Court allows release of passport so Rosmah could fly to Singapore

She will be in the republic to attend to her daughter's birth.

15/10/2021 5:35:00 AM

Court allows release of passport so Rosmah could fly to Singapore

She will be in the republic to attend to her daughter's birth.

Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan allowed the application by the accused’s defence counsel Jagjit Singh.“The applicant’s passport is returned to her...Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author Read more: »

Any decision to ground Hawk 108 fighter jets to be determined by Armed Forces, RMAF chiefs, says Hishammuddin

MELAKA: Any decision to ground the use of Hawk 108 air fighter jets following the aircraft crash in Penang will be determined by the Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) chiefs, says Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

UNBELIEVABLE 🤦🏻‍♀️ NajibRazak can’t the daughter come back? A colleague of mine with a valid work permit can’t get into SG. What is the excuse now? VivianBala Unbelievable jilake punya pompuan sanggup tinggal laki dia sesorang hadap kes mahkamah kat Malaysia... Hidup Umno!!!! Hmm.. Sapalah yg kata dia ada number yg akibatkan org UMNO jadi PM... Hmm.. Katanya ada opis tahap menteri.. Hmm.. Untunglah nenek kebayan ni boleh terbang ke Spore. Aku rasa sikit hari lagi nenek kebayan dgn wife dia boleh gi holiday oversea.

Literally her and her husband are the two largest flight risks in recent history of Malaysian courts. Can't comprehend this ❓ And ordinary folk also can travel at this time ? Nooooo...! Laughing stock .... a glimpse from foreign perspectives. She and Her criminal spouse will fly the coup!

Court grants Rosmah passport for Singapore trip to be with daughter who’s giving birth to second child | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — The High Court today allowed Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to temporarily take back her passport so she can go to Singapore to be with her pregnant daughter when the latter gives birth. Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan granted the order after hearing the application from Rosmah’s... Can kirim murtabak ZamZam or not? Pung pang psl bangsa agama jgn jd cam singapore last2 anak bersalin kat singapore..what a joke!! Memang bangsat!!Terima kasih for the malaysia law and the law maker ! Now we know were the poor and normal people like us stand. The law is only for the people like us..for the politicians and families are all above the law..

I wonder if she need to serve Singapore quarantine Barang kemas dah dapat. Passport dah dapat. Apa lagi tunggu.. sila tinggalkan negara ni. Jangan balik² dah lepas ni. Kes mahkamah tu dah tentu menang dah. 😤 Lepas tu DS Najib pula nak passport balik. One big happy family boleh shopping sama sama. The Singapore government has not made any progress with regards to open the borders at the Causeway. Reason given was too many people will swarm the Causeway. So can I fly back like other countries that they allowed although the vaccination rates are lower n Covid cases higher.

So the Singapore government allows her to enter? I have been waiting for 2 years to see my elderly parents who are in their 80s n staying alone in Singapore. Until today, we are not allowed to enter Singapore due to the Pandemic. Can I appeal? Can I fly back to Singapore? Malaysian court is such a softie. Tell that to every Malaysian who can't go back to their families as they are stuck in Singapore.

Malaysia promote medical tourism but it’s ministers and or ex ministers and family seek medical trea abroad🤨, interesting. Are they doubting on our medical doctors’ competencies? I dont care anymore about this farce. Bring the 🤡 🤡 🤡 in. Malaysia boleh. In Malaysia everything is possible. If we were in this situation no way we get special treatment.. Malaysia masih aman.

Maid who allegedly filmed herself bathing elderly employer in S’pore to be charged in courtA 33-year-old maid who allegedly filmed videos of herself bathing her elderly employer will be charged in court on Thursday (Oct 14).

