Shahrizat's daughter appointed as MDEC director

Shahrizat's daughter appointed as MDEC director

4/12/2021 3:29:00 AM

Shahrizat's daughter appointed as MDEC director

Izzana is a defendant in a govt suit over NFC funds.

Dec 4, 2021 12:15 AM⋅:12:27 AMWan Izzana Fatimah Zabedah Mohamad Salleh, the daughter of former Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has been appointed as a Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) independent non-executive director.The MDECstates that she was appointed to the post on Dec 1.

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It's not that she is Sharizat's daughter, she is the director of Cowco, under her watch the funds was misappropriated into buying expensive condo. Did mdec ask her how did this happened during her interview? Sadly, she has no concept of decency. You would expect a young person with a wealth of opportunities afforded by her corrupt mother, will find something better to do than to suck on the government's teat... Apparently, laziness IS merit... 🖕🖕🖕

Are we surprised? 😂😂🤣🤣 We all know how and what she got appointed. Without any qualifications and capabilities, you know what she can do. All G-Linked org heading to doom Masters in rearing cow in condo. Padanla die dapat keje tu Tolong process EP under MDEC cepat sikit ya. Dah ada chairman/presenter dan director baru. Kami dah tak tahan tgu EP approve 1–3 bulan.

Elok la tu, pasni mdec pun melingkup, masuk kandang lembu pulak... She might have the qualifications, but she’s not having the credibility based on her last “performance”. She holds masters in cow management no wonder she was selected. Msian Family Program Who wanted UMNO's IsmailSabri60 as PM the other day? This would not happen if MuhyiddinYassin is still a PM, tonypua shown great wisdom.

MDEC appoints UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Md Alwi as chairmanDatuk Seri Md Alwi, currently the state assemblyperson for Kok Lanas, Kelantan, has been given a two year contract to serve as MDEC's non-executive chairman.

Kici lembu jaga sudah besar jadi ba dan... setahu aku anak2 politicians ni ramai bengap kat sekolah. tapi sebab mak bapak kaya raya, mampulah hantar anak ke over the sea... tetiba dapat degree, entah2 beli... sorang je politician yang ada anak Anugerah DiRaja kat UM, anak Rafidah Aziz. anak Najib, anak Zahid, anak Shahrizat, anak Tajudin... next? senang sungguh jadi anak politician kan? next? DAFI... Lembaga Pengarah Finas 😂😂😂. and then sang menantu pula lantik jadi Pengarah Fesyen Jabatan Perdana Menteri. kau mampoooooo...

Keluarga “Golongan Elit” Malaysia. Ni ke lembu tu? Bpe juta lg nk songlap puaka2 ni? Elaun backdate ek jgn lupe. Ribu2 setiap bulan. Syabas. Kayakan anak2 sndri. Lantak lah anak2 org lain. Hidup politicians Its not really about qualification.. its more towards cronyism. Pity my country😥 Saya mencari orang yang berminat nak Belajar MANDARIN ONLINE🍊 Mudah untuk berkomunikasi dengan rakan sekerja dan customer. Dapat international certificate ✨ Whatsapp saya

MDEC appoints UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Md Alwi as chairmanDatuk Seri Md Alwi, currently the state assemblyperson for Kok Lanas, Kelantan, has been given a two year contract to serve as MDEC's non-executive chairman.

Lemmmmbbbbuuuuuu punya anak.... So any rubbish can ? A similar Harvard qualified will not stand a chance to be appointed unless you are linked a particular party. Bringing MDEC to digital world standards Amazing... nothing changes Start up of mommy daughter erumai corporation! wait! didn't she swindle the duit lembu?

Sure future Wanita Umno chief Ini anak yang emak bapa ada kes mahkamah iaitu lembu naik lift ke condominium 🤣😂🤣😂😂 Congrats, look like her mother features, like wise, like mother like daughter? 🤔 She Got Milk..

PM's health special advisor in process of being appointed - ministerAdvisors appointed have network, experience, expertise, says Abdul Latiff Ahmad. Might as well have special advisor for each and every ministry, since the country is flushed with $$$. Water You have DG Hisham, why not ask for advise from him.

