Nigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance Minister

Nigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance Minister

5/21/2020 9:25:00 PM

Nigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance Minister

Nigeria Is Heading Towards Recession – Finance Minister

 The nation’s finance minister, Zainab Ahmed, says the coronavirus pandemic and falling oil prices is set to force the economy into negative growth.Ms. Ahmed made the comments after the National Economic Summit meeting in Abuja on Thursday.“On the economy, COVID-19 has resulted in the collapse in oil prices,” she said.

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“This will impact negatively, and the impact has already started showing on the federation’s revenues and on the foreign exchange earnings.“Net oil and gas revenue and influx to the federation account in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to N940.91billion. This represented a shortfall of N125. 52billion or 31% of the prorated amount that is supposed to have been realized by the end of that first quarter.”

She added that the economic contraction will multiply the misery of the poor.“The crisis will only multiply this misery,” she said. “The economic growth in Nigeria, that is the GDP, could in the worst case scenario, contract by as much as –8.94% in 2020. But in the best case, which is the case we are working on, it could be a contraction of –4.4%, if there is no fiscal stimulus. But with the fiscal stimulus plan that we are working on, this contraction can be mitigated and we might end up with a negative –0.59%.”

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This is the news you hear whenever Fulanis touch anything. Nigeria have never heard recession until Fulanis take power. Rich people will not go to recession only the poor masses will go hungry recession. That is nigeria for us. God bless Nigeria for me and you You are being economic with the truth. With incompetent lots, like yourself that believes Chinese loans will provide you a cover, Nigeria isn't heading towards recession, is heading towards a disaster.

So funny, heading towards recession, or already in recession in the past 3 years. The government is nothing but a disgrace to the country and Africa as a whole. Use your phone and data to make money Due to covid-19 social distancing..if I have 5 to 10 people that want to learn Forex and Volatility trading, I will organise 2days training. 95% Practical(hands on task) and 5% theory.

Recession or no Recession, Forex and volatility trading remain standing. Either Buy or Sell, you make money. You only lose money when trades go against you..and the truth is, you can actually stop it, accept small losses, and find another entry to make money. We already know Nigeria is heading for another recession. What we want to hear & see at this point is the concrete step, if any, your office and this administration is taking to change the course.

Where is Nigeria before? Why are you a finance minister? You are to proffer solutions to problems, not to tell us what a primary school pupils know. STALE NEWS Always appear so gengle, harmless and innocent but i see lioness way too bigger than Dizani. The future will definitely produce a report card, we just hope Nigeria won't end up being a collateral at the end of this administration

Good morning guys, We already live like we in extreme recession. What’s the difference. Oh will they now stop our garri.dont worry we’re built for it and don’t think Nigerians are scared of news like this anyways. Man don tire😭😢for all these. SO WHERE IS NIGERIA BEFORE We have been there long ago. What is Nigeria waiting for?

I thought we are already there.... This woman is beautiful. That's all I can see here not the recession What recession. Wait to, shinzu money did not share,ehya you can't get yours. Just tell buhari and NCDC to release naija if not. Sorry Ma So what will she call this one we are currently in. While d looter political leaders are heading towards becoming billionaires. Thief, thief, thief........ !

We are used to this Nigeria is already in recession,.dummy! And you still forming big girl for Dr Okonji? Has Nigeria gotten out of it before? We Know.... You guys caused it Is it another recession apart from this one Nigerian is currently in. ..ok maybe Is recession in recession that dual recession.. Ndi Ori

After borrowing, international grants and liquidated fixed deposits of General sani Abacha. Minister you must tell us where you got the recession. The country has already been in recession. What she saying again Did we ever get out of it since dis administration took over🥱🥱 Recession pro max you mean Pls just reach the recession fast na.

Hon Minister are you sure you wanted to say recession and not depression. We have been in recession since 2916. Nigeria is always in recession and never out of recession since inception 😁😁😁 You don't pack money go feed school children all😄😄 See dem gather here. Ordinary to assimilate what was said, u come here displaying ur ignorance. Worst case scenario, best case scenario wtout stimulus. Wt stimulus nko?

Nigeria has ever being in recession because the citizens can't feel the benefits of the economy Officially or unofficially. Tell me what I don't know For months here on Tweeter, I have suggested how we can come out of the recession on our door. But only few citizens where on the same page with me. State governors are still sleeping I think, if not by now they should ...

