DAP slammed for rejecting Dr M's non-partisan govt proposal

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PPBM’s Redzuan Yusof says the party has shown it was insincere in its initial declaration of support for Mahathir

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PPBM ’s Redzuan Yusof says the party has shown it was insincere in its initial declaration of support for Mahathir FMTNews DrMahathirMohammad RedzuanYusof PPBM

PPBM ’s Redzuan Yusof says the party has shown it was insincere in its initial declaration of support for Mahathir

DAP slammed for rejecting Dr M’s non-partisan govt proposal By - February 27, 2020 8:05 AM Redzuan Yusof says he is not sure of being part of future Cabinet under a unity government. PETALING JAYA: A senior PPBM leader has denounced DAP for its rejection of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s proposal to form a non-partisan government. Referring to a DAP statement quoted by Bakri MP Yeo Bee Yin in a Facebook posting, PPBM Supreme Council member Redzuan Yusof told FMT the party had shown that it was insincere in its initial declaration of support for Mahathir after the attempted overthrow of the Pakatan Harapan government. “If you say you support and trust the Tun to be the prime minister, then you must trust his judgment,” he said. Yeo said her party was rejecting the idea of a unity government because it meant that Mahathir could decide on the composition of the federal Cabinet without consulting any party. Redzuan said the establishment of a unity government was aimed at ensuring that Mahathir could choose from the most capable MPs to be part of an administration that could improve the economy and overcome such challenges as the Covid-19 outbreak. “The unity government is not about DAP or PPBM or Yeo or myself,” he said. “It’s about what’s best for the nation.” He said Mahathir should be given the support he would need if he was reappointed prime minister. “The composition of the Cabinet is the prime minister’s prerogative. “I myself am not guaranteed to be appointed back to the Cabinet under a unity government, but that’s not important. What is important is that the Tun is not constrained or inhibited in administrating the country.” Redzuan claimed that Pakatan Harapan won the last general election only because the people trusted Mahathir and wanted him to lead the nation. He alleged that DAP was refusing to consider what was most important for the country. Mahathir, in his role as interim prime minister, said yesterday that he believed a solution to the current political crisis was in the forming of a government free of partisan politics. Mahathir said many politicians and political parties were so focused on politics that they had forgotten the country was facing economic challenges and also faced with a public health crisis. He asked to be given the chance to form an administration that would not side with any party and instead focus on the country’s interests. Subscribe to our newsletter and get news delivered to your mailbox. Read more: Free Malaysia Today

Politician with no principle. Naik je la kete tubang tu, gi lah mn2 planet yg nk terima yb. Dpd awal2 mmg yb & geng rancang spya berakhir begini. eddydaud officialpakwan kau dgn kereta terbang kau boleh lingkup bomokebaa terbaik He can fly his cars Only slammed DAP, what about PKR Amanah Umno PAS? No b..ls

Soon Redzuan will become backbencher redzuan celaka. ppbm yang keluar pakatan sekali dengan geng azmin untuk kerjasama dengan umno pas. kau yang runtuhkan kerajaan pakatan bawah tun M. jenis celaka... puak dia sendiri buat punya tahi, orang lain pulak dipersalahkan. You walk out of PH or the Rakyat mandate sincerely and PH didn't support a unity government after you left is insincere. WTF are you tokoking

officialpakwan menteri bodoh. Kat bhgn pn boleh kalah..kereta pn xterbang2 lg..baik u saja la terbang & jgn kembali. Finding scapegoat after Bersatu's own departure from PH failed to form gomen.

PAS konsisten bentuk kerajaan tanpa DAPpembentukan kerajaan baru, ia mesti dibentuk tanpa penglibatan DAP yang merupakan ancaman kepada keharmonian dan kestabilan negara. pas can puss off ! We dont want DAP. Also PAS. So.... Jika Dap dlm pentakbiran negara. BerAMANAH BERINTREGITI adakah BURUK or Baik... Compare rakan yg telah 62 tahun memerintah.. Adakah file Penyelewangan akan d Kecuali kan..

Who u turn first? There was a consensus on Friday for him to continue as PM, y resign and later refused to be PM for PH ? Tak siaplah projek kereta terbang When you point 1 finger at DAP, the balance 4 points at YOU! Picking on DAP when three parties were involved Bising la juara kereta terbang ni.... menteri paling tak perform tu dia sedar ke tak?

Look at your backside first b4 talking about others. Because MAHATHIR abundance them without showing up for a very important meeting. Ppbm is the real crooks working with corrupt umno n pas Most Stupid Flying Minister.. Your flying car is shit, just like your party.

DAP assemblyman among 8 more freed of LTTE-linked chargesProsecution tells courts they do not wish to proceed with the cases. FMTNews DAP LTTE

The whole mess was created by your own party for own self interest of the President. It was make worst by the 11 who walked out of PKR. Those who were in this completely forgotten what we fought for in GE14 when you decided to work with crooks. Starting the nonsense again. Never ends. Always lookung for upper hand. All of them give politics a bad name.

