JUST IN: Nigeria's economy will definitely go into recession - Finance Minister

JUST IN: Nigeria’s economy will definitely go into recession – Finance Minister

5/21/2020 8:27:00 PM

JUST IN: Nigeria’s economy will definitely go into recession – Finance Minister

'In any case, we will go into recession but what we are trying to do is to make sure that it is shallow so that we will quickly come out of it come 2021.'

Related NewsAn assessment by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics indicates that Nigeria’s economy will go into a recession at an average of -4.4 per cent, the finance minister, Zainab Ahmed, has said.Ms Ahmed spoke while addressing journalists after the National Economic Council meeting on Thursday.

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“The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has made an assessment. So, it is the NBS assessment that Nigeria will go into a recession measuring at an average of -4.4%.“But with the work that the Economic Accessibility Committee is doing bringing stimulus packages, we believe that we can reduce the impact of that recession.

“And if we applied all that have been proposed and we are able to implement it we may end up with a recession that is -0.4 per cent. In any case, we will go into recession but what we are trying to do is to make sure that it is shallow so that we will quickly come out of it come 2021,” Mrs Ahmed said.

A country’s economy goes into recession when its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reduces for two consecutive quarters.Nigeria’s GDP figure for the first quarter of 2020 is yet to be released.Mrs Ahmed’s statement suggests Nigeria’s GDP would reduce for the first quarter of 2020 and reduce further for the second quarter, indicating an official recession.

Nigeria is one of the countries hardest hit by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.A large part of its budget is funded by oil revenue which makes up over 90 per cent of its export. The sharp drop in oil prices globally has meant reduced income for the West African country.

Nigeria also closed a large part of her economy to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. All its airports are still closed except for essential flights while businesses are only partially reopened.Mrs Ahmed also spoke on why Nigeria was gradually re-opening its economy despite a daily increase in coronavirus cases.

“This is a very difficult time because the challenges we have now are double. There is health challenge, there is an economic challenge. Even as we are addressing the current health challenge, we still have to look at how we can support the economy so that the economy does not fall into a depression,” she said.

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When uv bleed the country dry Why won't nigeria enter recession when d country is run by family and friends.why won't economy go into recession when Buhari have agenda of 1865 in 2020 to execute Usman da fodio conquest.Since he came into powder blood shade everywhere.They are spreading to S/ East to continue

And you are busy feeding school children for 678m naira every day, right? Yet your govt is still looting, plundering & destroying the country in all fronts. So be it . When oil sold above benchmark, what did we do with it? Don't come and tell us this trash. You people are managers of the economy, what's the common man benefiting?

And the government is still feeding fake children against public protests everywhere? We know that already. Recession 2.0 Was the economy working b4 now? Slm No good news. Mostly bad news Ma'am, Nigerian mases are already in recession. God forbid Our finance if know will go into recession why wasting 679,000 naira every day on children that are going to cry tomorrow. Please stop this wastage now.

thehighmother As expected Let the finance minister give us more clarification please, which stage are we right now if not recession. The show must go on Is that a wish? Allah will make a way for us Nigeria economy has been on recession since 2015. Whats the difference? This woman is a criminal Nigeria will never recover in a hurry from her loot..

There are ways to mitigate the damage. If really she knows her job.. We been knew It's worse than a recession. It's hyper-inflation, Nigeria are about to be the New Zimbabwe. New Venezuela. This woman is as clueless as her boss After you keep borrowing and borrowing money home and abroad. Sharing it among yourselves. Meanwhile, how come all the good positions in buhari government is all leading by the Northerners 🤔 I thought we have more geographical zones. Thumbs up

Ba dole tunda bakwa karbar shawara Will go or has gone? Block heads Which phase were we before? thehighmother We know 😩 Nija we go hear am die ,things are about getting worst my people ,even after the covid 19 funds you guys shared amongst yourself ,this is the most wicked set of leaders I've seen in my whole life

Before nko? Let our economy open up and recession will be stemmed. We can no longer continue to jam it any longer and think such economic calamity will not befall us again. Let our leaders be sensitive and proactive to the people's plight for real. thehighmother So the economy go still worse pass this e don happen

Recession again? Nigerian government will fails into recession both, the poor Nigerian we are at recession seen we don't minds Since you know how to borrow and loot then you can save it No JUST IN Always terrible news. Recession That has already kicked-off even before Covid -19 Pandemic! Why the Campaigns after Election results have been announced? Mtcheeeeewwww

Do we need rocket science to know this before. Depression probably. grandespinale Confused set of people Useless, unpatriotic, unprofessional, bigot headline. She never mentioned any of those.. Babe see your people Oluwaraymz Madam finance minister what is the solution, because we are not paying you to tell us about the problem. Kindly come up with a solution or you leave the office. NOIweala will give us a solution, rather than problems.

