Coronavirus: Melaye urges Dangote, Otedola, others to assist FG – Daily Trust

Coronavirus: Melaye urges Dangote, Otedola, others to assist FG


Coronavirus: Melaye urges Dangote, Otedola, others to assist FG

A former Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Dino Melaye, has urged wealthy Nigerians, multinationals, international oil companies (IOCs), and others to financially support the government at all levels to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country.

Melaye, who made call in Abuja on Tuesday, also urged Nigerians not to see the efforts against Coronavirus as a ‘government thing’. EDITOR’S PICK: AMVCA7- 2Baba, Dino Melaye, others ‘may have come in contact’ with coronavirus patient “The responsibility lies with all of us. This is not about government alone or any particular agency of government; it is about all of us. Hence, all hands must be on deck to combat Coronavirus. It is not about the government; it is about humanity. Public health affects national development; hence it should not be politicised. ADVERTISEMENT HOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTS “Consequently, in furtherance to all measures and actions taken so far by the Federal Government to fight Coronavirus, I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, lockdown the nation’s capital, Abuja and the nation’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos, via an Executive Order. “This is necessary in the circumstance, in order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. There is no doubt that preventive measures are cheaper than treatment of any ailment, talk more of a global pandemic,” he said. He said every Nigerian should act as if he or she has contracted the virus already and see everyone as a carrier of the virus also, so that everyone will see it as collective duty to make Nigeria Coronavirus-free. Related Download Daily Trust News App Share this article Read more: Daily Trust

What of you, Mr. Luxurious Senator. Your suggestion should start by practicalising it as well. So that your plea would carry more weight. What of him? Remember he is the former Senotar of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or he don't have money to contribute he had to contribute before he tell someone to contribute 😂 😂

What about him .Sell some of your exotic cars and give to the poor. First time sir I believe you spoke well He can assist as well. Greedy man. What about yourself Well guided They need not to be told. They benefits more from the government than most Nigerians. Let them bring out the resources to the country it is pay back time.

Another he-goat on the prowl.🚶 Wat abt him. He should lay an example. Dino, av 2 contribute financially

Coronavirus: Fani-Kayode, Dino Melaye reacts as Abba Kyari tests positiveCoronavirus: Fani-Kayode, Dino Melaye reacts as Abba Kyari tests positive ReadThis TopStories May God Almighty Bless Them As They Keep Politics Aside For Prying Them. Good sipirit of sportsmanship, hope the masses will learn from it.

Nice one You sef support the government! Release funds and get treated What have you given yourself? Loud speaker If you r looking for a pair of helping hands, start with the ones at d end of ur arms whitlow catch am for hand? What will be his own contribution as a citizen? All the money you use buying cars and bike can also be useful now

Is his money forbidden to assist? Plus himself Senator Dino should also start the assistance from his end, his friends, politicians etc. You do distribute... Pls distribute what we need now

AMVCA7: 2Baba, Dino Melaye, others 'may have come in contact' with coronavirus patient – Daily TrustThe Lagos State Government has disclosed that all participants at the 7th edition of the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) held on 14th March may have come in contact with one of the confirmed cases in Lagos and are most likely to have been exposed to COVID19 infection. Oh god protect us fron dis Virus nd have mercy on us gbeserewo!!! IK, r 👀

Collectively they can do more than what jack ma did. You nko My dear Dino you are also expected to help at your capacity Or the money you used in shooting your Musicvideo might also be useful What of him? He should release one of his mansions for quarantine center Set an example and by God grace others will follow

What of him? Why not you Dino Fake ne🙄 How about him

Coronavirus: Atiku, Dino Melaye react as Abba Kyari allegedly tests positive to COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar and Senator Dino Melaye, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate in the Kogi West Senatorial Our prayers are with you Abba Kyari Baby Corona you’re doing well.

Federal government should do more on health You nko? masterade3933 Watin exempt u Oga! Let one of your cars go for auction for corridor sir What about him or is he broke already We the MEKUNNUS are urging Ajekuiya to assist FG on coronavirus. Sebi you have houses and exotic cars that you can dispose to assist? Those you are calling upon are always adding value without being told

Sadly those 'others' are here on twitter abusing the government. You have wat they have also you can also help we Nigerians I rep SDM... God bless you more as u do so Can't you help,, are you not richer than them.... Sell ur car's..... Mr car's owner... Not just urge those can equally help out

