Long-term maintenance for high-risk slopes

Long-term maintenance for high-risk slopes


4/12/2021 2:02:00 AM

Long-term maintenance for high-risk slopes

PETALING JAYA: The government is in the process of appointing long-term slope maintenance contractors to carry out repair, prevention and routine maintenance work on slopes identified as high-risk.

“The department is also taking preventive measures such as increasing the frequency of slope patrols and inspections on dangerous and high-risk slopes, especially during the rainy season.“Meanwhile, monitoring will be carried out through visual methods such as conducting more inspections on the condition of the structure and components of the slope.

“The department is also identifying more slopes that need to be strengthened according to hazard and risk slope maps produced by the department,” he said when contacted yesterday.Mohamad Zulkefly added that JKR was enhancing the sharing and integration of information and data with other technical departments to produce a “more comprehensive hazard map”.

“Information and data integration can be used for long-term preventive measures on slopes.“JKR is also disseminating Slope Risk Hazard Map data to district JKR offices and stakeholders such as the local authorities and the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) so that slope monitoring work can be carried out in an integrated manner. headtopics.com

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“JKR will also try to add more rain gauge stations as well as early warning system monitoring equipment that can monitor the movement of slope and underground surfaces to warn of the possibility of landslides, especially on critical slope locations.“There are currently 35 existing rain gauge stations in the peninsula.

“Besides these measures, JKR is also taking steps to improve motorists’ safety by providing adequate traffic management signage in high-risk locations and providing diversion roads if necessary, or road closures.“Road users will also be informed of alternative routes through social media,” said Mohamad Zulkefly.

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For so many yrs, d same hd bn repeated over-n-over again after each disastrous landslide.

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