Mockery Malaysian law is a fcking joke. what a big slap to justice and rights of all Malaysian seeking justice The entire system is a joke. Nowadays things just don’t make sense Mean the court case will stop I never know Malaysian law can allow such things happen like go for treatment or going to Singapore? Sad .. never ending story

The fact remains, the people put them there, they will comtinue to put them there, all in the name of race and religion 🙂 Compassionate court. Why the fuck not an 🤷‍♀️

Nothing charitable about Zahid buying luxury hotel in Bali, court hears | The Malaysian InsightProsecution cannot see how running a boutique hotel overseas using Yayasan Akalbudi’s funds benefits the poor in Malaysia.

'Court allows release of passport so Rosmah could FLEE to Singapore' This is making a mockery of our system. Pathetic I guess we are a joke? Malaysia is a joke? 😩 Is there any difference between giving birth in Malaysia and in Singapore? Babies born in Singapore are smarter😂? Or what you want is just Singaporean citizenship?

huh WHY?! wakakaa ,💩💩 🏴🏴🏴 Nanithefck? Nazri ke Paris Santhara ke NZ Assmin ke Turki Wak Jahid Ponorogo ke German Rosmah ke Singapore WTF sial Everything pertaining the politicians in Malaysia ..can be done .. even all this court cases and all that soon will be nothing… just wasting ppls money and time …

Court acquits, discharge police inspector accused of swapping seized meth with rock sugar | Malay MailKLANG, Oct 14 — The Magistrate’s Court here today acquitted and discharged a police inspector from the charge of changing a confiscated substance believed to be methamphetamine, weighing an estimated 201.2 grammes to rock sugar (sucrose) which was to be sent to the Chemistry Department for... Sloppy work by the investigating team as well as the prosecuting team. The accused got off on technicalities.

Die la die la .. like dat also can 🤦🏼‍♂️ 'Independence of the judiciary' What a joke, so flying to Singapore is more important than her court case proceeding Double standard how the fark this can happen.. zahid kes maybe close one eye.. this kes close both eyes govsingapore you guys seriously allowing this lady into your country? I thought Our Law are loosen but not yours. THINK WISELY BEFOFE ALLOW HER

We all know how Malaysia Law works . Double standard. Wonder if this could happen if it was just an ordinary person like Mrs Tan, Mrs Siti or Mrs Murthy... What else is new with MSIAN courts n Law enforcements- ALL BUNCH OF KISS AS! Setting a precedence. Remember this people.

Zahid withdraws RM17.9m to facilitate daughter's bid to buy Bali hotel, court toldProsecution contends Zahid had misused YAB funds for that purpose. Pinjam only he will return it.. Return no issue already Here wage earners are fighting for min wage 🥲 Should drag her daughter to court tio

Wtf Nenek nak sambut cucu... If she gave the judge RM5mil to give her back her passport, who wouldn’t give it to her? 🤷🏻‍♀️ with UMNO as gov. nothing is surprising Can go shopping at Orchard Road lah. Ooo anak dia ke yg nk beranak kat sana Shopping lah! Duit masih ada lagi kan ... so shopping sikit .. tambah lagi mana2 yg patut ...

Nothing surprising 🤷🏻‍♀️

Labuan MP charged with abuse of power in KL Sessions CourtKUALA LUMPUR: Labuan MP Datuk Rozman Isli has been charged at the Sessions Court here with abuse of power to obtain a contract for a company linked to his family members. Wakil rakyat terlibat kes rasuah jadi kebiasaan di Msia

Malaysian law is a jokes.. Fly off in the middle of a trial ,not on medical ground but to be with her daughter Wow ,no wonder Malaysia can wins UN human rights council seat Funny AGCPutrajaya Boleh repair sikit apa2 yg patut. Precedents set - in the middle of a court case with serious consequences, you can travel overseas if you have back-ache, neck-ache and pregnant daughters. What's next?

We all know all of these crazy heavy corrupted bunch will be released. Yihaaaaaa tahniah semua!! untunglah..nak cakap apa lagi selain.. untunglah.. I thought he have no money? Bitch is flying! 1st class? Private jet? Boleh la..terbang2

👏👏👏👏 I thought I read this story already, but I remembered that it's about another UMNO fella. Wonder what will be released next.