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Good News, Toddlers Hugging

Viral toddlers bring 'a little bit of hope' with hug on New York street

Viral video of toddlers hugging shows 'racism is taught', father says

12/09/2019 2:06:00 AM

Viral video of toddlers hugging shows 'racism is taught', father says

A viral video showing two toddlers embracing on a New York street has garnered global headlines because it is a symbol of hope, according to the father of one of the boys.

The clip of Maxwell, who is white, and Finnegan, who is black, has earned the praise of online audiencesMaxwell's father believes the video has gone viral because of racial issues around the worldHe says the clip shows that"hatred is taught"

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The clip, posted to Instagram by Michael Cisneros last week, shows his two-year-old son Maxwell running and hugging his best friend, Finnegan, after unexpectedly spotting him on the street.The vision of Maxwell, who is white, and Finnegan, who is black, has since been shared widely — something Mr Cisneros attributes to racial tensions.

"Honestly, I think it has gotten so big because of the race issue in our country and also around the world," he told CBSN New York."Racism is taught. Hatred is taught. These two boys don't see anything different within each other."

Mr Cisneros said the friendship, which blossomed when the boys' families met at a local restaurant about a year ago, showed they"love each other for who they are"."That's exactly how it should be," Mr Cisneros said."We just want to raise loving, caring boys, and I think the world likes to see a little bit of hope."

Mr Cisneros said the pair hug whenever they see one another, and Finnegan was Maxwell's"number one". Read more: ABC News »

Great video ABC ABC teaches racism Racism is as human as the mastery of fire *taught by people like those at the ABC who do little more than racebait 24/7. Not scientific design. Can change qith age. 9NewsAUS Racism is an overused word that has no longer meaning in the fast moving world of today. Leftists use it to exaggerate differences and create confrontations so they can get the vote of black communities.

Wait until they grow up Wtf?! Kids are the most racist people there are! They aren't taught it, they live it... proves nothing... Of course it is. No one's born hating. Yea especially by the ABC 'you have to be taught before it's too late before you are six or seven or eight to hate all the people your relatives hate you have to be carefully taught you have to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are differently made of people whose skin is a different shade...'

The ABC.. love the old racism line. Racism is thought or learned. My daughter knows that her friend was pulled off her bike by a group of abroigional girls. So does my white daughter cross the road when she sees a group of abroigional girls? my daughter racist? Since they are both boys, I’m surprised the ABC hasn’t claimed it’s a sexist video for not having equal representation of gender.

Never a truer word was spoken Your head is in the sand if you think kids don’t discriminate against each other in all kinds of ways - height, weight, hair colour, sport ability, it’s an animal trait we can work to minimize but not eliminate. we are hardwired for in-group/out-group as a survival instinct.

The 'Biological Bases of Prejudice' is a controversial topic and much of the commentary about it is more politics than science. This may be caused by the fact that much of psychology is not actually science as the recent replication crisis has demonstrated. More science required. Breaking news 🙄 This two little kids shows to all word we are all humans same red blood runs on us nombre if is white or black or brown or yellow we are humans and all live together on this world I hope mr trump see this and learn from two little angels we are humans and everyone are the same

On purpose to keep people divided . He’s wrong ! Racism is invented on purpose . When you have a racist as the president, there is not much hope these kids will ever grow up without it. TheMurdochTimes Absolutely racism is taught. Ya reckon Boys will be boys. They haven't been forced to take sides yet by the identity politik police of the left.

For sure bad behaviour is learned, but I also think the media constantly bringing it up as an issue has actually made it far worse as it seems to be making ppl take sides. In fact TBH it appears to be the main function of the media is to divide by race, gender, age. Why is that? This emotive moment proves nothing but that those two kids like each other. Let's not get carried away with generalisation although I tend to accept your premise but for other reasons.

You can say that again. in particular white men across both sides of the Atlantic should take notice. No the kids copy their parents actions I worked in the schools for 30 years and racism is taught in the home. There is no racism gene.

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