Daily new cases stay below 6,000, recovery rate nearly 90 pct

Daily new cases stay below 6,000, recovery rate nearly 90 pct

18/6/2021 8:58:00 AM

Daily new cases stay below 6,000, recovery rate nearly 90 pct

Selangor continues to chalk up the highest number of new cases.

New Covid-19 cases reported daily over this week have remained under 6,000 while the recovery rate is nearing 90 percent. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

First batch of tourists arrives in Langkawi under travel bubble

LANGKAWI: Malaysia Airlines flight MH1432, carrying the first batch of fully-vaccinated tourists from Kuala Lumpur, landed safely at Langkawi International Airport here at about 10.40am on Thursday (Sept 16).

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Factory fined RM20,000KULAI: A bicycle spare parts manufacturing factory in Senai here has been slapped with a RM20,000 compound and ordered to shut down for one week for violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) by allowing more than 60% of their workers to be at the factory at the same time. I can't understand how bicycle spare parts factory is essential. That's why the work cluster remains biggest contributor to our cases.

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4 ahli geng 36 dituduh samun RM500,000Semua mereka dituduh melakukan rompak berkumpulan dengan bersenjatakan sebilah parang terhadap mangsa Lee See Kiat, 54. FMTNews

32 individu main badminton dikompaun RM48,000 | Harian Metrojohorbahru Ketua Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Utara, Asisten Komisioner Rupiah Abd Wahid berkata, pihaknya turut mengenakan kompaun RM2,000 ke atas pemilik dewan badminton terbabit, ketika serbuan pada 5.35 petang kelmarin.

OKU Sentral drive-through PPV to boost capacity to 40, 000 shots in five monthsKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Forty thousand persons with disabilities would be able to be vaccinated through the OKU Sentral National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Drive-Through Vaccination Centre (PPV) in the next five months, more than doubling the initial total target recipients of 13, 500.