Hanipa apologises to Azalina in Parliament over 'man or woman' remark

'Sometimes, even I can't differentiate if you are a woman or a man,' Hanipa said to Azalina. Read More:

9/10/2019 5:21:00 PM

'Sometimes, even I can't differentiate if you are a woman or a man,' Hanipa said to Azalina. Read More:

KUALA LUMPUR: Proceedings at the Dewan Rakyat erupted into a furore when a deputy minister made a sexist remark against a Barisan Nasional lawmaker and was ordered to retract his comment.

"Sometimes, even I can't differentiate if you are a woman or a man," he said in jest in response to Azalina's earlier remark when she was debating the Bill to repeal the Anti-Fake News Act on Wednesday (Oct 9).Hanipa had given way for Azalina to interject while he was replying, with the latter taking her time to respond as she looked for her glasses.

Guan Eng ditahan, akan didakwa esok | The Malaysian Insight Scha Alyahya hamil anak kedua Guan Eng didakwa esok

"I want to wear my glasses because I want to see you clearly (referring to Hanipa)."Sometimes you look big, sometimes you look small," she said, while wearing her glasses.Before starting with his reply, Hanipa had then said he had trouble identifying her gender.

This caused a ruckus, as several Opposition lawmakers stood up and demanded that Hanipa retract his statement.Azalina, too, demanded that Hanipa retract and apologise for his remark.Hanipa obliged, retracting and apologising to Azalina.After some ruckus, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri (BN-Bera) had called for a bloc vote on the Bill at the policy stage.

Those who voted aye were 93, while 53 voted nay for the policy stage.Another bloc voting was called for the committee stage as well.The Bill was eventually passed with 92 who voted yes, while 51 were against it. Read more: The Star »

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This is the Malaysian political culture! We said silly things, we apologized and we moved on. Hanipa ni dr dulu lagi masa dlm PAS mmg kurang ajar...mujurlah yg x bertamadun dah keluar dr Pas Azlina kalau pakai baju kurung moden kan nampak elegan.. Okey say it together 'being mean is not funny' Am not trying to cakap abt politics here but guys yang supported what that sepang guy said are dummies

Very rude! MalequeArrasyid Aku tunggu je jawabnya tah bila there are even sexists in the Peee H circus!!! HanifHanifahHH So unbecoming la u YB Hanipa! Lain kali tak dak fakta, duduk diam2 lg elok, tak perlu la personal attack. Supo kenal minit ke 4 fahmizuhaidi HanipaMaidin dah buta hati agaknya rasanya menteri kena ada merit, kalau buat salah laku macamni pon kena ada tindakan juga, not just a backlash. kalau ini contoh our leaders to our youth, teruklah negara. budi bahasa tak ada, tatatertib tak jaga.

Kan.... tu dia ada kawan semburit yg kalis cvcc Malaysia baru Matter of fact he is right.. Mcm budak tadika.. body shaming pastu nk ckp pasal jantina xtau laki ppuan. Knp nk ckp mcm tu bila soalan yg diberikan sgt lain.. fuck laa timb menteri ni. PH akan mampos soon.. Theatrical. After the session they go for teh tarik.

Macam mana boleh terlepas beruk jadi wakil rakyat. Bangang So childish lah. I think debate in my primary school is much better than this 🤦 binic_nncy_131 Penatnya wey jadi Yang Berhormat keja kena leraikan org begaduh yg mcm budak2 Mohd Azalina 🤣 Yb idiot Idiot jantan What Hanipa said is true! 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

This shows the mentalities of our politicians in general! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🙊🤔🤔🤔 The opposition's eruption is moronic even after Hanapi's apologies and retractions! Hanipa nak kena sepak ke? Tak payah la jadi menteri! imsyafiqsofiyan Mmmm..dari awal2lagi aku x berapa gemar dia ni mentri wilayah..jelutong.. selalu buat kacau dan selalu keluarkan jawapan bodoh or kenyataan yg mintak maki rakyat...kaki provoke.. ni la muka2 nya..mcmne la dorg ni bole naik n sape lah yg buta undi org2 ni semua.bazir duit byr gji

low class Jujur salah...tipu salah Diorg takde mood kot nak kerja harini...ala macam korg x biasa... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Yang tua2 ni boleh berenti kot. Ambik yang muda2 sikit. Kalau dok mengarot mcm cb ja buang masa. Reti lak terasa. Haaa kalau laki buat cara laki. Kalau pempuan buat cara pompuan. baik umno baik ph baik dap .. bodo belaka... habis masa sbb melatah n pantang kena cuit skit.. bodoh bazir duit rakyat bebal.. think this one 19th century people gonna laugh at that STUPID remark issit🤦🤦🤦🤦 Sometimes I cannot differenciate kau ada kepala OTAK ke takde Kakakkaka Word up... admit it... so many wanted to say that for the longest time. Now it did.... so many hypocrites... WTF. It is totally wrong to utter such a remark to any person and it even worst that elected MP said it in a parliament. Think before you talk and you carry such a responsibilities where you should show an exemplary attitude and behaviour everytime hannahyeoh drwanazizah

pergh kalau mcm ni brp jam baru nak habis Bodo sial... Dah die tu pun muka cm char siu panggang... Ni ke yg cakap 'kalau saya tuhan...' Tu kan I think it is an issue of professionalism. We need to focus on content when answering questions in Parliament and NOT making personal remarks. Sarkas One of the main reasons why I dont watch politicians in parliament is because I dont get any input, but seeing a bunch of old folks fighting like kids instead. I'm so embarrassed seeing them. You guys wanna fight for our right? So funny.