AMVCA7: 2Baba, Dino Melaye, Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, Mercy Eke, others 'may have come in contact' with coronavirus patient – Daily TrustThe Lagos State Government has disclosed that all participants at the 7th edition of the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) held on 14th March may have come in contact with one of the confirmed cases in Lagos and are most likely to have been exposed to COVID19 infection. This was disclosed by the state … This is getting damn serious 😂😂 Lies WTF

What about you You nko Sir I think you are one of the people that finished Nigeria money and everything in your garage can testify to this assertion so pls sir you can help by returning every Kobo you took without proper approval or let's say just return Nigeria money with you sir. Thanks Every privileged person should assist one way or the other

See who is talking 🤣😂🤣 He can equally assist no matter how small. U no go assist abi PDP_2023 You should also What of you and all other NASS members (past and present)? We are all in this together Dino too should sale one of his cars and assist the govt.

AMVCA7: 2Baba, Dino Melaye, others 'may have come in contact' with coronavirus patient – Daily TrustThe Lagos State Government has disclosed that all participants at the 7th edition of the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) held on 14th March may have come in contact with one of the confirmed cases in Lagos and are most likely to have been exposed to COVID19 infection. Oh god protect us fron dis Virus nd have mercy on us gbeserewo!!! IK, r 👀

Oga sell this G-WAGON make we use the money build isolation centres. Lead by example. Oma_igala1 What about him? Corona virus has humbled him, he would have been in Hong Kong by now. Oma_igala1 You nko? What about selling some of the many cars? Where are all the men of God who claim they can heal the sick,make the deaf to hear,make the dumb to speak,raise the dead. CORONA VIRUS IS IN TOWN. make una come show unaself!

Why? Are they richer than the government do the government need individuals to work especially now. Fuck him Malaye should sell some of the cars in his garage to help people of kogi not Nigeria in general Nigeria rich men and political looters are all selfish and self-centered and will not want to help or assist the country without getting profit. The virus is not for the poor but for the looters and selfish leaders unfortunately some innocent ones maybe affected due to contact.

what about him?

Coronavirus: 'Why FG must lockdown country now' – Daily TrustThe ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has urged the Federal Government to lockdown the country, except those on...Control of coronavirus... Almighty Allah to save our country Ameen We have people who don't have what to eat Just because FG officials and their family are the one who brought it to our adorable country if not, no one should be tested positive

What has he offered dino_melaye? This is an opportunity to show that he truly cares for Nigerians. A thousand mask, a thousand sanitizer goes a long way. An insignificant amount for Dino but Nigerians will appreciate. This is for action!! Less talk.....ACTIONS!!!! And with all those useless cars of his he can’t help? Let him not worry, he will go to his grave with those cars.

Sell your house and build two world class hospitals in your constituency. Oga Dino pls take the lead Selling off that mansion and those expensive cars can go a long way too man Oga dino_melaye lead by example, how many help have you rendered, just 1 or 2 from your fleet of cars will go a long way and distance that even your most expensive car can't reach, oga everything you get is vanity, you will die one day too

dino_melaye just sell like 5 of those cars you have and donate the proceeds to the health sector. N u? sell all ur properties also to tackle coronavirus to prove you are indeed a true nigeria leader What is he doing that he can’t assist

See elite talk for 9ja God... say u dey advice wealthy persons wey sweat find thier money... The question is which action u fit taker cure this problem. Upon all the cars n money wey u get ...May God let this corona virus chop all una yash finish useless people. Oga go test yourself What about you sir, you can start with some masks and sanitizers pls

If our leaders can show off their cars and mansions, surely they can shell out some millions to ease this pandemic. Is he not suppose to help the govt as well, all he knows is buying cars You are making this submission to trend, right? Ak_Efizeemedia dino_melaye why can't u sell those ur expensive cars and donates the money to FG if u re good man.

Donate first and rest will follow your suit. What about hims? So he can only displayed affluence of many expensive cars and houses on the Facebook, twitter and Instagram only, he can't assist humanity. Allahu Akbar, God is great. Covid-19 has successfully exposed most of our so called leaders how much they love d masses.

Lead by example. If you can buy all those cars, you can as well buy ventilators. You all should be ashamed as Jack Ma sent relief materials to Nigeria

De assistance is highly needed Safeeyan3 What about you Dinomelaye1 DinoMelaye What about you sir....? May Almighty Allah guide and protect Muslim ummah Ameen 🤲 Him no fit donate? All the vintage cars that cost millions wey him get, e no fit sell am donate? Yeye politician Sir, what about all the Ferrari you have. Sell them and use it to assist the government as well. Thank u sir

What about him? Can't he do the same thing he is urging others to do? With all his expensive automobiles and mansions that he displays all the time. Why won't dino_melaye sell his exotic cars to assist Kogi State government? Hypocrite! How much has he donated from his stolen wealth with is pay master? Yeye

....and what will you do Dear Senator?