You guys(politicians) can stay in recession, as for me and my house, we have no business with recession. When men say there’s a casting down, we say there’s a lifting up🙏🏽 Japan 🇯🇵 3rd biggest economy in the world went into recession,,, na kon a Nigeria wey Abacha and Buhari, past and present leaders don steal 100 generations

A 5 year old child know this, common tell us what we don't know.....this woman just daft like her boss, God we need Ngozi Iweala or the Kemi Adeosun of this world. You people are just doing us as you like my God will Judge you all nd ur oncoming generation Palliative minister looking for another stimulus package😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Sure it will. Continue sharing food to school kids at home with the little money you have. Hollow brained species. An obvious fact.... Which other recession is she talking about please New recession or the one we have been experiencing since this administration You want to go into recession, so you are stealing money to cushion the effect abi?

APC led government choosing buffoonery over knowledge Simply because our present leaders are incompetent. I was expecting this news a long time ago with the current wave of covid19 world over. The entire world economy came to a halt and for a country like Nigeria, who is trying to diversify lately than depend on a single source oil economy, it's inevitable. We'll emerge victorious.

the situation is very serious It's in recession already. No need for cosmetics I suggest massive domestic production through division of labour......... We're sitting on a time bomb already nd the ticking is getting louder nd ready to boom but not even ur entourage would b able to protect you crooked politicians wen ds country go boom

Thought it recessed some 5years ago? Did it recover after 2015 That it is now going back? The border closure and the borrowing spree is no longer working 😐 You have finally helped your failed government in actualising their dream. You have gone into recession already in your imagination! 1. This is the direct quote of the Honourable Minister of Finance Budget and National Planning. 'The World Bank maintains that the impact of the COVID-19 on Nigeria will lead to severe amplified human and economic cost, which will move the country into a recession.

E don tail wey we know say na Recession country wey we live na. With all these Cabals looting Billions of Naira's. ko!. Naija na knockout nation jare.. abeggiiiii.. waka! Let's brain task I thought them they recession already... 🤪🤪🤪 This what u want say MAY ALLAH SEE US THROUGH It is not a news again and we are not surprise either.

When jungle mature, this is the first person i go chop Follow and get instant follow back Why won't it go when you are insisting on feeding ghost school children whose addresses you can't trace with N657 million daily against popular opinions. My hope for this nation is on God alone cos He knows how to cause a turn around even in the worst of situation.

What do you expect? When the federal government through federal taxforce on covid19, minister of health and NCDC have finished all our borrowed money, the remaining balance have been squandered by minister of humanitarian affairs as she is feeding school childrens at home Surprise are we out of recession in any way before apart from technical n in new paper n audio.

That's what it should be. What do you expect after all the loot and burn? Not even 'likely' but definitely.. Nawaooo so they know this and they keep on spending our money on senseless projects like feeding of school children at home, trader moni, so-called palliative without known beneficiaries Rocket science

From the first day of March, we already knew. Haha aunty! Even with the returned so called Abacha loot? Does she even know the meani g of recession? Nigerian economy has no definition, my hon minister. We all,in economics, know.What do we call the status of Nigerian economy for some times now: depression, recession, inflation, stagflation, growth? All of the above? Just tell us.

“But with the work that the Economic Accessibility Committee is doing bringing stimulus packages, we believe that we can reduce the impact of that recession” it’s not even about solving the root cause of recession or stoping recession. What is the stimulus package? All i see is excuses! These people can’t keep giving excuses na.

Useless people There are exemptions o 🧐 I am so, impress with ur choice words “DEFINITELY”. And I’m not surprised following recent happenings in the Federation such as strategic fire 🔥 outbreaks, compulsory school feeding to children in d moon 🌙 etc. now I understand why, ofcos these are ppls workshop

APC, recessional political party heading a recessional government even the leaders health is in recession there way about in recession We are use to it, have never seen a government like this before, there is nothing no good news about this government we are only waiting for the 2023 let's just hibernate till then

That is no news Bitter truth. However, I shall not go into recession, I will have lifting up... No negativity for me, my friends and my folks. We possess the abundant economy. May better says show up. More positive energy peeps...no to negative vibes Recession has been part of our lives for the pass 5 years Of this administration!!!! So there’s nothing new!!!!!

