Ministry grants Heineken permission to operate during MCO

Ministry grants Heineken permission to operate during MCO

5/4/2020 4:13:00 PM

Ministry grants Heineken permission to operate during MCO

CORONAVIRUS | The alcoholic beverages producer is considered a food supply operator and can therefore operate.

-CORONAVIRUS | Heineken Malaysia Bhd has been granted permission to operate during the movement control order (MCO).This is after the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, in a letter to Heineken sighted byMalaysiakini Read more: »

Tutup je Is it very important now? Apaaaa citaa UMNO PAS lebai semua.. ini ke perjuangan islam?.. puak2 yg bising salah Dap dulu maneee? dah mati kutu ke Hahaha minister already revoked letter issued by a KSU who was DAP appointed doggie Minum Taikneken rakyat hilang stress kot. LOL. Such a stupid action. Anjg!!!!!!

Dah di batalkan. Issue teknikal All food & drinks based product should be considered essential. Plus with the factory reopened, people can start working again, and get income to support their families during this tough time Dah batal la wahai portal PHitnah. Latest update kau taknak up pulak areepabdrahim

PAS is holding a meeting now to brainstorm how to pin it on DAP. It's all about economics and revenue regardless which gov is running the show. You can't run the country just crying out to someone above and without taxable revenues down here 👍 Wonder how come these clowns not blaming DAP. Every damn thing became salah DAP. Ni pulak salah siapa? I love a beer or 2 from time to time, but it's def NOT an essential product. Mana si lebai PAS ni sekarang? Guna duit cukai beer utk sponsor someone to Middle East ah?

I hope beer drinkers drink more during the pandemic. It helps beer companies to generate more revenue. In turn , those companies pay more taxes. This helps a bit in in increasing govt funds for economic stimulus pkg. NO Essential Service? chatime open no issue but heineken open got issue? What ? Essential ? Crazy

Ministry in good will ask the Rakyat to enjoy Heineken since no more Punishment Statement from Hadi/ PAS during Covid 19, haha....... Should talk to Hadi, no more punishment statement and we all still can enjoy Heineken. Haha........ During good times people drink...during tough times people drink. In essence, an essential item. Hahaha...macam2 dunia nih 🤣

Beer's an essential item? For approving must have been smokin' some good stuff, brah. lepas ni lebai2 ni boleh buka kedai nombor ekor pulak....essential services tu... They pay cukai dosa. But who benefit from cukai dosa tu. Pas bayar zakat bukan cukai. Cash keeps Malaysia alive To supply the DAPIG drunks ofcourse. Should it close these mobs will start to bark

umnoonline perikatan_my this is the Malay-Islam Government Now only I know ... all the noise made previously is just wayang, u earn ZERO respect from people. U misuse the religion! Macai² sekalian kena kuarantin dlm gua ke minum heinekan bersama dedak? 🤭 PN: We had appointed the new envoy to middle east as par as Minister. Now we need additional revenue from taxes for his salary and his operational expenses. Ok, let's take it from Heineken

Warna sama, tu yang boleh kot 🤣🤣 DAP followers need their arak if not mereka bagai anjing gila menyalak tak tentu pasal. Jgn silap faham tuan puan, kali ini Heineken pastikan beer nyer Halal...konfem dan boleh digunakan sbg sanitizer jika perlu. Utk pastikan betul2 efektif, dptkan paling minima 12 botol sehari🍺🍻🥂🍾🍷🥃🍸

Kami Bantah!!!!!! teringat zaman2 dulu... Apa2 skit membantah jer... So skrg mcm mane...? 😂😂 its all about money.... cash is really the king... whether u like it or not.... so sad PASPusat Aik senyap je pulak ni Ini semua propaganda Malaysiakini. Babi pon still di jual lah.... Apa nak kecoh? drmazacom

Pas ape cerita ? Sembang kari good tax money? Mana PAS ni? Air tu boleh sembuhkan cov19 ke🤔🤔 Kampung fools tak protest ker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 NajibRazak abdulhadiawang Essential 🤣 May GOD CURSE YOU !! May GOD CURSE YOU !! May GOD CURSE YOU !! Alcohol Kills Germs, Bacteria and Viruses. Cheers. Ok la.. PAS nk tutup Carlsberg je.. Yg lain on je.. Kilang lain produce jus buah je tu..