Iwo nko? What are you doing? How are you assisting? If they were like you do you think they would be in the position to be called upon for assitance? FG is not doing anything, so the word assist becomes null and void...They should help their compatriots suffering from hopeless governance Sell ur cars n assist too..must it be dem only

Weyre brother. Yes indeed U should start first with all the money u stole as an active politician for yrs . U should ur money the buy cars now u are telling us about the dangotes etc. Park well pls sir ! Nice idea but U also have to assist What about him. All those cars and houses he flaunts and abuse us on top on social media. If he sells some, he can also assist FG. Mtchew! 😙

They should assist while u are busy buying fast cars I agree with your reasoning Mr. Melaye... the should be fought by all...

Spare Dino Melaye a breath, seriously I don't like him but he didn't excluded himself. He made a simple English up there but many of us do not wish to see it. He said, 'Dongote, Otedola and Others'. This is not a colloquial statement please! Sell just one your would go a long way ...nice one Sir but the charity can begin with you. Nothing is too small. Much love.

You Will think this man have d love of his people at heart. He too, Melaye can also do his bit.. we all can do our bits.. What abt you tell us what you have to contribute also What step has he first of all taken to alleviate the plight of his immediate constituency? He should go and rest with his Covidiot video.

So he can't be of help himself no amount is too small. How much has he donated for the fight against the virus? U nko, sell some of ur cars n donate , don't call others first.

He should also sell few of his cars so he can also assist What about him too with show of his wealth. So, he cannot sell one his nonsense cars to assist. Dino should start from himself first. Charity begins at home you and your fellow politicians can all contribute out of the billions in your possession and you won't have to bother Dangote and Otedola

You can help too dino_melaye Da ku'din Banzan da ka sata Good suggestion. U should also call on ur PDP fellow member such as Atiku, saraki, peter obi,etc dy should donate What have u to donated You can't sell some of the car in fleet to help Nigeria abi or haven't you been having a free money from Nigeria?

The billionaires in Nigeria, it's now the Nation needs you more. Come out assist the govt to safe lives TonyOElumelu PeterObi atiku

Na true talk what about u He can also assist with the little he has instead of buying cars Even you Mentor u hve to assist them 👏👏 The law makers should lead by example...the rich may follow if not for 'goodness sake' then for the sake of looking cool since others are assisting.Wealthy like JackMa JeffBezos BillGates et al are ahead of the park. Now we know there is a big differnce btw Rich and Wealthy

What about you? You have house in Dubai, London, America etc. So you have capacity to do something even if it is your local government area. Thank you SDM pls don't stop telling them Did he assist....dino you too assist What are you doing that you can't assist, sell one of your exotic cars This man dresses up daily to flaunt his vanities, but now he wants others to donate to save humanity. I think he'll be better insulated from COVID-19 in his finca in madrid or luxury apartment in London. Kwasiafor!

While you use your OWN money to buy cars. MUMU

He should lead by example Mtchewwwwww Well done. You nko? Sell some of your priced cars and do something for once in your life for humanity. God bless you, Rochas Okorocha And what will you be doing when others are assisting. You want to sing your version of Egungun be careful right? Doing a thing that does not have a good experience......

Sale your humongous cars ..even you to melaye you can assist by selling few among your cars All those your Rick Ross, sell one and render your little help as I can see you have your nation in mind. Way to go! Why,DNT you have money yourself...sell those cars you are not using and help the FG.

What about Him as melaye? Sell one car too n donate the money. What about Dino that has money to buy exotic cars but cannot support the FG except the election period that they'll be sharing 2kg of rice What about him he should sell his cars and donate the money to the govt least he got all his money through govt

Like as if the FG doesn’t have the money to make everything possible.....Matcheeww Donate part of the looted funds in your house too Dino also had capacity to make his own charity donation, look at the kind of expensive life style which he is living on, he don't even supposed to somebody's attention to donate....let's see from him.

Dino ,can also contribute by helping the govt too Sell ur cars to help out selfish idiots. Corona does not know big man Why can't him help... How many sanitizer and mask 😷 has he donate to his local government and constituency

dino_melaye assist the FG from your looted fund too Is it not the time for him also to sell those luxurious cars that he seldom drive and assist the Government? Does that excluding Sen. Melaye... Or his ideology is only meant to be flaunting luxury but not to be concerns about the health of the people 👨‍👨‍👦

What about you All of a sudden all of them know the right things to do but when they were in power they were all blind to the right thing. What about him?! Don't help na we all in this What I don't get is that, is he also not in a good position to assist Politicians!!! He should also assist, not just calling people to assist

Nice one Honourable

Wont he assist withe the stolen money...... He was at amvca nigga should go get the test done Then you Dino,you will use your own money to go buy new cars right ?,All of you guys should bring out all the money you guys stole Sell some of your cars to assist too What of him? His only good in buying cars.