Praise God What of the one we are in? Clap for yourself What about the whole money donated to Nigeria? I thought we have been in recession since 2016. I don't know the difference. Aimless leaders Yet you people in NigeriaGov are still borrowing and looting the money meant infrastructural projects. And u insist on fake school feeding

This woman fine sha 🤗🤗🤗😏 So what is the way forward? Don't come and be speaking Grammer. Why are you part of the economic team? We've been there since 2015 Nigeria has always been in recession and we saw this coming already. This isn't news But I thought she said about a month ago, that Nigeria will enter recession if lockdown exceed 6Months, now we wan enter recession, I don’t understand

Stop telling us we are yes to it Who be this woman now l hope is not the Fulani mother who claims she's be going around feeding Nigerian school children with billions of naira while they're still at home for holidays Fulani with their looting corruption shame The comments here are funny asf U should consult other experts for another plans seems don't have any

We have always been in recession. Continue leading us to the pit Keep feeding ghost school children(loot the treasure) and come here to tell us stories of recession. Sorry ooo,so u just dey know about d recession mata ? ,we don since 6years back ....,we dey fully ,nor be e start We have been in recession since many years when ur refineries are not working. And even the peanuts u guys get from crude oil u still loot it. U guys are just deceiving urself. Even a 5 year old child knows we are in recession.

Are we not already in recession We dey there since 2015 na ? This one na news ? I'm here just observing you people.... That was obvious since February. Having said that, we need plans in place. How do we increase IGR at Federal and State level, yet create jobs & demand less of dollar? Naira is over N400 to a dollar at the moment, we can actually make it come down to less than N300 in 2 years

Oh! You guys just woke from sleep abi. This woman is never attach to good news When she knows she's embezzled almost half of the money This lady is always looking confused. Can't they use another picture? We don hear nw Oh please relax, we know the area a lot, we won't miss our way there. Our drivers have great expertise, they know exactly which turns to make to get us there!

Are we not there before ? Keep on buying exotic cars ....keep on mismanaging our resources .....NDI ARA We know before, say something new, like ways on how to get us out of it, or ways to better manage it We reject negative utterances. Wat u believe is not God plans for his children... How about all the money that was collected during the space of few months

Getting out of corona to recession .. Nigeria is messed Where did buhari get all these ministers from... We are heading or we are ready Nigeria heading towards recession or Nigeria hits recession? The economy is recessed already. Some of us know this, rushing down to IMF in D.C to empty our account hoping for a facilitation in financial stability wasn't signal enough? C'mon, let's discuss way out. Way forward!

Tell us how you intend to bring the country out of Recession Please We've. Always been in recession .tell us something new. Where have we been all these while? Yet u want to use billions to feed ghost children After, Your boyfriend used 3 billion dollars to look for oil in the North to no avail. Then used billions to buy vote in the name of tradermoni. What an Incompetent government!

We knew before you 😒😒 With all those abacha loots that has been coming in Nigeria? Hmmmm .LAIRS!!!! This is as a result of mono economy dependency on oil only, definitely the oil you will come back and we will forget about talking this and not diversify the economy still. Where we day b4? Yes we know , Nigeria is being led in recession by clueless,incompetent people

No tell us again Remember what happened to NITEL & MTEL SquarePegInRoundHole Is it recession pro max ? 😂😂😂😂 As we no see fuel sell abi ? We will get sense one day by not depending only on crude oil and also reducing expenses on government office holders We are not heading... We are already there. After you used 637 million daily for school feeding.. ask NOIweala

Yeah..Nigeria, due to your imcompetence & directionless economic blueprint. But ministers & legislooters pockets remain fat. We are in recession before so keep quiet Olodo Rabata!! Nigeria has been in recession since 2015 Buhari took over power Recession!!!! Next ?..what's new? We know but Abacha is sending money Abachaweek

I hope you won't blame PDP We have been in recession since 2017! Nor be recession we dey before 😡😡 We have been in recession since 2016, we just learn to live with it. Na wa oooooooo We r not surprise.. Afterall its always from one problem to the other in this we country.. Let us be in recession ,its not new to us...

Come on, the recession started the moment your Fulani uncles conspired and replaced a competent sec, Kemi Adeosun, with a lightweight tribal appointee. Ok we've been warming up ... 🙆🏿‍♀️ Telling us smth we already know 🙄🙄 There is nothing called economy in this country anyway Lol 😂 Why After all the money Nigeria collected?

