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EPF: Don't touch your Account 1 savings, says CEO

EPF: Don't touch your Account 1 savings, says CEO

30/10/2020 6:31:00 PM

EPF : Don't touch your Account 1 savings, says CEO

PETALING JAYA: The Employees Provident Fund advised its members' against withdrawing savings from Account 1 to address the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

"The Prime Minister’s reminder is a hard one to deliver as people are struggling to find the right balance between surviving for today and preparing for tomorrow," said EPF chief executive officer Alizakri Alias in a statement.He added that the pandemic has impacted the lives of Malaysians, saying that some have even lost jobs and sources of income.

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"We see real distressing cases where Malaysians are struggling daily to put food on the table to feed their families and to keep a roof over their heads," said Alizakri.Alizakri said that allowing members to withdraw from Account 1 could damage their future well-being and advised members to approach EPF's Retirement Advisory Service (RAS) officers to help plan their finances as they deal with current challenges.

He said accessing funds in Account 1 should not be the only way for members to weather difficult times as the government has provided numerous means of direct financial assistance.Alizakri said that this includes Prihatin, Prihatin SME+, Penjana and Kita Prihatin and added that this amounts to to RM55 billion for the B40 and M40 as well as other target groups and the newly vulnerable.

At the opening of the annual general meeting of Koperasi SungaiTerap/Sungai Raya Muar Bhd in Pagoh on Friday (Oct 30), Muhyiddin warned that allowing members to withdraw from their EPF saving would pose a problem for the government.He said this following former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's proposal for the government to allow contributors to make a one-off withdrawal of up to RM10,000 from the Account 1 to help with challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Muhyiddin also assured that Budget 2021 which is due to be tabled on Nov 6 will take into account measures needed to address the people's challenges in these difficult times. Read more: The Star »

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Salary ceo brp? Saya pernah kene retrenched, serabai kepala pikir nak buat mcm mana time2 covid ni, hurmmm These are desperate times. Serious consideration shd be given for emergency withdrawal. Bukan sekadar ckp NO. Guna akal tu pls sbb out of desperation people are resorting to borrowing from AhLong which is not a good sign. It doesnt hv to be 10k but some amt is better than nothing

Butohla ceo Ada ke masa depan kalau tak boleh hidup hari ini? Cos i need it more than the rakyat we need money now to place food on the table..EPF account 1 is our money too... Probably nothing left. EPF dah habis kan duit Rakyat Btw if no food to feed family now there is no future to speak of.. 🙄 rich ppl really shouldn't pretend they understand when clearly priorities differ..

Yg saya takut ni - mungkin duit EPF kita semua dah 'hilang' sebab tu mamat ni takut kalo semua diberi peluang withdraw. Tengok2 tak ada pun duit tu... 🤔 Why not government sack you frm yr position because you don't come up with solutions.. You just present what hv been presented Today is their day..one day it will be yr day.. Don't worry Allah is GREAT. It easy to say because you are not in their shoes..

Words from those who never emphatic on difficulty of others. Future is thr when ppl can survive today. Kata2 dr manusia yg tak pernah faham kesusahan org lain. Masa depan cuma akan ada selepas melalui hidup hari ini. duit songlap 1MDB SRC FGV Felda mana? Since keje sendiri ni dah lebih 10 tahun tak contribute EPF. Akaun 2 pulak dah habis bantu bayar operate jantung Abang. So kalau ade option utk withdraw Akaun 1, ianya sgt2 membantu. Oh and it’s my money. Not the government.

This bloke was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Has a good job with a fat cheque. Does he know the plight of persons who have lost their jobs/businesses during the last 9 mths? Has he ever experienced hvg nothing in the bank acct? Kepala butoh dia lah. ...says CEO. Lol. Yeah Ok, you rich motherfucker. 😏

Apahal dont touch plak. Tu duit kami, hasil usaha kami. Luar sana dh rmi yg hilang pencarian, makan bercatu. Nk tgu diorang mati br ko nk bg duit tu Yeah, don’t touch account one. But the crook and cronies in gomen can take the epf money shamelessly. Elo pakcik, org tgh susah kot. Tau tak ada org sanggup jual buah pinggang sbb beban hutang dan hilang pekerjaan.