With due respect sir, you are also in a position to assist. While u buy cars and flaunt it on social media Is it true Dino sells cars that's why he has all those flashy cars in his garage ? Hmm! Honourable Dino including your self At the very least dangote has donated 200million to help fight this Coronavirus issue.

You should also help, you have benefited a lot from the government as a senator

Stringy dino What has he done to help, before urging others He sould play his own part first and stop calling people names.. he can actually suggest dey cut all there outrageous allowances to support... but no they won't do that. Mthewwww I pity my country people COVID19NIGERIA How about him? One of those super cars he has in his garage will pay for plenty medical items

Should they be told before they do so ? What about you idiot, after stealing a lot of money from Nigeria To do what!Their money go disappear, the effort will be wasted, their time too. The Aboki in ze rock no get sense he get coro Why can't u start it? If it is latest car now u will buy it. What is your value to ur state and ur Country?

Mad man, he can support d Government as well! How about you dino....the cars alone in ur house can build not less than 5 standard hospital in kogi...what have you done in kogi? How many have you built.

you nko Look at this covidiot, what about him? Selfish human being Ain't you also reach, why won't you assist urging others to Sell one car and help your own senatorial zone. While the so you mentioned etc will help the federal And you too You have the money $20m is not a big deal for you help Do as well Dino

Dino! Comments here on your post is the report card about your person! Ismaelmoh3 You are a rich man too You can also assist FG in your own little way, it will be on record What has he personally done to help? Maybe except to advise other people to help

Melaye you nko, you no fit assist government too, atleast help poor Nigerians by paying money into their account as palliative measures.... What about dino_melaye assisting also? Talk for the trash, how did you and your senate help Nigeria? What have you contributed so far ? He don dey get sense Rubbish guy, why can't you sell parts of those cars in your garden to support Nigeria also, why calling on those young men.

But in all sincerity these people are not richer than you Dino. The difference is the source! One is being stole the other hard-earned What about him? He could sell a few cars, houses in Dubai and cows and assist. Include you big mouth He (Dino) should assist FG too, Even with little amount of one Perarry

What about you, always on social media showing off with ur wealth, lead by example. He nko? With All dose cars he vainly show off he wont add himself to a helper too? Idiot man Charity being home u may start by donating ur personal wealth to help Nigerians. U nko Mtchewwww!!!! Pray coro does not see you

We do people think these billionaires owe them? They don't owe us anything! It is the govt that owe us. So, we should channel our energy towards demanding our rights from them. Besides, some of these billionaires have been helpful in the past. He gangan nko? charity begins at home..... He should sell one or two of his exotic cars, no amount is too small or too much.

You nko Urge yourself and lead by example first. Money wey una suppose but health care facilities you don use am buy Ferrari. If corona catch cure it with you fancy automobiles 😏 He should be tested too. He was in Lagos for the award

Those guys are too stingy Oponu, what of himself After all of you na don finish the country. His own money is just for his luxury of I have always said that this dude is a fool D idiot should sell his cars and provide supplies to health centres Despite Italy economy is better than Ours, their death rate by COVID- 19 is increasing... Naija wake up and support your GOVERNMENT...this is not the time to crack jokes...countries are praying and crying.... Chai!!!

Guys open your eyes. Do you deeply knew that lockdown have started happening round the state in Nigeria. I think He is 100% right. Dangote, Otedela and others should support FG against COVID-19... We all need to be very prayerful right now.... It's not a Joke at all...PRAYER o🙏 dino_melaye why can’t you too join them to help the federal government you are also wealthy sir...... uncle dino your garage worth is someone dream.

I don’t get! How have you helped? You can start by donating your card

Dino is sick. Why not return all illicit allowances paid him and his colleagues may be after that Nigerians can then contribute according totheir means Hahahah, let him start by selling off hos fleet of cars. U sayed true dino I mean since you cannot spend all those billions, is a good time to put to use so you can save life. Jack Ma sent help package, I haven't hear anything from our domestic billionaires up to now.