We didn't miss it. Let's not kid ourselves, this government knows that they have already run the country aground and wants to use COVID-19 as cover up for their bad economic policies. Nigeria is not heading but already in recession long ago, there's no gainsay in it So what is the way out? That's why we voted this administration. For solutions

Is not news We never left... Throwback info What's new? And what's the plan? Dont worry. We are already in. Recession again, it seems inescapable this time around considering how recklessness money has spent in the name of corona virus pandemic. I wish her safe journey Were we out of recession? Keep the bad news. FM, you can't be demoralizing citizens with horrible news. What are the plans in place to cushion the effect of the recession? How do you want to execute the plans? That is what I want to hear right now.

Long time ago Nigeria entered recession my dear. And your still waiting resources on nonsense school feeding program. Remember God is watching all of you Are we heading to or we are deep neck in it. Oh you mean we are heading to zero price tag just as the barrel of oil did.... That will be worse seunokin But you said the economy is strong and on the right path.

Recession! Open the country to run and stop the Covid-19 nonsense, what happened to money borrowed, returned looted found, EU€50million support and other money you get from International community this govt has sell Nigeria also put the coming govt in trouble. U will be prob We have been in recession since 2015 so its not new

Since when....not news! Say another thing abeg Only one person can make this happen? MBuhari a biggot and neptic northern emir And it will start with your mouth that's all Recession or not politicians are looting daily , for us it’s same old story Nigeria may head towards recession as a result of some the bad government policies

And you the minister is telling us about your gross incompetence, Kemi Adeosun is 50 times better than you, you idiot, Evey now and then e received repatriation of Abacha looted funds yet you and the President keeping borrowing, what did you expect? Yet u prefer to feed ghost school children in their homes. Are you people mentally okay?

After looting us left right now center...just imagine such a government.. With her sister join, are the one putting the zoo into wat I don't know they are talking about That's why they feed pupils at home It's nothing new. We've been in recession since the inception and ascension of Mbuhari's government.

That y'all caused. Isn't it what you guys want Why telling us? And you still want to waist money on feeding school children that have parents Again? As expected We've always been in recession If so! what are the strategies to curb the situation? Loot and Burn Minister.why won't Nigerarea go into recession,when you fulani criminals loot it dry

Another one? We that just started enjoy this country, is there a way out That we are heading towards recession is not news.... the unfortunate part, is the finance minister is grossly incompetent to handle the situation. The financial policies and budget management so far also indicates she doesn't mean well for our economy

Lols..funny people..we are already in recession More borrowing loading. Worst govt ever. Is it today? Who don't know it? This is what happens when u put a round peg in a square hole. Incompetence! Advice your principal to have a rethink about lockdown the Nation and allow Nigerians move economy forward. Olodo minister , that's all she knows. Instead of talking about solution ,she keeps saying d same rubbish. Nigeria is heading to recession. What measures av u put in place to avoid d recession or minimize d effect?

What do you guys think will happen with the way funds are being mismanaged ... see yeye talk Thank you Minister of Recession This woman knows nothing about recession. As a minister in this country, she's yet to realise the fact that we are already in recession period. Mtcheeew. This woman needs to be changed

Madam tell us more. Nigeria has been recessive before the real recession. You guys don milk country dry Abi, no problem And your busy feeding school children at home (biggest scam ) Not just heading. We are already in recession. Unlike the 2015/2016 edition, this one is going to be prolonged and very painful.

Are you not the one that cause it Una no well at all, una dey see recession coming yet una dey waste and siphon funds. Walai una dey mad 4 dt fct Who cares? With billions of naira save from removal of fuel subsidy and lot more recovered from looters for the past five years and little development, there's is no bases for this country to head into recession.

We already use to recession, bring it on please she should not tell us what we know! do your work, that's what you are paid for. Recession keee!! Impossible!!!! Let's continue to spend 697M daily to feed students at home. Infact feed kindergarten and secondary school students at home too!!!! Recession will disappear.

Ah we are not there yet ? Am shocked She just woke up. Bunch of unprogressive and selfish leaders with armed robbery salary I don’t like this at all. I know she don’t sabi anything Obviously, it is inevitable. With all the funds been donated,the loan,the loots returned, and they are yet to be put to use? It's time you media houses begin to ask all these politicians the right questions. That's one of the pride of journalism.

