Amanah leader: Malaysia's abstention on Uyghur vote 'shameful'

7/10/2022 8:45:00 AM

Amanah leader: Malaysia's abstention on Uyghur vote 'shameful'

Amanah leader: Malaysia's abstention on Uyghur vote 'shameful'

Raja Bahrin wants to know position of special envoy to Middle East.


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Badut gemuk yang sedang trending skrg kat Malaysia ni. Function takde, tapi mulut celopar. HRHJohorII UNCHR in Malaysia settel first. Lot of chaos already in Malaysia Shop closed .. . For Ugyhur agendas has been stop and foundation propaganda starts to Iran .. . For now Propaganda foundation to Iran .. .

Whilst UMNO and their ilks will readily use race and religion in a deceitful manner to gain support from voters, they really don't give a damn when it comes to the plight of the Muslim Uyghurs. A bunch of hypocrites! Hai mana Pas, Umno Dan NGO Islam yg kata berjuang utk Islam.? Utterly shameful & disguster. Shame on u Malaysia!

Its call diplomatic, to vote against China at this issue at this time will harm Malaysia more. It's OK Malaysia has not shame! Too many brainwashed by US mainstream media and too lazy to do their own independent research. Facts on the ground is China invested billions to improve the lives of the real Uyghur community. Are we still so gullible in this social media age to fall for dishonest US propagandas?

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Amanah leader is shameful when he did not go to Xinjiang to see for himself and made false accusation. We watch evil being done, next time we are wronged other people will do the same. I would thought Malaysia would be on the Uyghur's side. How disappointing. At this current point of time, I am ashamed to say that Malaysia is as shameful and shameless as it's ever been!

PretamSharan Shameful Disgusting and disgraceful! Under kerajaan Meleis Isley with 'tok guru' big turban long robe as special envoy, fight for ummah is merely warong talks The Uyghur issue is manufactured by the West to smear China. As a Malaysian living in China for almost 20 years, I always bring my Muslim friends from Malaysia to visit kindergarten, mosques and places run by Chinese Muslims in China. Every university has a Muslim canteen.

Dont make a fool out of yrself for political gains. I always remember so many Malaysian Muslim was so proud to go to Xinjiang for tour and whatnots. Dont raise issues for political gain blankly Everything is shameful here🤬🤬

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It’s beyond shameful, it’s pathetic. China is HishammuddinH2O brother mah! KerajaanGagal IsmailSabri60 MalaysiaPMO 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ The Amanah leader needs to talk with his brothers in the OIC who has sent a fact-finding delegation to Xinjiang to know the real situation, and not blindly be an American pawn

Keputusan bela diri atau bebas Syed Saddiq pada 28 Oktober | The Malaysian InsightIa babitkan empat pertuduhan bersubahat pecah amanah, salah guna harta dan pengubahan wang haram.

Malaysia abstains in UN vote on China's Muslim UyghursUN Human Rights Council voted 19-17 to reject debate, 11 abstained. Why? Sayang sgt kt bro China ni. Teruk Malaysia who would dare to bite the feeding hands here?