Ku Nan: Harapan binned many BN projects after winning GE14

7/10/2022 9:40:00 AM

'Be careful of these irresponsible people (Harapan).'

Ku Nan: Harapan binned many BN projects after winning GE14

'Be careful of these irresponsible people (Harapan).'

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More to bin after PRU 15! Otherwise more will be songlapped! Looking a little thinner these days So u r sad that the cut is lost? Ku nan still not in jail ? BN projects by letting go government land to developer at super cheap cost. Tak percaya, please check how many DBKL land looses 8n your tenure. At least they did not try to rob the country and fool the people

orang komisyen Owh income From a man with more than rm1 billion wealth Shows how many questionable projects BN generated? Haha maybe its all waste stuff kan

Zahid attends gathering with Johor BN reps, leadersJOHOR BAHRU: Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi attended a closed-door gathering with 40 Johor BN assemblymen here yester...

Binned 'your' projects, specifically So what? Typical BN dick move - the ridiculous Markups from companies that have zero experience to win the tenders, only to sub it out to others who do. So? Rubbish mah ... no benefit for rakyat Well as the saying goes, wastage should be binned just like U! It isn't that difficult to swallow, right?

The guy who is the key person who literally destroyed KL urban plans and traffic Sudah keluar suara... Umno is no longer relevant because they only want projects and make them rich and their family members rich. Job that can be done with the cost of 1 million become 100 milllions because of corruption and so many levels. Wasting tax payers money. Reject Umno this ge15

Ku Nan seems unsatisfied. Maybe PH have 'binned' his so called halal income as well.

Zahid attends closed-door meet with Johor BN reps, leadersJOHOR BARU: Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi attended a closed-door gathering with 40 Johor BN assemblymen here Wednesday (Oct 5) night.

Because all the projects are enriching BN members through under table fees by cronies that is going to fail to deliver. 1MDB & LCS speaks volume! It's ok. I can understand the frustrations when someone cut your 'pocket money'. TengkuAdnanReal Of course! All projects for ‘Fill my pockets’ of BN ministers. We were still in the process of spring cleaning when thieves came in the backdoor and sabo our work! ☺️ Imagine the thieves say we didn’t do our work in 22 mths?

Stupid projects you meant! You don't say!!!! Berdosa besar menipu rakyat ! Munafik In just 22 month, the 'irresponsible people' manage to identify billion ringgit scam projects. Wondering if they given full term, the one claims million ringgit valued as pocket money would be end up najib's partner in Kajang!

Prmbaxiran utk negara for a pagan that treated a RM2 million like pocket money, he can never understand what's poor means. and soon his roots will learn what that mean in their lives. Quantity or quality bro!

Guan Eng selar kenyataan 'biarlah rakyat marah' Saravanan | The Malaysian InsightPengerusi DAp berkata kenyataan menteri BN itu seolah-olah kerajaan tidak peduli kesusahan rakyat.

No progress will happen as long as we have KetuananMelayuIsley Malay-Islamic Supremacy must be be destroyed Malay privileges must be abolished RepealArticle153 from the constitution Amend article 15(1) & 15(3) AmendArticle15 Equality must be guaranteed to every citizen Projects that have questionable financials must be reviewed and/or binned. We must demand competence, accountability and integrity in managing our nation’s resources.

So sad because you cannot make more money from all those projects If the projects were not done properly why couldn't they be binned huh? Pls shut-up already. You are filthy rich. RM2m is pocket money to you. Do you really care for the ppl? Pls expire from politics & enjoy what's health left you have. Tetiba aje muncul kaki kelepet ini...

Pehh..ngeri kalau org2 mcm nie dapat balik kuasa.. tu yg korang sasau kan? Went into hiding. Knows what he has done, despite being acquitted. I thought this 🐊 is long gone. Yes… I personally support that because BN only knows how to “create” projects… how many projects created and yet not even commenced? Go fly kite la…

PM, presiden Umno sehaluan hadapi PRU15, kata Hishammuddin | The Malaysian InsightPemimpin parti dan pemimpin dalam kerajaan perlu rapatkan saf, jaga kawasan masing-masing, kata bendahari BN.

anthraxxx781 So u saying they should continue to let you steal from the country? Babi pemakan rasuah banyak bunyik lak nk vc bogel, cek my bio lah nk vc bogel, cek my bio lah.. Kesian dia ni, nampak macam tak cukup makan. Dah kebuluran. Jabba, you get away easily. If I were you, I shut my mouth. konanthe bribe-arian

Jabba speaks This Rascal must be thrown out from politics. Liability to his party and BN💯✔️ i feel disturbed juz by looking at his face ... 😏

COMMENT | Harapan should welcome GE15This election is a reckoning for Umno, Harapan and the voting demographic. GE15 at this season of flood is not about getting majority vote but minority turn-out as UMNO knows a lot of voters will not turn up!! what a coward!!!

Projects where klepto's where cashing in at the tax-payers expense.A shameless prepetrator always,I mean always speaks without any remorse what so ever..Deplorable state of a country when citizens r not well informed or not bothered enuf 2 take notice..rafiziramli NgaKorMing Hey Adnan You masih nak direct Nego ke ? Macam Asetkayamas ? Macam mana u dapat condo kat Pavilion ?

You mean PH managed to save billions of Ringgit from thieves Should have binned you too TengkuAdnanReal At highly inflated prices, clarification please. Coz only BN know how to do a lot of projects so they can sapu duit. They don't care about the development of society