Hard to tell when we arent See how pretty the minister is... Has Nigeria ever been out of economic recession? When and how ? It is either poor misconception of the facts of economic analysis or poor evaluation. Nigeria had been gravely in recession. You people should stop deceiving yourselves. We have been in Recession since 1999. Stop school/home feeding, fix hospitals now, truly go back to Agriculture.

All thanks to your undisciplined spending policy without a backup plan We've long been in recession since 2015, no thanks to these recycled demonic diaspora garbage called politicians. You put a square peg in a round hole as finance minister expecting positive results? Nigeria is not a textbook economy, passing 6 is not passing sense! TVCconnect

Because your ineptitude and lack of initiative. Chief loan officer. If only we have finance minister. Hmm FMinister you guys know exactly how to fixed it... Nigeria is in depression being in recession is even better at this point. Everytime Nigeria don't have money, or Nigeria in going to recession, we have never heard Nigeria is in surplus anytime and if they are in surplus masses don't benefits . I beg jo

After what you have been paying for lie, and now come to tell us this, shameless people. Aren't you the architect? No be today Why threaten the land of the blind with darkness? We know already which makes us better than you at your job Cause our so called government are trying to crash the economy again by all necessary means with a the aid of COVID - 19

Nigeria has been in recession since 2015, which this APC folks brought on us just say things will be more difficult for Nigerians this year Government of lies. Nobody believes Nigeria Governments again. Nigeria has been in recession since 2015 , you don’t expect life when a lifeless one is in charge But just yesterday, you guys approved 623.7million naira to buy computers for custom.🙄. We thought Jonathan and his cohorts were corrupt but right now, we are only asking God to forgive us.

We're already in recession.. .. .. even before Covid. Say something else pls! touche! yet we embarked on needless school feeding program 🤷‍♀️ Congratulations. You're indeed a good finance manager All these is as a result of endless borrowing from IMF. You cannot borrow our future and use it today. God forbid.

We're not going with you. You can head anywhere you like. We've never heard a single truth/ good news from you ever since we knew you. Se won bi sorin meje ni? Kilo de gan? Before ko Eromosele6 Most of us knew before now Then do something to stop it! Let's fully ReOpen! We in. It already Nigeria is already in recession

Abacha will help us out as usual. The country is already in recession, Thank you for your observation. All we need I this country is a refresh button to refresh this country from it origin till date. Ok o... We dey wait... Millions of citizens don't even understand anyway, life has been recession frm dia birrh...

Just Waka dey pass. Waiting concern bicycle and filing station Y won't Nigeria run into recession when all u so call leaders (cheaters) wanted it so by looting funds. Continue ur children's children ll pay for ur actions Lol we're already recessed Has there been a time we were never in recession From isolation to recession! God help us.

Duh!!!!!!!! Corona virus is now an excuse Kemi Adeosun even sabi.. Palliative no.. You are telling us heading to recession, we've always been on RECESSION Yes, because Gov't is not prioritising spending ... More appropriately titled our team is fast moving Nigeria into recession. You can thank us later! I know we are already

I think the country is even way beyond recession, do u know the cost of food items now in the market, I bet u don't, what the ordinary people face is none of ur business. How we no go head towards recession when you dudes are mismanaging the available guys borrow and blow it.. Putting money in areas least needed.. Imagine feeding school children who are already at home with their how? anyways una well done.daalu ,Sanu,ese

Reduce the cost of governance. The number of Legislators in the National Assembly and their aides shld be reduced. The cost of running the NA is huge, must be reduced. Merge some Ministries. We don't want the propaganda, reduce Cost of administration. Recession FinanceMinister Take it to what so ever It remain for uuuuuuu

Keep looting. Feed so phantom school children with trillions . The economy shall be well The most robotic finance minister ever What measures have you put in place in curtailing this recession, should be incase it eventually happens I will be surprised if Bubu did not lead us to another recession it's his regular trademark.

It's not need any rocket science to know that, it is clear. Trade money Farmer money Vote buying Palliative money Home school feeding scam ==recession!! Really? This finance minister is so beautiful It shows she knows what she is doing right? Shame See u thats all what u know.... Zubaida Heading or we are there?