Most countries of the world will experience recession. It is not peculiar to Nigeria. veobosi This is what is called total Barbeque! Imagine recession, isolation, lockdown... Before we only heard of Ghost workers, but this time around, we even have ghost Ministers...if you like, turn the country to a Federal republic of Recession, it wouldn't panic Us...

okay See the hunty wey wan drag us into what I don't know Probably we have always been there. maybe regression this time veobosi Gasbytweet i can see that you're one of those Ogbomosho Agboro Dafts whom only specialized on eating swallow and Ewedu. Where is the 21billion dollars EU contributed to Nigeria, and 850billion loan request by senate to president, where are the 111billion US dollars?. U dey sick?

Thought it's already in recession 🙄🙄 Why recession again You guys create the recession by yourself, borrow borrow government Well done madam minister , at list you have gotten the rounds of applaud you wanted On what premises veobosi This is what we have been waiting to hear from you, but i think its time for the finance Minister to tell Nigerians how the Economy would go into Recession while the Country was in lockdown for over a month.. Meanwhile is it the Visible or the Invisible ants that temper with it?

Who will help naija recovers her economy? Sure not all these leaders whose belly is their god. Ohh I really thought we've been in recession 🤣🤣 Loot and bune govt Or already in recession Hahahahahaaaa....funny comedians nicked named politicians. Nigeria economy has been due in recession since bubu administration. Look for another name we're used to this one

Oh, how reassuring! Way to go, Minister Make we no enter depression is the koko, we dey recession every day. Other things that surprise me in this country is about the so called professionals. They call themselves Doctors, Engineers, lawyers, Professors, Politicians, Prophets, imams, unionist, Economics etc only to hold big positions are looking to the destruction of the country.GOD DEY

What do you expect, when a particular person is people who don't know anything called innovation. What they know is how to spend money carelessly are the ones in power. Let's break this force marriage or we die here. One thing is for sure, IGBO man will never go hungry. EURUSD SELL NOW 1.9256 Sp:1.9256 Tp:1.9206

As if the economy have not been on recession before now Let us curtail our excessive borrowing. The manner we are going, I hope that soon will not enter into a negative narrative. We are not surprise blc A P C government has always been from one story to the other. This became eminent since July 2019 not because of COVID 19

Before nko Nobody expect anything good from these coconut heads The country is hands of evil rulers whom are just there for personal consideration of their selfish interest. Note all this evil doers will still die on day. You do good or bad you must die. But after death there judgement. Mrs finance from isolation to recession God deyoooo

And you are proud to say it With the kind of stupid school feeding that you people re doing, recession is guaranteed. Nigeria has been in recession since 2019. Don't tell me differently. Still you are still feeding online. Something dangerous and scary More than Recession is coming, so wait for it! God will ensure Somalia will be paradise compared to what Nigeria will become soon. You people have not seen anything yet! Nigeria and Nigerians will suffer for their years of evil, fraud and deception.

Consider sell the British maket to communist of China Problem solve After feeding children at home the money has finished These people keep messing with our country and our head too but the worst is we can't do anything about it. Officially, but we have always been in recession unofficially If Nigeria should go into recession again. Then it will be a failure on part. Cos the success or failure of a Nigeria economy depends on the strength of your professionalism and office as it Minister of Finance. And citizens will need answer on HOW & WHY we got there by then?

Is there any difference?There's nothing to show that we are in or out of recession ... God forbid So where is the News here, or am I missing anything out of the normal tide? Nothing good comes from Fulanis even if U made Fulani US president there will bring US to zero like zoo Nigeria because nothing good comes from Fulanis, if U give Fulani world Bank to control under 2 months it must be zero like Nig. only thing Fulani can do is cow🐄-Terrorist

Nigerian we dey recession since 2017.mtceeew..I hear.. We already knew before you announced. Who stole at least 70% of Nigerian economy? No be politicians! My country leaders, uhmm I hail o CC: William_Ukpe They have stopped being 'patriotic'. Woman are u the first person to took that office,,, u have been a failure since day one. U all have failed Nigeria. There's no good thing i will tell my kids about this country, from military regime to democracy. PDP/APC/APGA... etc, u guys have failed this country to the last.

