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Coronavirus, Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont medics improvise to lift patients' spirits

Healthcare staff say the photos allow patients to see the person behind the mask

08/04/2020 15:29:00

Healthcare staff say the photos allow patients to see the person behind the mask

Doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin are sticking print-outs of their faces to their personal protective equipment ( PPE ).

"We want to provide the best possible environment for our patients," said consultant respiratory physician Dr Ross Morgan."We have been wearing PPE for a number of days now, but it obviously meant that our patients couldn't see our faces behind our masks.

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"So yesterday I took a photo on my phone, printed it out and we stuck it on. "The initial feedback from patients, seeing a face, was really positive. You could see the light in their eyes and it lifted their spirits, without a doubt."

The print-outs are being seen as an extension of the global #hellomynameis campaign, which encouraged healthcare staff to introduce themselves to patients.Dr Morgan explained that his team are treating patients "pre and post-ICU"."We have a particularly high burden of Covid-19 patients in our hospital," he said.

"But I can assure you that the efforts everyone on the outside is making with following the social distancing and stay at home guidelines are paying dividends." Read more: RTÉ News »

Great idea BrionyKidd Irish doctors and nurses. You rock. xxx Great idea, it's so important that the patients should feel they are being looked after by humans and not Robots. This is a realy brillant idea by these doctors. It just give a small bit of a personal touch to their patients. True legends all of them.

What a beautiful thing to do. Well done ♥️ treaty61 ☺️☺️☺️ Beaumont_Dublin have always gone above and beyond to support their patients- nothing but respect and admiration for all there. Well done Amazing Leo doesn’t look too happy on his first day back as a doctor. FergalBowers Doing a great job stay safe. We are all very proud of all the hard work that yous are doing

FergalBowers So proud!! Thank you all. Keep safe 🇮🇪 💚☘🙏 Well done. The NHS actually thought of it first. But that's irrelevant. FergalBowers Absolutely amazing idea. Sooo proud of our guys!!! Fabulous people. Be safe & well done. Lovely touch Just amazing, well done to all our heroes The PRIDE of our country🇮🇪💚💪🏻

THANK YOU 👏👍💪🇮🇪 Bravo 💜 Keep safe you legends Beautiful gesture ♥️ Heroes🇨🇮♥️ Great idea so thoughtful Such a great taught 💝 👏👏👏👏 Brilliant Brilliant idea! Well done must be very disconcerting for patients not to know who it is who is treating you 👏👏👏 idea put George Clooney on every males gown and Angelie Jolie on the may boost morale..I am Joking of course..A great idea and well done Staff!!! Heroes.

Excellent idea - will reduce fear & anxiety which can only assist with their recovery! Let’s hope as many as possible recover from this. Great work! Looks a bit creepy to be honest. 👏👏 hero’s Super idea

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