Which one is Nigeria is heading towards recession.. We have been in recession long time ago. Amen and amen PDP na thieves abi.this once na wetin? One chance..... financeminister you people have lead this nation into an on told hardship but i know God will help the poor Nigerians who have no access to government.continue to loot our national purse

Nigeria is not a normal country Were we out of recession before The economy can enter recession but their salaries. Same old story! Okonjo Ngozi Iweala please where are you? A minister of finance who knew her onion. Please lecture this ur little gal on economy management. Bubu is economic illiterate who's confused

The last few years has always felt like recession. Na recession we Dey na... All Diz people eh We know this already, this isn’t news Eromosele6 Udonminit We are heading or we are in recession already. We want to share 5k to every BVN mtcheeww nonsense,I hate seeing this woman on headline 😒😒 Now is the time to tap into NORLAND! Recession can only affect those who are stuck on one channel.

If u weren't aware they are telling u now, bcos I have been trying to come out of recession since. Since have been born ,we’ve been in a fucking recession Na today? 😏 The country has been in recession since 1960 The Recessionist part 3 Stop sch feeding program till sch open This government is so lazy they only know how to spend and borrow more money,you people are failure

She don't know that She's talking in the rubbish She's talking in the nonsense Recession had been called to play since day one of their leadership. And you’re still busy sharing billions of Naira worth of fake palliatives I’m guise to keep syphoning tax payers money, until these people begin to miss one after the other they’ll know Nigerians that are suffering from all these mess aren’t joking.

No good news come from you people Something that we use do foundation, lintel and currently use dey do roofing. Abeg give baba Zahra tiri ova tiri jare. 1st, 2nd and military terms 😁💨🏃🏃🏃 Yet you must spend 1.8 million dollars daily to feed ghost children. Las las na foolishness go kill northern so.

Lobatan dondekojo Is this news ? Something we all know With all the goodwill from inception this government disappointed Nigerians, Call it not mining solids minerals but Chinese helping FG dig Gold illegal for their own pockets. You not doing mechanized farming that makes sense, your ports non competitive, only crude oil with dead refineries to show. No industrialization, no export, shameful

What about IMF loan, is its intention not to cushion the effect of covid on the economy. meanwhile, all wasteful cost of governance is not checked including the alleged school feeling ; while pupils are at home with the lock down in place. This joke is expensive We are already in a depression Keep heading

Before nko. The last one are we out of that one when you built things on lies it will not last. A I don't think we can survive another especially now. Even with pandemic, the inflation rate is all time high, not mentioning the reduction in pump price that has not effect on the economy. If recession should set in again, we go hear am. Please perform magic this time Má.

So what plans do you have to avoid that from happening Can this lady be sacked Don't give those Governor's excuse woman. Which other recession? People re suffering, they want to make it worse again? It's no surprise Heading to reccession or completely in recession stop deceiving us with this clueless government later they will d former govt of PDP caused it

God is watching you people What could possibly go worse in Nigeria, evrything's been recessed since 1999 we started this shity democracy. The economy and people's situation never look promising, all we get is empty promises. MBuhari APCNigeria MobilePunch _AfricanUnion femigbaja DrAhmadLawan UN

We are already in recession. Nothing new . After all the excessive looting during this corona pandemic... What more can I expect?! SMH Even me that is a novice in economy have already seen this thing you people are talking about. Statistics from 2017 shows we are out of recession but the reality on the streets says otherwise. There are two realities in Nigeria, the political office holder's reality (the patricians) and the on the streets of 'Ajegunle' (the plebeians). Hon. minister this is no news

She's pretty sha akaebube Mtchewwww This woman has added weight. Gatari Thank God we can't differentiate between the two situations: In recession and out of recession. Anyway I pray for d best akaebube But we feed school children staying with their parents 😁🤣 .. Scandemic Heading? Abi we are already! Stop trying to be diplomatic and state the obvious!

Safe journey, incase of traffic pls contact Gidi_Traffic 🚦 Madam resign Bad mouth lie don finish for their mouth What's delaying it? When you were approving monies for unseen palliatives and ridiculous home sch feeding prog TheoAbuAgada This one is just waking up akaebube Nigerian economy had been in recession since 2015, is nota new thing.

akaebube So are you saying this MBuhari's administration started with going into recession and it's planning to conclude in a recession? Chai! This country 😭 akaebube After all the borrow and loans ? Incompetent leaders 😂😂😝😝 akaebube Heading abi has landed akaebube Recession or depression? It's a global phenomenon.

akaebube Na our fault? akaebube This administration should be called recession fc ☹️🤦🏽‍♂️ Like you will say otherwise abeg waka akaebube This woman irritates me oluwaloninyo This has turn to a special number. I don't need minister to tell me this, what do you expect, when billions will be use in feeding ghosts school children.