If not on till you guys sell dis country,una mind no go down. There is god oo I think d loans we recieved & d billions of dollar donations we got from within & without will remove us from d recession. Hence d coronavirus has halted d supply of oil to energy market. Some people here still can't differentiate between Finance and Humanitarian and Disaster Management Minister 😀

Economic is already in recession, come up with viable plan,if u have any Minister of money please tell IPPIS to pay Federal Institutions staff salary and allowances ... You passed through Higher institution before you could become a minister... Don't forget your fountain . Are just waking up from slumber? Economy that has been in comatose since when?

It is a lie ,stop deceiving us .... Pay our salary .... Federal institutions staff are yet to get April Salary. I know covid will always be the excuse.with or without covid out economic has been a mess before now. I have said it many times, if you are waiting for a positive change in this clueless administration you will definitely wait forever, should we blame PDP this time? This giant of africa we really bought it with crude oil and abacha’s loot. idiotic fellows

I wish I was a sniper 😔 We are already in economics recession. What else remain Funny things is PMB will never own up to it,he will soon come up with a big lie calling it excuse why Nigeria is the best economy in the world and an educated person in government will be the one to give Nigerians the lie That is what you people want more especially Zabaya and co.

Which recession again na. If we are we currently in recession then where are going to recession again? Didn't know we are out it? When things are bad, people will hear from them. But kept quiet if things goes well for them. By the grace of Almighty Allah your recession won't affect masses What are we suppose to do with this information, Mrs minister, why are you telling us the obvious?

If Britain , America, spain, Italy economy de recession, Nigeria escape , I go no say God come from Nigeria. D WORLD ECONOMY IS UNDER RECESSION NOT ONLY z NIGERIA. Oh it will? Buhari's regime has been bad luck, if not worse to the nation at large. We should avoid his kind in the future. renoomokri DONJAZZY

The most corrupt government in history of this country. There is not good coming from dis wasted gov. Recessions Recessions Recessions government Why us your dm closed; ? Before nkó, we dey recession before nah, na to only determine our grade. And it will still be orchestrated by the administration of MBuhari abi?

Fact still remains that MBuhari is a man with cursed destiny. He is destined to cause backwardness in anything he touches. Nigeria can never progress, as in, Nigeria WILL NEVER move an inch forward as long as a cursed man rules. His destiny can never be amended again. Yeah.... Y'all politicians still needs to harvest y'all Millions though. Doesn't matter to y'all does it?

Tell us what we don't know, please Stop announcing what we are facing. Madam I don't understand. Meaning sleep or recessed.? God hope your watching APC government from isolation to quarantine, from quarantine to recession. We are finished. How can't the country go into recession when you looted everything and using Covid-19 as an excuse?

Please other name cos economy is already on recession When you help in diversifying the economy to YOU and your bosses pocket?✌️well done And what are your plans to bring us out of recession? This is why we are afraid of electing a woman as a president of this country, school has not resume you are using millions to feed student, you shard 20 thousand naira to Nigerians nobody receive alart, you shared 2 trilions to 9gerians,.. give acount u set treasuring house on🔥

ehigymetor Clap for yourself 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Reduce waste and promote productive system's of government in every state, and every state should pay tax to FG n sponsor their Rep n senate members. No governor or president should appoint inec, police, chief Justice, their association n members should do it.

I regret d day I cried my first cry in Nigeria as a baby .from i isolation to recession. MUMU👿👿 You don’t mean it Useless people Nigerian youths have no meaning to you Then they are wasting the small money to feed children at home ? Will go? So we're not there yet? Tell our so called leaders to bring out some of the money they have stolen to prevent the recession. Thank You.

And to add salt to injury, we have already borrowed ourselves several years deep into the potential recession Nigeria economy going to the Next Level... They were bold to tell us to our faces during the last campaign As if it has not been in recession since Time to restructure... The northern youth will soon be moving into south like immigrants trying to enter Europe

Evil government of Nigeria. The Govt put us in ressesion...may God punish all our Govt, they will never die well..inshaallah..Amen. Which recession again? First no state should be on Lockdown. Open the economy fully. If you still believe NCDC your case need mountain of fire..but wait all the money borrowed last month with Abacha returned fund. You mean Nigeria is still going on recession?