Don't slam people for not agreeing to make them look bad. Should sue this pig. No one slams tunm when he isnt keeping his promise to hand over pm position to anwar By now ther should b no more issue on who does n dont supports atuk as PM, our Agong alredy accepted his resignation n he is no longer fit to talk or suggest new coalition to form a govt

Flying car is sincerity to Rakyat? DAP became greedy.. They are no difference from the rest! now this Flying Car Minister really go to FLY KITE !! Flying car fler , why single out DAP when other parties did the exact same thing, even some in PPBM? Isn't the country split enough by you self serving politicians?

go n fly kite/car lah Kaki 'cakap x serupa bikin'. Pendekkata, hipokrat.

Amanah, DAP leaders arrive at PKR HQ for Pakatan meeting after Cabinet dissolves | Malay MailPETALING JAYA, Feb 25 — Several leaders from Amanah and DAP have arrived at the PKR headquarters in Merchant Square here for a Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition meeting following the collapse of the federal government yesterday. Amanah president Mohamad Sabu arrived a little before 5pm; his...

Target DAP again, see the game plan. Why snip out the whole story. Tak boleh pilih certain sections of the whole episode & make it into his own version of a different story. Lucky everyone knows the truth & many not stupid like him Then tak perlula buat pru... Hanya pilih PM saja...fly kite la bro... cc imokman

No point being somebody's mouth piece & kaki bodek. Ppl like u don't hv principle & want judge. WTF Redzuan is making Mahathir a dictator not considering the Rakyat that elected the party into power. Not necessary to have election in the future! Racist like Redzuan Yusof are the reason why the country is in chaos today, he blames DAP, did he ask if Pas was agreeable to including DAP in the unity government? Is he too dumb enough to know that Mahathir had resign? PKR and Amanah too have withdrawn support for Mahathir.

Dia ni asal bukak mulut je, malapetaka.... Don’t listen to Bersatu anymore. They are traitors bringing down a legitimate elected govt ouch 🤕 apamacam macam macam What happened to his flying f'%k....i mean flying car project

PKR, DAP dan Amanah sepakat pilihan raya membazir | The Malaysian InsightKhalid Samad berkata mesyuarat Majlis Presiden PH tidak membincangkan langsung mengenai perkara itu. Membazir ka takut hilang title YB...sblm ni puak2 kau juga yg duk meracau desak Tun undur, bila dah tercyduk kau jilat balik kaki org tua tu dgn pengembala PAN pun tercyduk Lebih baik belanjakan wang untuk PRU drpd gunakan wang rakyat bayar gaji menteri2 yang gagal membangunkan ekonomi negara dan memakmurkan rakyat, asyik nak mencukai dan menyaman rakyat, dan enjoy sakan menjual segala aset dan kekayaan negara, termasuk aset umat Islam dalam TH. takut ka? bukan semalam kata jangan khianat amanah rakyat ka

Flying car Starting to demonize dap. What about your own party's sincerity? At least they did not cause the government to collapse You also in sincere, join TDM’s PPBM, surely at one time lompat from umno. Then keluar PH. Have you shown sincerity yourself? What about PAS saying can as long as no DAP? I think you should worry about your party’s direction before talking about others....

You lost to a lady, an ex UMNO member who defected to Bersatu, so shut up. Baru kalah ketua bahagian kan? menteri bodoh cakap kosong A mosquito party given the lion share of the loots and now talking rots. Where is your sincerity? U yg bodoh

PKR, DAP and Amanah see fresh polls as waste of funds | The Malaysian InsightKhalid Abdul Samad says matter not even discussed at tonight’s Pakatan presidential council meeting. ,z Soal masa depan negara kau anggap waste. Projek mengarut sesuka hati tak waste pulak?

Parti lain tak support tapi tak kena pulak tapi yang selama ni byk kejayaan DAP yg buat keja, tak nampak pulak. doublestandard Dapp is Bootless and foredoomed party! Any statement being issued by this flying-car dumbfuck should be taken the same way when we have a tummy upset and sit on a toilet bowl!

Did you think they were sincere? Wow. Talk about being gullible.

Pemimpin DAP dakwa Azmin tamak, egoistik dan tiada integritiP Ramasamy menyelar Azmin Ali berhubung pembabitannya dalam rundingan dengan ahli Parlimen Umno pada Ahad lalu. FMTNews PRamasamy AzminAli Possibly a Hero to end the empty promises by PH AzminAli just saying dear YB Ramasamy, u forget to add in one more thing... si kitol AzminAli Mat semburit si kitol AzminAli memang tamak dan pentingkan perut sendiri. Utk rakyat konon puiii

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