But wat are we in now But wat are in now Not just recession but depression No be the same recession we dey since No wahala we are used to it. Heading how? We have been in recession since 2016 we are only moving from recession to depression. Nothing good ever comes out of this woman Not only financial recession but backlash in almost everything.....After looting,snake swallowed money,burnt offices and gorilla tales......boom now you realize Nigeria 🇳🇬 will go on recession....... congratulations because you are part of the looters 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯

What have we now been suffering from? trueNija BMC will say it's a lie We are actually diving from good height into the Ocean of recession. I hope we will surface again before 2023? And your food minister is busy every where claiming she's feeding innocent children at home, pls who gave her the home addresses of those children😯😯

The country is unofficially in recession waiting for nigerianstat to make it official Am not surprised. The economy have been shut for more than a month now. The price of Oil which is our major source of income has fallen like old mama breast. Make una kuku sell the country give us our share In all fairness, 1st time I heard the word 'recession' was this MBuhari regime. I practically hope he has good plans for us cause with this covid-19 suffering alone, ehn...don't reason recession o... E no go balance at all...

Madam is just using catch phrases to sound professional and knowledgeable. True test of competence is for her to ward it off and steer back the economy to how she met it. Borrow borrow somebody. Do we really have a functioning finance minister Before nko? In other words, Nigeria tí fẹ́ l'azzdent 🙆🏽‍♀️ Da87Capo dejikale

You see Okonjo iweala never told us stories. From Apc change To the worst thing that happened to nigeria since 2015 IFB fast fast Yet our law makers don't wanna cut cost .. Create a more conducive environment for local businesses to thrive. Encourage and create incentives for investors in local refining of petroleum products. Review the power sector privatization. Reduce the cost of governance and reinvent how things are done in the public service

E be things And u open ur mouth dey talk? U guys know wat to do to see it doesn’t happen.... start wt reducing cost of governance at all levels n take it from there This tweet is very very funny Pls I don't like this woman Until you tackle corruption in this administration all government spending will as usual end up more in private pockets. With all government has been spending impact on the economy has been too little to drive any significant growth.

Do you need a prophet to tell you? Recession iPro Max Loading... RecessionIProMaxLoading Reduce wasteful spending &deal with corruption happening right within ur administration. Decentralize governance to successfully diversify the economy because FG is carrying more than it has capacity for. Don't say you will invest on infrastructure much of the money will b looted

Since the school feeding program issue, what ever she says, to me its a lie. Abi Depression? We already in recession since 2019 election Say it with your chest, Nigeria will collapse under your incompetent hands. We've been in a recession since for ever. It only takes people with functional brain matter to keep the economy stable. She's saying recession and their spending has not receded.

You seems to have lost record of the past. Was Nigeria not in recession before COVID19 came. So how are we heading to recession, as if we have not been there b4. Rather, Say Nigeria is heading back to recession. And we will blame the Economic/Finance Sectors adviser for that. So your best solution is to increase VAT from 7% to 11%? What becomes of our Export industryThis government is filled with clueless professionals

__maaji As you guys are shamelessly busy squandering public fund in the name of school feeding and palliative in this Covid fraud time, we since expected that from you as you blindfolded the old man (MBuhari) and feed him with wrong info Not a surprised news, what do you do to reverse the Recession. 😷

Did we still go ahead with that school feeding and the 'lugubrious' amount of money tagged to it?! When we are serious, we will know. Well what do I know about economics of a country kwanụ And u say y'all feeding children at home with which money Lol.. this country is a joke. PastorEAAdeboye , ProfOsinbajo MobilePunch jidesanwoolu

Old news...e don tey. Where were we heading before Abi where have we headed before now Stop the dubious home feeding of school children and cut cost in areas that are not so important at the moment. Just say season 2 cz we're presently in season 1 Oh u think. 😁 Lol But we are wasting Billions feeding imaginary school children at home and sharing Billions to imaginary poor households. Charlatans and fools in power. Collect more loans! This is the worst of any govt in Nigeria.