Na God help us o 🤦🏼‍♂️ This APC government are really funny. Are you serious Just like dat....definitely dem don plan am When was this government not in recession? Nigeria’s economy will definitely go into recession... After embezzled billions of relief funds donations, N679m school feeding. Nigerians are not talking about this administration. She must resign... 👇👇

Now we await new taxes and tarrifs on the masses so that elected officials can continue to maintain their lifestyle. 😊 The economy has been in recession since 2015, and it will remain until this calamitous government leaves in 2023🤷🏼. We are only praying and hoping that this government will not use Nigerians as collateral in its reckless and senseless borrowing. So help us God🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Fake News under our oga buhari such thing can't occur, Nigeria economy is healthy ,1 dollar equal 1 naira jare Hmmm, what a prediction. No shit Madam finance minister, you knew that Nigeria’s economy will definitely go on recession 5 years ago but you couldn’t speak about it cos people will blame this government for destroying the economy but you can suddenly speak now cos the govt can now blame it on the pandemic.

Why won't we, with irresponsible leadership! Inevitable Nonsense pple Have get your salary? Recession long time ago We have been on recession since is this new or just wake up ok good morning then.... Isolation to recession..... Another way to cash out......More billions will also be spent to come out of recession.... Hmm

Finance minister that cannot manage the economy,' incompetence' Madam, please be positive. Double recession under Mr 2nd Niger Bridge. Thought we have been there since?🤷‍♀️ 😂😂😂😂😂, it has been in recession since I was born. It is nolong a new thing to hear... It's time to employ competent hands to run our economy.

A strong accuse. 'We are not interested in the possibility of defeat ' Queen Victoria If all the taciturn finance minister thinks about and says is recession. Perhaps its time for her to leave... and have her recess. Who made this dunce minister of finance. Will it stop the politicians from campaigning and contesting for 2023 As if Nigerians have benefitted from their govt since 1960

Please aunty,can you explain recession for me? As if it was stable and doing well before.......... ....... Mtchewww Idiot. When you hv looted the remaining money from what we borrowed from China and also shared some to killers from Fulani it's definitely going into recession nau. Senseless and unproductive group of people in APC

Mans_ja Abi? So all recruitments are suspended indefinitely. They have shared all our money finished. God will judge u all, hunger will now take over d country in big time cos I belief many people av lost their jobs because of this so called covid19, some businesses av collapsed & many more Is she trying t to say we haven't seen anything yet

So Nigeria politician can't give us good news once hmmmmmm is well with this country. BashirAhmaad ProfOsinbajo Which recession? A country where citizens Carter for themselves, 90% of business owners provide support for their businesses, Finance, power(Generator), even basic infrastructure. Corruption wont let us get it right. Thank God for MBuhari though.

Tell is what we don't know. This is not news to us, is obvious. Tauraruw mai wutsiya FG will locate palliative with less dan 5000 in deir account using BVN Dos wu recharge less dan 100 naira every month are qualify 4 palliative FG has make U-turn they wil nt use BVN 2 locate palliative anymore FG insists on sch feeding Even this lies can bring recession

U people I mean our government don't have good news for us in Nigeria all we keep hearing is bad things ...... Why now u people are evil A very wasteful govt With all d sinzu money From Isolation to Recession. MBuhari is a course to Nigeria Nation. Sad. Old story. What about IMF loan, is its intention not to cushion the effect of covid on the economy. meanwhile, all wasteful cost of governance is not checked including the alleged school feeling ; while pupils are at home with the lock down in place. This joke is expensive

Economy that we've been trying to build. Corona has stolen the cement Let Nigeria also go into extinction we prayed. Amen! After wasting our money Hmm From Isolation to Recession. Mtchewww..... Congratulations E don happen Zainab Ahmed wey no sabi The Economy is always entering recession anytime Buhari is president and Head of State.

The one that has been in recession since 2015 or which? will go into? Where have we been since? What it means to be out of recession is when the common man feels it. We're in recession right from the beginning of this administration Right from the beginning of this administration to date we're in recession

EmekaOkoye Thank goodness that football is back shaa Clap for yourself madam We know already 😂😂 Every sensible Nigerian should anticipate that, bearing in mind the Corona pandemic which has affected socio- economic activities of the whole world. But of cos, Wailers must still show their stupidity Has Nigeria ever been out of recession?🤷🤷🤷🤷

We have been in recession since you guys took over power Those of you already abusing Buhari & the minister, did you read the story or you understood everything from peeping at the headline alone? Finally ....Nigeria is now a crippled giant. We're not yet in recession and it's like this. Is our present state not worse than the recession itself?

