Remembering James E. Cruise, former director and CEO of the ROM

The late ROM director James E. Cruise lived a life in full bloom

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2022-01-23 1:41:00 PM

Remembering James E. Cruise, former director and CEO of the ROM StarTogether

The late ROM director James E. Cruise lived a life in full bloom

JOIN THE CONVERSATIONFrom the moment five-year-old James Cruise planted his first tree at his family’s farm in Marburg, Ont., he became passionate about plants.That farm – and thoseplants – became a running thread throughout Cruise’s life. He went on to become a professor of botany and a dean at the University of Toronto, and then CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum, where he once gave a personal tour to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Despite his achievements, the Cruise remained – like his field of study – down to earth, never straying far from his Marburg farm.

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