Yes and it only applies on normal circumstances. The purpose is to use them in the event of emergencies which is now. Semua dah nampak bayang2 nak dapat 10k.. asyukkkkkk 10% pada yg hilang pekerjaan 5% utk yg masih bekerja okay dah tuh...jgn pikir lama2 nnti makin botak kepala Why not allowed holder to withdraw the interest this year? Pay the interest earlier....

As CEO, its ur job to get higher profit and give higher dividen With higher dividen, the ppl can use it as their additional income Thats my money. I should be allow to touch it. You are the one i appoint to keep it safe. How about you dont talk about whats mine. KWSPMalaysia CEO is busy looking at B-A-U, EPF's exposures & commitments. What's the point for a 40 or 50 something keeps all EPF money but no job. There are at least 4 product line that we can develop for the goodness of all: EPF, Businesses, Banks & contributors tokmatn9

1. It's our hard earn money 2. It's RM10k not all of it 3. What future? If now already no money for food, for rent, doctor fees & utilities, plus paying back bank loans you expect there will still be a future? Takot bonus org kwsp berkurang ker....sesungguhnya kami tgh susah dan ingin mengambil hak kami sendiri shj😏

Why talk about future like there is one? When you get CEO who comes from rich family When you get MOF who comes from lagi richer family And a lame duck PM who thinks darurat was good Woiii fuckers!!! This is NOT ordinary times lah cibai. Kau faham ke tak orang punya susah?! Come up with a formula to wdraw from ac1!!🤬

Bisss please STFU it's my money my choice...i have many things to pays .u don't sit at our chair 💺.. its not his fuckin decision innit Why not? It's our fucking money. Not yours 'CEO'. So biar org yg mencarum tu mampoh tok make? Bercera bera sebab takdo pitih? Demo sene lah ghoyak. Pitih ado seguni lagi dlm bank

yeah.. let people save for future.. but be bancrupt now.. good thinking That is our own money, moron. Only RM10K or any reasonable percentage of acc 1 of EPF, whichever is higher. I think do not rule out completely hayati Kerajaan PeNipu What the purpose of account 1? Belanjawan nanti jngn luluskan saja. Nak bayar gaji buta 70+ menteri, tapi rakyat ramai dh rakda kerja. Kurangkan kabinet dlu, dn sediakan insensif unemployment mcm di Jepun bagi mereka yng kehilangan kerja. Biar juta2 tu guna untuk rakyat dn bukannya menteri takda kerja.

Say what you want, if the backdoor government says otherwise people will do it. Sorry, but the current government does not concern every aspects like that. How did he become CEO? Everybody who can withdraw frm account 1 WILL withdraw cos govt now is not the govt we chose Any better suggestions ? That’s why many2 economists, politicians, others have advised the govt to provide stimulus to SMEs & businesses so that they can continue to provide jobs to the people.

if for future this is the future now why we need to use the money to ease our burden No thanks to Zafrul. Our moneyyyyyy So please tell us Dear CEO where do we get the money from to put food on the table for our family? Pls declare the funds available in the acc 1. Just for assurance. We don’t trust the gov. We worry that they have dipped their hands into it.

They only coffer left for the gov to bargain for more projects. Epf money. Once its empty, gov will be helpless. We are saving for a rainy day. Been having heavy rain for the last 7 months... sembang macam duit sendiri Pecat Dia budak penyusah rakyat then allow us to withdraw more on our account 2. why so hard... we need support and that is from our own money.