Recession my foot. If I don't see government people riding bikes to office I won't believe there's any useless recession any where. Which money are u using to feed ghost children. What of purchase of exotic vehicles by various arms n levels of govt. Covid19 has exposed u all. After they have borrowed and mortgaged the future of the country to China, why not...bring on the recession and let's have a ball fest,

wman1618 Sound like that's inevitable Lolz 🙄 🙄, since when? Rubbish. Is true, couple with the monumental stealing going on this deceptive govt. We been knew 😒😒😒 All that Buhari,d minister,Bashir,femi Adesina & their jinxed administration need is Original ogbologbo curses.Make we rain hot curses on dem & their co-Armed robbers in this administration so that dem go fit kick bucket like the unfortunate dead Abba kyari.Make Ogun kill dem all

U don't need to tell us, we know it will already. So far it's in the hands of the incompetent people like u, u'd better ask okonjo iweala to consult for u See diz mad woman oo We r already on recession... Hw many tym we go enter again? Ifb IFB fast fast What economy? Do you have an economy? Lols. Voodoo magic people. Do you know how many Nigerians exist on earth? If all of niger and mali republic troop into Nigeria, Can you tell the difference Like I said, magic people.

If you yourself stop stealing the economy will bounce back. Very dull woman Who cares?. When we are not in recession who did the economy help?. I don't even think there was any time we were out of recession since Buhari took over. The man has completely destroyed Nigeria in all aspect. This woman has to be some mega size box of confusion! She go seek debt! Then come warn of recession! Then come defend borrowing

As if it's not been in recession all these while? What do u call a situation where more than half the population of a country are struggling to feed & the govt keep stealing? One woman claimed she was using over ₦600m to feed schoolchildren whom are with their parents at home. Has there been anytime the economy has been out of recession before

It won't be significantly affected, we've never got out of recession since. Definitely Honourable Minister When una don finish the money na una family go enter recession abeg where buhari get all this women from self bc the only economic development u have is borrowing That's why BBN is coming as palliative. You go watch am till Christmas.

That we are yet to be in recession shows strong leadership. Germany and co are already in serious recession. We will go in and come out in no time. Only morons will think going on a recession at a time like this is unavoidable.....only morons We in recession since KemiAdeosunng wrecked the economy and went into oblivion. The economy is going into depression if it's not already.

Awon oloshi Is the economy ok before? oladseyOOE By God's grace, the recession isn't for me. It's for your government or regime. Stupid thieves! Kindly help us tell Sadiya_farouq minister for FMHDSD to pay we npower_ng our stipends. This thing is getting worse Why you want to create another hardship for us again, is it a mistake to vote APC

We are already thanks for making it worse And COVID-19 will be held responsible. From the onset, I knew COVID-19 was going to be a scapegoat. If covid-19 is still at this level by July. . Nigeria will definitely be in depression. . It's already in recession since April IsuphJt When you people are busy spending 490m every day on ghost children.

An unpalatable news This is not a news Who's fault. Mine or yours and buhari? 😒 Tell the truth to power Bring it on since the last 5 years, we've been in recession. what other recession are you talking about? I'm not surprised of her assurances as she is part of the senseless team of economists who plunged us into debt and instead of using the loan to executive productive self paying projects they siphoned the money to the north fighting self made Boko Haram and herdsmen terrorists.

Whenever I read her CV I remember NITEL & MTEL.... And how they belled up n now she's CFA You can’t even swear for this people because they are too rich - Even before COVID 19, Nigeria economy was crawling under APC. Now, they see it as a good excuse for failure. The only three times Nigeria would be going to recession officially in its history would be under the leadership of one man. What do we call it, coincidence or incompetence?

Another one!.🤣 After feeding ghost children Statement of fact! We have been in recession since October 1st, 1960. So, what do u want to tell that we are not used to? Second base o'jere. Lol. Where is the news? When grand corruption is the order of the day Honest information but are you working round the clock to reduce it's impact? As a minister who knows the nation's purse, it's high time to advice the president to stop some unnecessary spending.

The economies of global powers have gone into recession even before Nigeria due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is no fault of anyone How? You think Nigeria economy is mainly oil? Water is wet Go and tell it to your people in APC who are messing up the country, economy, and governance. Can't Nigeria get a better person to her job except for this Madan Recession? The recession seems to be her only language since she became a Minister 🤗

The country has always been in perpetual recession since 2015 so it is not surprising.A dollar is 460 at parallel market& that is the only way one can access the currency,CBN keeps spending billions to save the dollars while borrowing to SME remains poor with high interest rate This time covid-19 is a good excuse for your failure and high level of incompétence - bullshit, nothing but bullshit !!!

