Apologise For Leading Nigeria Into Recession For Second Time, PDP Tells Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara Reporters

Ahmed on Thursday said the country may go into recession due to the slowing down in economic activities.

5/23/2020 12:14:00 AM

Apologise For Leading Nigeria Into Recession For Second Time, OfficialPDPNig Tells Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara Reporters ZShamsuna on Thursday said the country may go into recession due to the slowing down in economic activities. READ MORE:

Ahmed on Thursday said the country may go into recession due to the slowing down in economic activities.

May 22, 2020The Peoples Democratic Party has asked Nigeria's Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, to apologise for leading Nigeria into its second recession.PDP spokesperson, Kola Ologbodiyan, told SaharaReporters on Friday that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration had mismanaged the economy for the second time at the detriment of Nigerians. 

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He said,"What Nigerians would have expected the Minister of Finance to say is that the Buhari administration had bled this nation into a recession a record second time. That's what they should have said, I would have also expected her to apologise to Nigerians for bringing this fate upon them.

"It is wrong to go and say in front of National Assembly members that Nigerians should expect recession. Everybody already knows that we are in a recession and this is the second time that this government is bleeding Nigerians into a recession."

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OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Nigerians has never had so bad OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna The Minister never led Nigeria to recession. Nigeria are better informed and facts are sacred. PDP’s concern should be the party’s continued relevance and regaining public trust in the Nigerian political landscape. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna They jailed dezieni nothing!

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna This time it is caused by the pandemic, should not count OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Apologize Not even resign. How benevolent of you on behalf of Nigerians OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna The question is, was the nation into recession before the Covid 19? What actions were taken to salvage the situation?

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna 😂😂😂😂 whom is to be blamed now? I think covid 1.9🤔🤔🤔 OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna OfficialPDPNig come out with a plan that can convince Nigerians you want to rule for better...... If not we like this sufferings OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Stay out of darkness, pollution, noise and fuel bills with steady electricity 24/7... For more enquiries kindly reach us on this number 09069978795

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Have any service enquiries relating to inverter & solar? Kindly hit us up on this number 09069978795 OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Disappointed in OfficialPDPNig, not a serious opposition party OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna PDP has to direction just like a ship without engine their brain is like Nnamidi Kanu brain

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Yes bcos when the waist of your skirt is bigger than your waist. Sure! you should expect a fall off of the skirt from the waist as many times as possible OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Dem don fry una brain OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna This is serious... U guys refuse to listen, and now u must dance to the music..

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna I miss Kemi Adeosun OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Both PDP,APC are all clowns. Come 2023 , Nigerians should vote for a different party with a better person not these recycled criminals. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna And she will definitely fine a way out. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Apologies? No. We do NOT need apologies. What we need are policies on how to move ahead. It may be slow and painful but we'll get out of it. Question is, do we have a plan for getting Nigeria out of this 'unending' recession?

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna we are in řecession since 2015, may be she talking about looting recession, no money to steal OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Hmmm OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Purveyors of negative news, Germany economy have already gone into recession so as UK, USA, Italy and some other countries in Europe are battling to sustain their Economies that is already heading to recession as results of the covid19 pandemic lockdown..

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna OK. Sorry o.😊. Na so I hear minister dey talk, yesterday. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna I knew this lady was incapable but because they want to loot they needed an ode OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna If PDP is not foolish, they’ll know that the current economic situation is not peculiar to only Nigeria. It’s global.

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna There's no gain saying,the minister is overwhelmed. Just that she can't resign cos resignation is not part of Nigeria's political system. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna This is just thoughtless. Recession isn’t anyone’s fault. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna It's regrettably,that PDP have failed as opposition party

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Hmmm, OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna What does that mean? OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna But this is global OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Incompetence just like his employer 'bubu' OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna But what do Nigerians expect from a government that keeps recruiting incompetent people that are not even fit to be a Local Government Ward Councilor? A magic or miracle Let's stop this victim playing and pity-party, we played ourselves in broad daylight.

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna We apologise OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna We do not need any apologies. It’s time to end impoverishing capitalism! Deplore more federal and state responsibilities to the local governments with commensurate fiscal support! ayemojubar OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Does this woman look like someone the can pass Home Economics talk less of Macro Economics?

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Who made Zainab finance minister? Hmm...no comment! OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Economy looters and suckers OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna What will happen when she apologise? Are we going out of recession after the apology!! Nonsense OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Recession is not in my dictionary Madam

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Pdp members of the National section are just useless, especially that dunce of a spokesman they have. Just talks like a stupid overgrown baby. APC will still come here to blame them... No one will ever be responsible enough to take responsibility. The blame game continues OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Can't these ppl b responsible4 once?D whole world is feeling d heat, even d US is already in recession& most world leading economies are battling it, so what's d madness about? Instead of joining hands 2gether4 natl prosperity. Anyway, d only language they understand is looting

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna She was never put there to make any improvement or to raise any standard in Micro or Maro economic management, rather to continue the loot and burn strategy. WHAT IS HER PEDIGREE?. NO RECORDS OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna 📌 LEARN FREE 2020 ONLINE MINI- IMPORTATION TRAINING AND HOW TO BECOME AN AGENT.. 📌We would teach you how you can import goods from outside Nigeria.. 📅MAY 21th Click here to join the class 👇👇👇

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna OfficialPDPNig ... abegi ... borrow sense if una no fit rent am.... the whole globe is in a recession. Dont use the pandemic for political points. People are dying. How useless are the so called political elite .... what an absolute waste of existence. Haba!😡😡😡😡 OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Do u see why I said we don't have an opposition party in Nigeria? Could u imagine this coming from them. Tufiakwa

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna This job is difficult for El-rufai sister, Shamsuna Ahmed. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna I guess OfficialPDPNig thinks attacking the rulling party is what opposition is, irrespective of how senseless d attack may be. She is clueless OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Your oga is leading us into war. The whole government is an apology.