Tiada masalah...melayu suka umngokkkk How very convenient!😏 Sialan..IsmailSabri60 apa masalah korang ni Punca diorg ni harga daging rm40 1kg sekarang..assholes punya penyamun makan duit haram je..oi babi drasyrafwajdi ShahrilHamdan ShahrilComms PemudaUMNOMy mana telur korang Kena rendam duit ke? PASPusat DPPMalaysia

Well kalau dia memang boleh buat kerja, apa salahnya. Tapi jika dia hanya boleh buat 'KERJA', sama saja lah dgn lembu di apartment Pengalaman ternak lembu aircond membuahkan hasil. Lawa eh Tahniah PASPusat malysia boleh sejak bila MDEC handle business lembu🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Covid-19: Over 70pc of deaths in Terengganu involve the unvaccinated, says state health director | Malay MailKUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 2 — A total of 595 individuals or 77.5 per cent of the deaths due to Covid-19 in Terengganu involve the unvaccinated against the viral infection. State health director, Datuk Dr Kasemani Embong said from the 768 deaths recorded, 425 cases or 55 per cent were males while 343...

Omicrony! That's all you need to know about her. Keluarga BN Jgn jadi mcm feedlot… Equivalent to appoint an ‘anak lembu’ to that post… 🤬 Keluarga Malaysia = keluarga kleptokrat = keluarga kroni!!! Only in malaysia Semua appointment keluarga dia sajalah Wow

Long-term maintenance for high-risk slopesPETALING JAYA: The government is in the process of appointing long-term slope maintenance contractors to carry out repair, prevention and routine maintenance work on slopes identified as high-risk. For so many yrs, d same hd bn repeated over-n-over again after each disastrous landslide.

How many lembu will IzzanaSalleh bring in to MDEC? Appointed a person with bad record and sued case for defaulted loans in your agency? How low you will go MCMC_RASMI IsmailSabri60 ? she single? ShazGhaF Memang “keluarga” sangat. Haha kepala bapak! Dibuatnya Malaysia mcm mak bapak diorg yg punya. Ni lah bahana bila Umno kembali diberi kuasa. Tapi apa boleh buat. Rakyat terus miskin, tapi tetap sorak Hidup Umno! Yg kaya raya anak beranak keluarga pemimpin mereka.

Can I have some milk ? Lembu susu, sapi nama mymdec keep all your milk under lock and key Otherwise not only cows will go missing Family of THIEVES who is living off, eating and driving rakyat's stolen money. Now employed by the rakyat money ! Anak2 menteri n bekas menteri yg kurang pandai pun jd somebody , rakyat mcm kite spa yg tinggal ?

LEMBU !!! 🤣🤣🤣 Hbs keturunan kaut jawatan mcm org lain tdk layak steady Keluarga 🇲🇾

Soldier gets 15 years' jail, caning for sexual offence against daughter | New Straits TimesKOTA KINABALU: A soldier was jailed for a total of 15 years plus two strokes of the cane by the Sessions Court here for sexually assaulting his teenage daughter in 2020.

Mak lembu dah anak lembu pulak.... Keluarga Malaysia mean for keluarga UMNO kembali bertaut …..bravoooo…graciasss PM habislah another lembu. :) your kids get local narrative filled education.Theirs get schooled abroad. When they come back,they come back as natural leaders as opposed to the followers your kids have been moulded into.This is a generational step that they make using you and your kids as stepping stones.

Sliding down the slope of digital irrelevance and the inclusion of clueless and corrupt should expedite the process Dah$yat 😱 keluarga Maling$ia 🤑 This is how the keluarga Malaysia organization run their business anak pengundi dan penyokong yang bebal dapat jawatan apa? Moooooooooooo This is all about how many GE15 votes Shahrizat can bring in for Ismail Sabri. Nothing else.

Mask of malaysian political when this shits change or who will change this monster mask human .. . Keluarga Malaysia. Tahniah. Keluarga Malaysia ambk Hari Rakyat..yg sebenar Keluarga Umno baru betul 🤔 KeluargaMalaysia=KeluargaKleptokrat. Yg lain jgn mimpi, gi la kerja macam nak mampus dgn gaji yg ciput. Lepas tu bayar cukai yg bukan bukan dan banyak tu utk menyara keluarga malaysia....

Aiyaaa. Y they don want to pick me. I also have SPM cert watt. Ok la pick me as her advisor. Ok wattt Sharizat’s daughter only experience is watching her parents growing cows in condominiums! Seriously?! What qualification that make her deserve that position? kepada siapa lagi jawatan yg ada kalau bukan utk kawan2 serta sanak saudara. inilah fungsi sebenar KeluargaMalaysia