But the salaries of the leadership won’t 😊 GMB with the unfortunate hat trick. This is not a good time to be Nigerian Always looking for excuse to fail incompetent people in govt...smh So no one in that ministry that can solve the problem to save us from recession like no one to solve the equation? and y'all are Phd holder 🌚 so then why are you in the office if you know you are not capable, all of you are scam

You're actually playing smart trying shift responsibility, We're already in recession IN your awful & clueless economy policies, are you not aware of ongoing jamboree called school feeding? None of you ll escape the repercussions. Go into recession or has been years into recession. When the economy isn't recessed, what were you able to do with it and what positive impact or value have you and your bunch of retrograde added to nation if not to heap trillions of debt for unborn children.

If it looked this bad before now, how bad will it be if in recession? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When Alamajiri is in charge what do you expect?😂😂😂😂😂😂 TheZooIsFinished I shall not go into recession. When men say there is casting down, I will say there is lifting up for me. We never reach yet? The audacity though! 🤔 After spending over 600 million naira feeding ghost children, it's sensible to know that Nigeria is definitely heading for recession. Congratulations!

What is the difference self recession or no recession inept administration Please what are we in now? The figures don’t define us. It makes no difference 🤣🤣😆😃😀😺😂👺👍🏻😎🤠 Post covid 19 wahala on the way Nigerians opened their eyes wide and decided they must suffer for good 8 years. Issokay! EmmanuelPentax This is no rocket science..Tell us something out of the ordinary

Clap for yourself It is the fault of PDP In today's episode of reverberating the obvious - water is wet, but tell us something we don't know... 🙄 What sort of stupid statement is this? Why recession? Are we the only one fighting COVID-19 in the world? And birds will definitely fly tomorrow. The economy is already in a recession and the Covid-19 is a perfect excuse. We can't give what we don't have. Garbage in garbage out.

RealOlaudah Buhari's specialty! 3-time president and HOS, 3 times recessions! RealOlaudah Definitely or already in recession lol.. I am shocked!! Why is it so?😏😏😏😏....bunch of incompetent lot shior NCDC mey una isolate economy eno well na corona dey worryam , it is better for Nigeria Governments to 'cut Suit according to Cloth and not according to Size' in this Season increasing in Debt for non Capital Expenditures is not good for Nigeria

So where are we now huanty Recession and increase in hyperinflation as a result of the Coronavirus are not unexpected in a Country where Public Office Holders are not Problems Solver. Good news After feeding the non-existing primary school pupils. Is Buhari middle name recession Our economy has already been ripped and siphoned by you people. GodSaveNigeria

With u as the minster of finance, i don't expect anything good anyways Recession to depression This is not NEWS My problem is that by 2021/22, failures like tinubu and some other apc would be aspirants will start proffering solutions to our economic woes with promises of if voted they will turn the economy around. Since they are in the party with buhari, let them give all the solutions now

With the current fraud and reckless spending everywhere it will not go into recession but serious depression. Despite all the spaghetti borrownese they ate. Buhari and recession. Am not surprised but immensely disappointed in the passed incumbent political officers. This is 9ja for us💔 Nigeria economy is always in recession abeg. This is no news!!

Its crystal clear dat our challenges is bigger dan imagine.Folks get real,moment ur revenue projection is nt delivering,u will be in trouble. No magic,jst commitment to get up quickly.We shld stop leaving in fools paradise,once oil is affected we r vulnerable.mono economy is weak Season 2 With all the invincible school feeding programs and other areas that money has find way to run, why wouldn't Nigeria go into recession

We have been in recession since, so nothing will be new to us. Under the same illiterate Lollolololilili..... We have always been their, so there is no need washing your time.. immediately the administration came in as a govt... They came with recession. We are aware. “But with the work that the Economic Accessibility Committee is doing bringing stimulus packages, we believe that we can reduce the impact of that recession.'- Finance minister Which stimulus packages is this woman talking about?

when you guys were sharing food for kids at home we didn't know? Old news.... Tell us something new. Tell us when we will come out of recession since 2015. rugged_oo We have been in Recession since na Old news!! So have so many others,even the ones you tout as unshakeable. Corvid 19 has no respect for anybody. However what matters is the focus on recovery!!

to say heavy text is round the corner We are on it already So don't remind us Why not? When you're feeding ghost school children! Is that supposed to be a good news ? I reserve my comment, they are full of predicting negative reviews We shall surely come out of it. God pass una. Are you saying the economy hasn't been in recession all along?