This is very surprising... Eh? Salah pas jugak? Yang mtk nak operate ni mestilah non-muslim. Yang nak minum beer & takut stok habis masa MCO ni sure non muslim. Pas jugak yg salah aiyyoo 🤣 Lain la klw tajuknya : “Ministry grants permission for muslim to drink Heineken during MCO” Haa baru la melalak Waiting for PAS supporter to comment. Popcorn ready.

Malaysia kini ni DAPIG KAWAL.. BERITA FITNAH SEMUA KELUAR blame DAP! semua salah DAP ni. 🤣🤣 Give a comment please abdulhadiawang nikabduh takiyuddin61 PASPusat pemudaPASPUSAT harakahdaily Because if they don’t get this they will become brutal or suicidal...let them... Few counyries have banned alcohol sales during covid crisis. Malaysialockdown Malaysia Kerajaan islam pasumno ?

Alhamdulilah! God panjangkan lah umur Menteri yang kasi approval tu Probably they are going to produce alcohol based sanitisers? Rakyat desak KPDNKK menyatakan secara rasmi adakah benar apa yang dilaporkan? Jika benar, rakyat bantah!!!! Adakah minum arak dianggap essential services? Jika palsu, tindakan tegas mesti diambil ke atas penyebar berita bohong ini.

What has PAS got to say now?🤔 Here to see some whining and chest-thumping from the gorillas. Where are those who is saying syukur PAS is in government kilang Carlsberg tutup next day? Not only x tutup, Heineken is operating during MCO. All you dumb dumbs getting played like the sheep you are. Stay being herded you guys.

tunfaisal TunCarlos666 drfathulbari Tantawi100 harakahdailyHD drasyrafwajdi hmm ape ni? 🤔 After Heineken can please give a permission to KTM? (Kuda toto magnum ) 😂 mcm saja bikin panas je... Gud news ☺️ 🤦‍♂️ Mana pejuang2 agama.. Dah mati ke drmazacom xnak komen ke? maybe we lack of sanitizer in the market and this can be alternative to sanitizer with 5% Achl volume, its a 2 way business 😊

Money money money Rupanya arak ni produk paling penting bagi kerajaan Melayu Islam PASUMNO Hahahaha mana slogan Malaysia dikuasai DAP dlu, rupanya Malaysia dikuasai MCA kahkahkah Hahahahaha PAS! Saya sebagai orang bukan-Islam bersyukur dan berterimakasih kepada lebai2 ulama2 PASPusat yang membolehkan saya terus minum arak! TAKE BEER! TAKE BEER! Bottoms Up! Cheers! Ganbai! Ganbei!

Makes no sense. Beer isn’t an essential item during a pandemic. And I’m a beer drinker Heineken is very irresponsible. Fuc***ng hypocrite PAS ok can survive now PASPusat ade lagi ke korang PAS what say u Stock jangan yah.. Hmmmmm Syukuuuurrrr

57% increase in domestic violence calls during MCO not true, ministry refutes reportPETALING JAYA: The Women and Family Development Ministry has refuted news reports claiming that domestic violence saw a 57% increase during the movement control order (MCO) period, claiming the figure was untrue. its 75% ? I think not mucht people believe in the minstry with that kind of minister there

Women's ministry denies rise in domestic abuse during MCOIt says the percentage increase in calls covers all categories and not only domestic abuse cases. Rise of the planet of the Doraemons. What's their proof to deny?

24 arrested for buying nasi lemak in wee hours of morningPolice say the 2 traders have also violated MCO laws by operating beyond the permitted hours. FMTNews MCO Covid19

Parents, please pay full amount despite MCO, pleads Sabah’s kindy associationKOTA KINABALU: Kindergarten operators are appealing to parents to pay full fees despite the movement control order (MCO), so that these centres can continue operating when the MCO is lifted. Be considerate la.. never teach also wanna ask pay full amount ah.. at least if asked to pay subsidized amount also, acceptable la.. now not the time to make profit bruder Extremely no fair. Without service provided it is no fair to ask parents to pay the fees! This is the business, kindy operators should consider any sudden crisis to prevent closed down. I would definitely stand by parents point of view My son tuition center ask to pay full amount! And no single online teaching was given. How inconsiderate......

Agricultural, fisheries sector to operate normally during MCONSTnation All agricultural and fisheries product supply chains are allowed to operate as usual. Covid19 Coronavirus MCO MovementControlOrder

Govt: Ramadan bazaars to depend on post-MCO guidelinesPUTRAJAYA: A standard operating procedure for post-movement control order (MCO) will be established which will, among others, determine if Ramadan bazaars can operate, says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. GLHF