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Rural Malays prefer Perikatan, says Merdeka Centre | The Malaysian Insight

Rural Malays prefer Perikatan, says Merdeka Centre

7/5/2021 2:07:00 AM

Rural Malays prefer Perikatan, says Merdeka Centre

Despite choice of coalition, study finds support for Bersatu lacking.

Copy URLAccording to a study by Merdeka Centre from April to August last year, rural Malays had a roughly 3-to-1 tendency to favour Perikatan Nasional over Pakatan Harapan. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 7, 2021.RURAL and lower income Malays are more inclined towards Perikatan Nasional (PN) parties than Pakatan Harapan (PH), according to a study last year by the Merdeka Centre in the months after the change of government.

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The study, carried out between March 12 and August 21, 2020, was aimed at understanding voters’ political inclination by asking a series of questions on race-based politics and inter-ethnic power sharing. Read more: TheMalaysianInsight »

Covid-19: Malaysia records 341 more deaths, including 102 BID cases

PUTRAJAYA: Another 341 people died due to Covid-19, says the Health Ministry.

Masyukkk 🤑🤑🤑 Last GE also there predicted BN will win big.... Pergi ke pasar membeli cincau Hancai Servey cari makan ha ha ha Yes rural areas are not the same as Twitter bubble. Not a surprise at all. Survey by Merdeka Center before GE-14 Merdeka Centre stop being bias, why all the lies.. ok..lets have pru after raya

For change to happen, Malays must break silence on racist systemINTERVIEW | Author Chandran Nair wants them to take a stand - that this is no different from white racists in US. Duh...that wont happen. Who wants to give up special privileges for themselves and their future generations? A more realistic thing to hope as a wake up call is for total economic ruin where there is not much to go around. Otherwise, dont even think about equality. For change to happen one must not overcare about pinggan dan mangkuk no way...we are not stupid

COMMENT | Malays not the only ones who must break silence on racist systemAsking the Malays to break their silence when there never has been an alternative is part of the problem, not the solution. Setuju 🇲🇾 when many non Melais went to the streets to protest in peaceful GlobalBersih 1.0 everyone can see , most of em weren’t supported by the majority race in M’sia , the only minorities on the streets , in the hot sun, voicing out on the evil kleptocracy plaguing the country Non malays mention this get Maki ask to balik India balik tiong kok. I wish all malays including those talibans from pas will fight for racism in Malaysia

S'wak's rural folk to have easier access to banking services following launch of mobile bank initiativeKUCHING: Rural folk in Sarawak will have easier access to banking services following the launch of a mobile bank initiative by the state government.

Sarawak Assemblyman suggests turning rural health clinics into Covid-19 vaccination centres | Malay MailMIRI, May 9 — The state government should look into turning all rural health clinics into Covid-19 vaccination centres, serving those living in the state’s remote pockets, said Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau. According to him, in the Telang Usan District alone, there is one health clinic...

'Deaths in almost every second house' as Covid reaches rural IndiaInfections wreak havoc on the health system, spreading from towns to vast countryside. FMTNews Covid19 India