Wow dont touch...duit epf ni sapa yg carum? Easy for you to say. You have your job and salary. You don't understand the hardship of the people who are unemployed and have to put food on the table. CEOs definitely not in need of any monetary help , not us mate . We need every single cent we can get from anywhere possible

Let’s start a Rakyaat petition to remove this TuanCEO that has no respect to the Rakyaat 👍👍👍 Another clear failure of PM8 Government... TuanCEO. Please know your place when addressing your Shareholders Rakyaat Malaysia. period Ke sebenarnya on paper je duit yg sbnrnya xde 😜 Saving for what.. For ours future. Now people suffering there needs some money to move on in crisis covid19 and economic not stability for now. Not all amount in acc no 1 can disburse just little big only and just one-off payment max 10k only and depend to pencarum lor

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Quit if you cant understand. isu dia sekarang nih duit tuee ada dak? kaa atas kertas jer nampak ada Yes.under normal circumstances. But under Covid what do you do when many employed becomes unemployed n has to put food on d table for his family. Many in B40 category are facing dis predicament. Better to manage Account 1 withdrawals in a phased manner with min/max thresholds.🙏

Bising pulak hanat ni! Why? Its not your money Do exactly opposite of what he suggests. Adakah beliau berjaya mengalahkan benchmark pencapaian kwsp masa zaman DSN dahulu? Kalau masih tidak berjaya... Tolong Jangan sembang kasi bimbang DSN pemegang history pencapaian ckp cap 10k kalau nk sgt. Then jangan bagi keluar akaun 1 untuk pelaburan unit amanah...berapa persen yang untung dari pelaburan unit amanah dari akaun 1 kwsp tu?

So duit tu ada or tiada? Bayang2 shj? 10k bukan masalah pun Bg je la x lebih 50% dr baki sedia ada. Atau RM10K max. Do you think people’s are stupid !!!

Gov't not keen on allowing EPF Account 1 withdrawals | New Straits TimesNSTnation Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said EPF savings are meant to ensure the future wellbeing and financial security of contributors. EPF Withdrawals AccountOne Government How about contributors well being now? MuhyiddinYassin . Ever thought about the current wellbeing? People need the money to survive now.

Allowing withdrawals from EPF Account 1 will harm contributors, says PMHe says such calls are being made now due to problems brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and the government will try to help the people. FMTNews Account1 EPF Be frugal? What the hell is he on about? Totally out of touch with the people on the ground. A true blue 'Orang Kayangan'. People want to dip into their EPF account because they are desperate. HCQ can provide some help

Make use of existing government assistance, says EPF | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Accessing their hard-earned savings in Account 1 should not be the only way for contributors of the Employees Provident Fund ( EPF ) to obtain cash in order to get through these very difficult times.

EPF members urged to make use of retirement advisory service | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — The Employees Provident Fund ( EPF ) is urging members to make an appointment with its Retirement Advisory Service (RAS) officers to help plan their finances, which can take into account all forms of assistance available and tide them through current tough times. In a...

UN study shows almost half of breadwinners among KL’s poor do not have EPF or Socso coverage | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — A recent survey of the capital city’s poorest communities found that about 45 per cent of those heads of households who are working do not have Employees Provident Fund ( EPF ) or Social Security Organisation (Socso) coverage.  Of this number, 41 per cent said they had... I guess the ones with EPF will have only a small balance.If they draw down will limit their opportunity to use savings for other more urgent needs in future. Gov shud instead help these individuals with some financial assistance. mkula Ones got to re-evaluate the ‘Why in KL’ and ‘Why retirees preferred outside of KL’ ? A Ringgit in KL might equivalent to 30% of its value compare to 60% outside of KL and you most probably need to work double hard to match the value of outside KL. UN study... what is the government going to do about this? Short term plans? Long term plans? Where is the top level Government Council to tackle this predicament? Not only for KL's poor but for every needy and at-risk families in every State...

Gov't not keen on allowing EPF Account 1 withdrawals | New Straits TimesNSTnation Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said EPF savings are meant to ensure the future wellbeing and financial security of contributors. EPF Withdrawals AccountOne Government How about contributors well being now? MuhyiddinYassin . Ever thought about the current wellbeing? People need the money to survive now.