Bersatu Youth up in arms over beer factory operating during MCO

Bersatu Youth up in arms over beer factory operating during MCO

5/4/2020 5:36:00 PM

Bersatu Youth up in arms over beer factory operating during MCO

CORONAVIRUS | This after the approval letter from ministry to Heineken Malaysia went viral on social media.

Bersatu Youth information chief Ulya Aqamah Husamudin (above

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Breastfeed is the best, natural and wholesome too. :D How about stopping sugared drinks too? Duhh IsmailSabri60 Matter is settled. NO more operating. Lets move on and focus on COVID 19. Who gave the go ahead? Chinese? It's forbidden to the Muslims only but others are free to consume the same. sudehh jgn nk talam empat muka. masa uol dlm kerejean, ade ckp psl beer once kau cakap, tros kene gam dgn Dapigs, apa hal korang gemuk hitam?

PM is from ur party just whassapp him la PAS senyap je Instead of invoking R&R, these guys should thank the govt for allowing the factories to operate, thus averting job losses. Instead tgey should ask the govt to allow more low risk shops to do business such as Makcik Baidah Nasi Lemak, Bengkel Kereta Wee Siong & Vanan Cendol.

Beer is for kafir.....yg bukan kafir....jangan kacau......cheers What's PAS doing? They should be responsible. Haha holy konon. Tak orang suruh awak minum lah biol. Hypocrit among hypocrits. New barking dog. Sendiwara shj PAS jgn jadi BACUL ! Sila keluar kenyataan At least work still goes on & less unemployment 👍

PAS no event object it. they just want their sit and salary. PAS in government now another story to tell. Gaduh² . Syok tgk pasukan pengkhianat kena hentam Heineken just want to brew. What's with all these noises? If they don't operate, how are they going to give money to your Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs who got themselves appointed as PM and Ministers by the Agong so that they can throw money to their running dogs. That's why they are operating. Whose fault? Your fault.

The issue here is not whether the move is right or wrong... it just shows that how this Melayu Islam Government deceives the Malay & Muslim voters ... to PN, everything is just self creation, self interest, self seeking ... i thought bersatu got the most number of minister and pm also from bersatu? 🤭

Give him a few beers and he will jump with joy!!! kito negaro majmuk pelbagai bangsa,kena paham tu,ho ho ho korok mu tukar dalil,hidup isle isle isle isle,celaka DAP ini salah DAP,arak kena ada belaka Hahaha kena bola tanggung kali ni Bersatu approval given by their belakang masuk coalition what’s to complain

Mind your business 😂 Pancing ikan bukan essential service. Arak essential? What to do...keluar mulut buaya...msuk plak mulut harimau...hari2 mau laa Wth! Focus on more important issue lah..dumbass Lobakman Number 2. Let’s see how long before this mad dog also get expelled from his party. Semua orangg nak cari untung dalam berbisnes

Tak payah drama lah woi May God Cursed be on one who approved them !! May God Cursed be on one who approved them !! behavior exactly same as Umno Youth. It has to operate, necessity. =p Kelakar betul president suruh operasi pemuda bantah apa punya parti ini

Ministry grants Heineken permission to operate during MCOCORONAVIRUS | The alcoholic beverages producer is considered a food supply operator and can therefore operate. Syukuuuurrrr Stock jangan yah.. Hmmmmm PAS what say u

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Agricultural, fisheries sector to operate normally during MCONSTnation All agricultural and fisheries product supply chains are allowed to operate as usual. Covid19 Coronavirus MCO MovementControlOrder

Govt: Ramadan bazaars to depend on post-MCO guidelinesPUTRAJAYA: A standard operating procedure for post-movement control order (MCO) will be established which will, among others, determine if Ramadan bazaars can operate, says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. GLHF

MCO: New operating hours for Perak wholesale markets from tomorrow | Malay MailIPOH, April 5 — The Perak government has fixed new operating hours for wholesale markets in the state during the second phase of movement control order (MCO) until April 14. Perak state secretary Datuk Ahmad Suaidi Abdul Rahim said the new operating hours, effective tomorrow, for wet food items...