This man means good for Nigerians, only if FG and other ppl involved here will grant his plea. I commend atiku as a good man. U re doing well sir, oooin😍 Eghu! Copy copy! No brain. Thank goodness you are not our President. You are trying to do what Americans are doing. Oil price is collapsing and you want the government to share N2trillion.

Now let's see who really cares for the masses. atiku You're the man. I pray so ooo Bad idea.

Distribute monies that wasn't unappropriated? I thought events would have made you people outgrow the financial recklessness in govt spending but it seems it is inbuilt in your DNA. Future impossible tense. This is active president I know, live long my president who ever proactive Send 10k to all active BVN account. Nigerians won't hesitate to steal.

If he were the president would he do that. This one na better advice o. Loud ittttttt. This dey atiku dey sense fa,man me I fellow but make them make 50k sha because we no know when corona go tire to dey fight human . 0267237396 gtb Fake news M waiting , let these shameless govt drop mine.. I no kuku owe them anything

atiku pls sir, can you start with something? Atleast 1000 Can't you share you own money.... Must we tag federal government in everything This is a noble gesture. We have over 400million Nigerians registered on BVN platform. It's won't be hard to do it. MBuhari should approve it without any external advice

How much av u atiku distributed. Stop telling d government what to do if u can't. This is what Nigerians were missing hard it been he is the president. My presido Atiku Abubarka... bless ur boy Where is the money sef Very necessary They better look for a better way to effect it if they want to take the advise because all the offices in charge will start deducting their so called stress charges

Mission impossible, Buhari is a greedy man with no remorse to human kind, cassy_collins_

How is that possible? U are always on point sir. But those in power can never do anything that would favour average Nigerians. As it stands na we presido be this oo Now atiku is talking. But make him share the money reach us by himself make we take hold our self. He can do it. As if you're not a Nigerian 😂😂🤣 you and I know the only Nigerian we have are in the national assembly..

Baba God bless you but how will they share it for those of us that are not residing in our state of origin Distribute 10k for what exactly FG 10k to Citizens. Abeg throat dey pain me I no fit laugh Good Dats trader money

Yes oo They should cut the salaries of all politicians What for? They will not listen, they only care about their self and family

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