Is the economy okay now? We have in recession since 2015 Madam loot as you can because some 200 millions are still daft and hopeless FinMinNigeria We are already in recession since beginning of this year, you should have keep mute than given some people high blood pressure.what we need is more naira in society,simple economic mathematics, promote ur country for foreign investors to bring in dollars chikena.

Is the present economy not in recession And you are saying it... SMH No. Right word is 'drown in recession.' Thanks to d unprecedented level of incompetence of APC government. Amen Everybody knows that Oh really? Thought we've always been in recession anyways. We know , it has been in rescission since 2015 , and we will endure it until 2023

We know that already🙄🙄🙄🙄 Anything Buhari nears dies Were in it already, we should expect depression. What else is new... Na so recession in the south meriment in the north. Local man is not bothered You are talking rubbish.... Thief This lady again....Buhari kitchen cabinet just won't keep quite.... We dey dia already

NaijaFlyingDr Oh Lord! Take me to the promised land I’ll try to pretend I’m suprised. Haba with all the money Babanla Abacha sent to boys recently? Did you guys use everything to buy face mask? Nigeria economy has been in recession since 2015. If the country crumbles...it doesn't affect me and my family. It is Buhari and his cabal that will go into recession because they've been looting

Wat do u xpect wen u ppl are feeding ghost pupils ProfOsinbajo U are fighting 4 Nigeria's economic stability. How come we are entering recession according to Ur minister? MalachyOdo1 Can't they sack this woman already? She has Bubu's nudes? Same economy that has been in recession since 2015? Dan_baturiya Keep locking down

We know Sure We all knew it, the factors are there. We can't deny it NaijaFlyingDr Any other Information would have been deception...this is global pandemic...Nigeria is still more traditionally oriented. It will affect those Economy more than those that has already switch to service oriented Economy.. this might go for a longer term than previously experienced

That's the meaning of Nigeria 👉 Recession Is buhari destined for recession !!! Not surprise at all. And u are feeding ghost school children dat u can't locate their homes. Smh Yes naa Kikikikiki Depression season 2 Why not? You are feeding gost schl children.

What Chinese Experts Came To Do In Nigeria – Interior Minister RevealsWhat Chinese Experts Came To Do In Nigeria – Interior Minister Reveals Contradiction everywhere. Exactly where are there now..we are fooling ourselves in this country You are coming to nigeria for what's reason ?

Lesotho's new PM sworn in after ex-leader accused of murderLesotho's former finance minister Moeketsi Majoro was sworn in as Prime Minister on Wednesday following the resignation of Thomas Thabane who is accused of conspiring in the murder of his wife. And so God help you to allow the law prosecute alleged murderers who snuffed life out of Lipolelo Thabane in 2017, aged 58. But why such heinous crime? The truth would soon be found out.

Nigeria’s recovery‘ll take years amid structural defects of economy – Daily TrustEconomic and policy experts have advised the Nigerian government to adopt far-reaching proactive economic policy measures as strategic options towards averting a prolonged national economic crisis in view of the existing policy gaps and lopsided structure of the nation’s economy over the decades. Experts, who hinged their concerns on two fundamental grounds, namely the inadequacy …

Nigeria’s $37bn foreign reserves adequate to support economy – Emefiele – Daily TrustThe Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has assured that Nigeria’s $37bn current foreign reserves is “robust to support the economy.” Emefiele, was quoted in a statement issued by the apex bank as giving the assurance during a virtual meeting held at the weekend with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of … Okay for now.

State of Nigeria’s economy amid COVID-19, policy responses and the way forward – Daily TrustNigeria has been hit by twin shocks, the coronavirus (COVID-19) and a sharp fall in oil prices without a buffer – saving for the rainy day – and limited fiscal space. The immediate challenge is to address the health needs and those of the most vulnerable people and firms. The crisis should serve as a […]

CBN urges industries to help boost Nigeria’s economy after COVID-19The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr Godwin Emefiele, has urged captains of industries operating in the country to support efforts aimed at growing the Nigerian economy. Emefiele g… CBN asking industries to help boost nigeria economy after covid 19 is a waste of time & energy when economies like europe & america are releasing funds for companies & small businesses, nigeria is boosting their economy after covid 19 without stimulus package.