Nigeria is already in recession. Is not a new nun, other countries like Germany🇩🇪 Japan🇯🇵 and more are already in recession, Nigeria🇳🇬 wouldn’t be different We are there already Ma. But i think if we can borrow a little more we could jump out of it...🤡🤡🤡 . After feeding children that are out of school with millions of Naira

Abeggiiii You people should open the damn economy fully. . A struggling economy can’t be shut by 8pm . . Person wey corona don catch since morning , Na 8pm come be problem? Nigeria is plunged into the unnecessary quagmire. The *debt profile* is highly humongous yet large % of Nigerians lives in abject poverty couple with inhumane policies. ThinkPositive & DoTheRightThing 4 a better Nigeria. NigeriansNeedsHelp GodHelpNig GodRevolutionizeNig

Early signal, provide solution or resign! Total nonsense When they say there is a casting down! I will say there is a lifting up,why, because I trust in the name of the Lord... We have been into recession is 2016 Woman Woman Woman!!! How many did I call you? You are Lai Muhammad family Have we ever got out of it? bullshit

When the money full una personal account wetin suppose remain? 👏 recession government Recession is it a latin word or English word? Finance Minister please answer the question. Good news to those who know If you know you know The more we keep ranting on social media without taking any actions, the more they keep doing this. Social media rant won’t stop these old people from stealing. Now I see why YeleSowore is calling for a revolution

Okay.. Next? We know that will be, surely, after 'lootings and burning of offices', became the order of the day. It became the new trend. As if this is news Which of the recession again? What is this one that we presently called This woman is a beautiful criminal. Tell her she caused it. Interesting. The problem of Nigeria lies on the shoulders of it's leadership. Reshuffle the country if we really want to progress. ThatsAll

Nigeria was never out of recession since APC/Buhari threw us under the bus Nigeria never leave recession before and 80% of Nigeria population don't understand,know and unaware if there was or there is anything like recession,,,Nigeria is recession,abeg This is no news at all, but come to think of it, why are we heading towards recession? The govt is spending money that ought to be used in making the SMEs work. But instead spend it on unnecessary school feeding and white sepulchre programs.

This woman have never said something good or brought anything good to Nigeria. Always negative analysis I cry when I see the type of people that are directing the affairs of this country. So you know that we are heading towards recession when you're using billions of naira to feed children that are under their parent. I pity my country.

Even I with little knowledge in Economics know that, next please!!!! Na today? That's the only word this woman knows We know now but what is the solution Nigeria welcome RECESSION when APC took over these government..... Not until they leave.... Recession Recession Recession will be Finance minister song... Thank you ma'am

I was expecting that Lol Good news..I thought we were already therrrreee Dem don come again By the great Allah would recover insha allahu The world is heading towards recession. We know That is your problem when the money was sufficient who you help Don't tell us what we already know Old news, yesterday's paper. We are already swimming in it.

Not surprising We are not new to it. Scammers! Because all the money have been looted Must you tell us? ...whatever is happening, I hope this does not affect the budget for feeding 'school' children during lockdown... Jokers Were we ever out of recession since you guys came into power? seunokin I don't understand, pls kindly rephrase it. We are in Recession already if you are not aware.

This is no news. Wahala eh poh if we no enter recession carry us enter...yeyenatu I wonder how we can still delude ourselves? We are clearly in recession, with inflation rising astronomically and poverty ingrained as well as paucity of leadership, the country is doomed. With all the recovered loots and loans🙄 But wait, what were you guys expecting🤷🏿‍♂️ Mtchewww

We don't even know the difference between recession and not in recession. Both ways people are suffering. And what are you doing to remedy the situation? Na new thing 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Can we ever hear anything good from this part of the world? which way next level how do we break out of this mess... Godcomment...

Slash the salaries of Ministers,Senators,House of Reps members and top government officials.... where she dey before We already in recession. Madam is like you just waking up Why won't it, after this current administration had embezzled so much. But not for your government's loot and burn offices strategy, there would have been a way out.

oluwaloninyo Is there another recession inside recession? We've been in it as long as I remember If she cant manage the economy let her resign now... It was expected. seunokin Before nko, when u are feeding school children who sat at their home gently with billions of Naira u didn't know that u heading towards recession.nigeria is the only nation that go into recession twice within span of a decade.

WHAT IS THEN UR DUTY MADAM DO EVERYTHING U CAN IN STOPING THAT OK U GUYS WHERE OCCUPIED WITH THE MINDSET OF COVID 19 NOW ITS A FAILING U GUYS Why won’t the country heading to recession when you people don’t have anything to deliver and the the government appointees are bunch of fulani illiterates Madam tell us something we don't know, we have been in recession since buhari came into power and worst still made u finance minister

seunokin This is something a layman can even predict! That one is sure before really? so the recession we have been suffering ...its now it coming to you guys ? lol ...madam the real Nigerians have been in recession for a long time ....i gues the fake fews once re who the recession is coming to now Lats engage Ngozi Iwela to here her view on the possible way out.

