Santhara explains use of 'homestay' over 'inap desa' in Parliament

The Dewan Negara president had chided him for not using BM term.

15/10/2021 5:41:00 AM

Santhara explains use of 'homestay' over 'inap desa' in Parliament

The Dewan Negara president had chided him for not using BM term.

Oct 15, 2021 2:35 AM⋅:2:35 AMDeputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Edmund Santhara said his use of the term “homestay” when addressing the Dewan Negara on Wednesday was appropriate.This followed complaints by Dewan Rakyat president Rais Yatim, an active Bahasa Malaysia advocate, criticising Santhara for not using the term “


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This is the Senate - arguing over 'homestay' or 'inab desa'!!! WTF is 'inab desa'? Congratulations!!!Very well done!!! Best Wishes blessing you all🇮🇳💕💥

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Wee Ka Siong ordered to explain conflicting statement on cabotage issue in Parliament - SoyaCincauAfter Annuar Musa said the cabotage issue was a reason why Malaysia was bypassed by tech giants, the speaker ordered Wee to clarify his remarks with supporting documents. Minta Tan Sri AnnuarMusa hantam kuat2 sama dia pada issue ini! Guys, come on. Whether or not the cabotage rule was in place, FB and Google would have bypassed Msia anyways. Which tech giant would want their cable through a country where the govt can be stolen by unelected officials?

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