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna This woman and all the people in this government are all daft.all their policies are clueless and unproductive OfficialPDPNig Pls which nation's economy isn't in recession. Every nation are managing their economy within. Talkie ppl OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Imagine a pandemic like PDP asking for apology from anyone!

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Leading the country into Recession because you people in government want to make excess money with Covid19 .. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna A child that score F9 twice on 2 seating shud b expel and jail. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna OfficialPDPNig , why not ask Finance Minister to Apologies for the pandemic!!

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna OfficialPDPNig should borrow some sense and be what an opposition should be. Almost all economies in the world will be going or are already in some form of recession because of the COVID19 pandemic. Except if APC went to Wuhan to cause the pandemic. Don’t dance to all tunes!

You need to ask COVID-19 first!!! B4 asking minister. PDP should know we are not in 90's . This is 2020. KAN MAGE TA WAYE! OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna I love constructive criticism but not the type of infantile utterances by OfficialPDPNig requesting ZShamsuna to apologise for plunging Nigeria into recession the second time. Was it Shamsuna that caused COVID19 and crash of crude oil prices?

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna We don't need there apologies❎❎ OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna pdp na wailers OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Will you guys stop being a clown and work together for Nigeria's progress for once! Mtchew!!! The whole world is going into recession as a result of coronovirus, Nigeria entered recession in first tenure of APC cos 16 years of pdpvirus (pdpvid-16). They should keep quiet.

PeeDeePee always cracking Political comedy! OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Mtsw Recession PDP is drunk... nonsense people. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna PDP insha Allah will became leading Nigeria Is the Finance Minister doing a good job? OfficialPDPNig must be daft and stupid. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Kitikpa ana alacha kwa mmadu anya ebea bikonu?

PDP are acting as if they have good mind for all Nigerian citizen....... this is just a story of BlackKettleVsBlackPot OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Shame OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Is there anything different... We still struggle to make end OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Untill you people realize that this Fulani janjaweed who want power by all means yet can not even lead themselves talk more of leading a whole country are incapable of running a viable economy the better for us all. Referendum is the best option now

OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna Very necessary.oh how I miss Mrs Kemp OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna But need to explain what is recession mean for common man to understand if really there is. OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna 🚶🚶🚶 OfficialPDPNig ZShamsuna PDP with their stupidity. Party aside world economy is going into recession. I don’t know why everything have to be politicised.

dynasty_blood dynasty_blood dynasty_blood dynasty_blood dynasty_blood dynasty_blood Follow and IFB ASAP PDP they will just want to make headlines.... By the way she is not the finance minister when the first recession happened We are tired of all this from pdp to apc 😲

Nigeria May Go Into Recession, Says Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara ReportersNigeria May Go Into Recession, Says FinMinNigeria Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara Reporters Ahmed added that this will be worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic which has put a strain on all facets of life in the country. READ MORE: Are we not in recession already? So what That’s your own problem coz na you eating our money 💴 Mtwww very useless peoples

Nigeria May Go Into Recession, Says Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara ReportersNigeria May Go Into Recession, Says FinMinNigeria Minister, Zainab Ahmed | Sahara Reporters Ahmed added that this will be worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic which has put a strain on all facets of life in the country. READ MORE: Are we not in recession already? So what That’s your own problem coz na you eating our money 💴 Mtwww very useless peoples

Nigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance MinisterNigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance Minister How e no go take run in to recession wer una do chop the money finish It will be disastrous......even without recession the less vulnerables still suffers...sos We are not heading towards recession because, since I was born, there was never a time 🇳🇬 was booming. Better say that the political elites are in recession and no longer have excess they usually siphon

JUST IN: Nigeria's economy will definitely go into recession - Finance Minister'In any case, we will go into recession but what we are trying to do is to make sure that it is shallow so that we will quickly come out of it come 2021.' Why not? You are feeding gost schl children. Kikikikiki Depression season 2 Yes naa

Nigeria faces another economic recession, says finance minister | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsNigeria’s finance minister Zainab Ahmed on Thursday predicted that coronavirus pandemic and falling oil prices may lead the country into another recession. “The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has made an assessment. So, it is the NBS assessment that Nigeria will go into a recession measuring at an average of -4.4%,” Ahmed said after the … Why France as an example? Is their politicians, leaders, government wasting her resources, embezzling or been greedy just like ours here. One thing am sure of; The era has come for we all to take what belongs to us. 2023 will be a shock to the greedy leaders of this nation It is not new, after all the billions had gone so what next if not recession Recession Again we Can't help with anything just try 2 do anything which is helpful for the economic recover.

Nigeria heading for recession – MinisterAs the disruptions of the global economic system by the COVID-19 continues to create anxieties in governments globally, the Federal Government on Thursday revised downward its growth projections fo… I always see this motherfucker as a liar 😳 We are already deeply in it.