True low for Malaysian parliament, gender and sexual orientation is a private matter. Take it outside, I'm sure Aza *blackbelt* will be able to answer with a few kicks. Sekolahkan la sikit bosq ZahinShah1413 yg complain pun sama binggai, kluar kan kata2 kesat Damn adults be fighting like children.... is that even allowed ?

Please give way to the new Bung Mokhtar of the government Ada masalah akhlaq mamak ni Just another arsehole behaved like BN. Better than those that dresses and acts like a male but sexually inclined towards another male😂...this happens a lot in zimbabwe though..nothing to do with nalaysia Melawak aja....Azilina ok.

amusing to see both sides criticsing each other when they are all the same - clueless. what do you expect when the leaders were selected based on popularity and not on qualifications? it is a flaw of the democratic system which should be revised. mangkuk ass bitch neyrashazeyra Hmmm cheap hanipa Menteri Bodoh

Remember ye. Your tax money is going into this fool. When he should be discussing things that would improve the country. dak lani yg tiba2 nak angkat yb jelutong jadi timb menteri tu awat shahidan kassim oiii 🤣🤣🤣 berguling aku tgk hahahahaa Typical Malaysian politicians using sex to push the issues.

Taste of your own medicine for BN Remember that MP who said the then oop MP 'leak every month' Karma is a bitxh Bunch of morons in HOP although they might have paper Q! Seriously discuss more serious matters pls! Hidup bangsa kerana bahasa... Tak kira pada siapa pun ia I also cannot le He was out of line but then i hope azalina also reflects on herself. All the best azalina. May Allah bless you

Get ready to fall PH, your ministers will be the ones who cause your losses in coming elections. Starting with this one. For sure, we need better educated and learned MPs to discuss and debate matters that are pertinent to rakyat. It is utter disappointment to hear sexist remarks and words like ‘bodoh’ in our utmost institution of democracy. We can’t afford same old politics going forward.

Cap ayam .. we need to witness each politician in Parliament applying their education whenever they're talking.. so the whole group of politician could fight the battle that matters the most not such petty things no more. Do work together for common goal! RimauXI Ade gak iras2 saddiq minah ni 😁 Low class. Same toilet just different crap.

What a bloody joke! It is known that a YB from the present ruling govt once said, while being in the opposition before this, the YBs are as good as the voters that chose them or brought them into power. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 slsubra Sepenggal And just like that Mohamed Hanipa Maidin becomes another liability for the party, the coalition and the government itself. What a disappointment.

menteri bodoh, pakatan sepenggal So low This is absurd. Being a politician does not permit you to belittle denigrate others. Is this what a politician being taught of? just.... unethical and shameful why is he even having fun spouting out the mockery? he just made himself looks stupid weh bodohnya pekat sangat urgh dasar tua tak sedar diri

it's not funny at all. Nothing in life is permanent, so be humble. Graham's Heirarchy of Disagreement. Use this in any discussions & debate. you lose a debate once u start name-calling & ad hominem for all MP's in parliament & all of us. esp HanipaMaidin MYParlimen HanipaMaidin you are a d**k. only d**ks & c**ts say like what u did to AzalinaOthmanS debate on the issue raised, not someone's physical appearance, gender or sexuality. u r an educated person, r u not? only uneducated ppl say whtu said

Mature politics dont exist in this country The minister was stupid to say that remark and he retracted his statement and apologises. But those oppo members who humiliate him by calling him all kinds of names wonder they will apologise or not ? Benda betul tu. Taktau laki ke perempuan ke lgbt. Wkwkwkwk Deputy minister?

Tsk³, kurang ajar betul 👎🏽 Betul la dia tanya tu... rakyat pun kadang² keliru juga yg satu tu kadang² macam laki kadang² macam perempuan🙊 What an intelligent leader Wasting valuable time, suppose to discuss important issues concerning people but idiots arguing about stupid issues Hanipa Maidin, low class.

Bodoh punya menteri Kerana Bodoh semestinya PH... He got schooled hard... We just produce this type of Minister? Really? Gambler. tiadamaruah

Hanipa apologises for derogatory remark in Parliament | The Malaysian InsightOpposition erupts after deputy minister passes comment about appearance of Pengerang MP.

Hanipa shut down by Opposition after making sexist remark against Azalina during repeal of Anti-Fake News Bill | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohamed Hanipa Maidin was effectively shut down in the middle of his closing remarks during the debate to repeal the Anti-Fake News Act today, after he made sexist remarks against Pengerang MP Datuk Seri Azalina Othman... Throw him back to BN!

Buat kenyataan seksis di Dewan Rakyat, Hanipa mohon maaf | The Malaysian InsightTindakan itu menimbulkan kekecohan dalam kalangan ahli Parlimen pembangkang.

'Confusion' over Azalina's gender lands Hanipa in hot waterKUALA LUMPUR: The debate on the Anti-Fake News Act reached boiling point today when a deputy minister was forced to stop from finishing his winding-up speech on the bill to repeal the law at the Dewan Rakyat after making a sexist remark. ♀️LGBT 🇲🇾 conundrum

Hanipa apologises for derogatory remark in Parliament | The Malaysian InsightOpposition erupts after deputy minister passes comment about appearance of Pengerang MP.

No place for uncivil language in Dewan Rakyat, say elected repsThey say both Hanipa Maidin and Azalina Othman must set a good example and be courteous to each other. FMTNews Please setup wrestling ring in Dewan Rakyat. Let them fight it out if they’re not happy. Most politicians just talk cock do nothing anyway. If they are getting salary from the tax-paying rakyat, why the fock not just entertain us? Its ok if youre lesbian or transgender... but its not ok to be a hypocrite.