Recession caused by your failed government Talaka ya Dade acikinshi ClementKanabe Minister of finance hahahaha..... We knew that immediately ncdc started sending us messages. Just tell us u want to borrow money Nothing musa no go see for gate But we're in it already. This country is a joke. No plans to even avoid it.

K We knew b4 now. Do we have a Finance Minister? Slash the salaries and allowances of the so called executive and legislators... Does this stop you yourself from getting your allowances 💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️ Lol...nd y'all still doin d feeding program. It's like taking a detour dts over a cliff yet hittin d gas 100😒

Heading ke?we have been there for long. Oh Allah save the world from imminent collapse not just the economy but human disaster. Wasteful regime And you’re feeding school kids at home? Who actually did this to us? We have been in a recession for a long time, as far as i'm concerned. This pandemic has only forced the hand of a corrupt government to make mandatory adjustments. ZShamsuna FinMinNigeria cenbank NigeriaGov NGRSenate HouseNGR MOST of you are knowingly useless.

Are we not already? What difference does it make? Can you as our amiable finance minister state the difference between 'Nigeria in recession' and 'Nigeria out of recession'? Its no longer news With all d borrow of billions of dollars ve said it be4 in Politics women are more dangerous dan men look at d other lady feeding ghost school children one is hiding in Uk with refugee status

Let Government cut cost immediately. Let Government DIVERSIFY the Economy. Heading? We are in the middle already We are already on it.. And God will punish you all who suffering the vulnarabes Recession and nigeria 🤝🏽 Or really? How we survive in this country marvel me. We can survive anywhere in d world, we enjoy our suffering and smiling way of life. They bad one will deal with d good ones that are ready to bring bk d glory of the land. No palliative and we still survive am 🙌, UK no fit survival am

Close NASS , close other non performing portfolio Pls we don come out from d first recession? Or we wan enter into 'deeper' recession? Hmmmm na dem know oo!buhari buhari buhari i no go better for u ooo lai lai!! Aba, We have been on recession ever since this govt. We have been in recession since 2016 Heading you say?

Recession or depression? Are we already in recession or still heading to recession. Una too lie We aren't that scared we are used to making our own way regardless of what the country goes through Did we ever get out of recession. I think you meant to say depression ma'am🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️ As well as leading another debt from world bank, IMF etc.

Your duty is to prevent that if you are indeed FUNCTIONAL! Who borrow reach una? But because of cluelessness you shamelessly come out to say RECESSION!!! all the time! I first heard the word recession from this regime! God de look una! We are already in recession May we not reach that rescession period in the name of God Almighty.

Well the rich will keep getting richer while the poor will keep getting poorer nd dumb everyday by day Keep on feeding school children FinMinNigeria NGRPresident HouseNGR MBuhari And some state governors are buying cars for judges during this pandemic era? Madam Humanitarian want to feed ghost inplace of so called pupils? And you are saying we are going into recession. Our government is joking😂😂

Why not, when we borrow to feed. We can only borrow to invest and not to eat. Imagine the cost of home grown school feeding program. Creat enabling environment for biz and see poverty eradicated Hon Minister FinMinNigeria ZShamsuna you need to advice the Presidency MBuhari ProfOsinbajo to ease the lockdown with strict enforcement of rules that will bring down Covid_19 figures. You cannot lockdown for long, otherwise economy recession is already near !

E be things O. Can we do anything about it? No! Then why tell us? Unfortunately this Finance Minister has neither the intellect nor the clout to get us out of the woods. Really a babe in the wood situation we are facing. Tell her we are already in recession We are not heading towards recession because, since I was born, there was never a time 🇳🇬 was booming. Better say that the political elites are in recession and no longer have excess they usually siphon

It will be disastrous......even without recession the less vulnerables still suffers...sos How e no go take run in to recession wer una do chop the money finish

JUST IN: Nigeria's economy will definitely go into recession - Finance Minister'In any case, we will go into recession but what we are trying to do is to make sure that it is shallow so that we will quickly come out of it come 2021.' Why not? You are feeding gost schl children. Kikikikiki Depression season 2 Yes naa

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