Analysts: Everyone understood what rulers meant, does the govt?

Reopening of Parliament proves to be difficult.

18/6/2021 9:06:00 AM

Analysts: Everyone understood what rulers meant, does the govt?

Reopening of Parliament proves to be difficult.

However, their choice to state "as soon as possible" left room for interpretation which the government will likely use to its advantage. Read more: »

Man who drove in reverse in Sandakan being probed for dangerous driving

KOTA KINABALU: Police are investigating a 44-year-old man after a video of him driving his four-wheel-drive vehicle in reverse through the streets of Sandakan town on Sunday (July 25) went viral.

👍 Selangor assembly meet is proposed for September. Sad this Mahiaddin wanna stay as PM as long as possible. Looks like its nothing wrong for him to go against the wishes of the sultan? MPs 100% vaccinated and can send delegation to Turkey and Egypt, but can't meet other MPs in Parliament. Sad They don’t even understand high school statistics

Everyone has own interpretation, Mkini together with the desperados have their own. Tersangat Faham !! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ce tanya takiyuddin61 dia sorang je ada pemahaman lain ye dok MuhyiddinYassin ? Buat bodoh SOP dia org?

Where does speaker and his deputies stand on opening Parliament?Azhar says govt's projection 'rational', Rashid thanks rulers while Azalina asks if we're facing 'constitutional crisis'. It obviously stands wherever their job is most secure. At least one of them has the dignity to challenge the stupidity.

😢😢😢rip😢😢😢😢 This Govt operates on a Zero F*cks given policy. They give zero f*cks about the rakyat and well.. now even the rulers. Cause official release … govt only said ‘Noted’, tats all we have. I feel its the other way round. Everyone do not understand what the rulers meant. The Govt. understood what the rulers meant, simply because both parties understood the national situations like no other.

cannot do, if do lose power. agenda belum siap bahhh They understand, but they dont want to lose the perks…… good example dArtist have come out in true colour as an Art Articulating an Articulation….. After only warga marhaen will suffer. But I m sure covid is blind even warga kayangan will be impacted….

Pas-Umno-Bersatu-PN-MN-BN-PH++ politicians are hijacking Malaysia from the MRRM and their Rakyat. Rakyat must defend the MRRM to ensure Malaysia doesn't become a mafia state. Tengku Razaleigh said it best, 'Mahyudin ni Pemalas'. Moidin was his deputy when Ku Li was Minister of Trade. ' Pemalas' is a polite word for Actually saying All of these; 'Bodoh, Lembab, Tak follow thro Words w Actions, Tak Kesah, No Empathy'

I am sure they know what it meant. They just don't want to abide for fear of losing their positions. There're constitutional limitations as though.

Kit Siang warns of constitutional crisis if govt fails to heed rulers’ advice | The Malaysian InsightDAP lawmaker says the cabinet should focus on winning the war against Covid-19.

Muhammad Qasim has been shown in his blessed dreams that Pakistani Army, Navy & Airforce will play a vital role in protecting Islam from its enemies.Visit for more Ketuk satu buat satu...sampai bila ni? Kurangkan la bercakapnya...buat terus Pretending....i think it is best way Govt Dulu YDPA jumpa Muhyiddin, sekarang yg jumpa Mahiaddin ……mestila tafsiran berbeza

Kalau dah suka pilih pemimpin suka buat tak tau, what do you expect? Kan tuh kelebihan dorang. As soon as possible means 3 months to the govt.

YOURSAY | Hisham, look into the mirror when you utter ‘hijack’YOURSAY | ‘You have no right to ask other MPs not to hijack back the govt from PN.’ Dia ni tak tahu malu. When this guy start talking, we can smell shit come out from his mouth. Just abolish DAP and Malaysiakini,all will be ok.

Malay rulers arrive at Istana Negara | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: The Malay rulers have arrived at Istana Negara for today’s Special Discussion with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Mustafa Billah Shah.

Putrajaya seen as reluctant to obey royal callAnalysts question apparent unwillingness to end emergency and convene Parliament. FMTNews Agong Parliament Mungkin semua sedang bercamping di rumah Abah Mahiaddin to strategise lockup Dewan parlimen lah tu

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