While he composes songs & blab. Mtchewwww All you here envy Malaye, he's not rich compared to most senators talkless of Dangote! You too can sell one of your phones and help your street. That's why non of you see it necessary to rescue Nigeria in protest but una problems na the guy's auto collections. Others've eststes

Some of your houses abroad nko! 3rd class citizen They're only interested in using their croonies in government to monopolize the business sector but they're so tight-fisted. See Jack Ma's assistance arrived Nigeria and our so-called richest man still consulting. .. bur with who, money owners Lol Nobody has tested Dino Melaye, that one that has been traveling round the world since they collected that thing from him.

Samuelc80213666 Must you urge them.. like seriously....Dem no sabi wetin dem suppose do abi which kind formality you dey give this whole phenomenon self 🙄 Mad o

Even d money d country has is enough to cater 4 its citizens without any help 4rm anybody but d hungry lions in our nation just won't allow dat See dem. These are all the pple benefitting 4rm Nigeria, Is it only dangote nd otedola afterall they are businessmen nd he is a politician.. Dey re all spending our money not their Father's money..

Why should they assist FG? I'm not surprised it's coming from Melaye What of him and his colleagues Sir what of u dino_melaye why not sell one of your house and a number of your cars and help us....that will be more apprecaited than urging them to help, because when AlikoDangote donated 200million, it was not you that urged him to. And as well dont forget to subject yourslf to test.

He has said the truth El_PrisciTO He's a clown Correct..... Please they should start now, no time. Before things get out of hand. People need food, toiletries, face mask, and sanitizer. What cant he help ?

All these influential people are duty bound to assist without being ask in this precarious situation. But you have to involve yourself sir melaye The last time i checked his is not poor and his not from zambia We have never seen Dangote riding Brabus and G63 ooo He can also assist d FG so let him start if he really mean it

What has he done too? Is he not rich enough to help? Why not you bankole_bis dino_melaye what have you done U fool cant assist.. bankole_bis How much has he helped

He's making a useful recommendation. 👍👍👍. All hands must be on deck. bankole_bis Oloribu ara tie nko? If you too help no be bad thing Covidiota What about you. Can't you do something. What did he do with his own wealth? Am in support of ur suggestion sir dats good idea Dangote should be in quarantine by now so that Africa will be safe that's the only help he can offer

I urge you to also help sir. Many families can not afford this ‘ stay at home’, your assistance will help the government.

Look at this covidiot. Are you not a billionaire? We too urges you to assist the government ffs Include him Useless senator. Why can't u help with what you have? Why are the called Federal Government? Urge yourself first, all those cars in your garage worth a fortune. Set an example and the rest will follow suit. Don't urge them

dino_melaye sell your cars and buy ventilators for the federal government You nko What about you? Give whatever you can afford. What happened to all the efcc recovered loot? you’re lacking content it seems. You’re now posting irrelevant opinions of irrelevant people.

Why excluding himself? How about him? Houses in Dubai, UK, US. Thought he's richer than those he mentioned as have never seen them flaunt their assets. Lool. What a big joke If na to buy flashy sports cars dem go see you for front. Now you dey point fingers... Personally, I no blame you sha... His own money no de come out?

He flaunts his wealth......You can as well do plenty......dino_melaye Let him sell his card He should also assist his Kogi people and not only Dangote and otedola And you also Oga Senator.. IDIOT

Idiot where is your own money?moffo That Golden lion head in his living will build a standard hospital in Kogi State. Lmaooo Oga dino you nko Dangote has contributed about 200m, what about distinguish sdm... Why can’t he assist too He is suddenly not a Nigerian or what? His own little contribution can go a long way too

His Broke Now. Even if he has to sell his cars, he can't get the value 😂😂 He too should be of help. He should sell those needles sport cars and assist the nation. All our pot belly and greed politicians will taste the pains of poor masses they have been stepping on their toes since, may your will be done lord.

What abt him, all those useless money they use on campaigns and trips That's will be better What is your own value?. Why can't you help?. All the show off, sell those things you gather and help humanity. What of melaye himself he used to show himself now Them never assist the Lagos explosion victims finish.

Dino Has this Intelligence FG can carry their cross. He should first sell some of his exotic cars and use the proceeds to assist FG. Nonsense🙄 Wetin do ur papa DinoMelaye wey u no fit support the FG? Foolish somebodi What about you?

Dey mumu no get money How are we sure they'av not be affected? because they were together with kyari in IG of police son wedding last weekend What abt u oga? They are in isolation for now bro And you? While he spends his money on cars What about him? He should sell his cars Good idear sir🤝 Y don't u also assist, mbok

Why not you Sell Ur cars and buy ventilators for government

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