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Matthew Follett, Unvaccinated Nurses

Unvaxxed nurses take Monash Health to court in bid to stop sacking

A group of unvaccinated nurses has taken one of Victoria’s biggest health services to court in a bid to prevent their sacking.

22/10/2021 11:00:00 AM

A group of unvaccinated nurses has taken one of Victoria ’s biggest health services to court in a bid to prevent their sacking.

A group of unvaccinated nurses has taken one of Victoria ’s largest health services to court in a bid to prevent their sacking for not getting a Covid-19 jab.

Under orders from the Victorian Government, healthcare workers are required to show proof they have received their first dose to attend work.A group of unvaccinated nurses facing potential termination by Monash Health has asked the Federal Court to intervene on the decision.

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Barrister Nick Ferrett QC, acting for the group of nurses, told the court at least two people had been spoken to concerning disciplinary proceedings.“They’ve been threatened with termination if they discuss it with anyone other than a very limited class,” Mr Ferrett said.

But Matthew Follett, acting for Monash Health, said there was no intention to terminate anyone’s employment today.A lawyer for Monash Health told the Federal Court on Friday a decision on the action was not going to happen today.Mr Follett said the organisation had asked the nurses to speak to them about their circumstances but they had not co-operated.

The court was told Monash Health was following a process to ensure its staff were vaccinated.While Monash Health had not said what the final outcome would be, Mr Follett said one possible result may be termination.The matter has been adjourned to November 1 for a hearing.


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'This is unbelievable'

Sorry. That must be vaccinated No vaccine, no working as a nurse. I can tell you that if I caught covid from a nurse, I would sue her and the hospital that hired her. It is sickening that they should be allowed to take legal action for their ignorance and stupidity. No one wants them. Get rid of them all.

How rude for people to dictate what should be done to other individuals and their rights. Maybe they know more, of course they would be fully protected and not want to get it and most likely they don’t want to concede to a govt who mandates vaccines that are still experimental. And the nurses you’d think know it and don’t want it injected in her body. If you want the jab you take it. But it’s in your body not theirs. And then remember the number of deaths. Less than cancer, mental health.

No Jab, No job. simple What a load of crap! Any nurse not getting a vaccine needs to be out of a job! They've done perfectly fine without it.... I love nurses (hell I married one) & I respect carers & medical staff but when a small but kooky bunch put my life, my families lives & other lives in danger...well...

probably shouldn’t be in health care. they should know better.. time to move onto your next career where your not putting people at risk Disagree if the nurses are not vaccinated they should be sacked. No jab no job. unless nurse has legitimate medical reason then there is NO reason at all. And yet they’ve already got all of the below vaccines? Fools !

Who wants a nurse who isn’t willing to act in the greater good

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Time for a new career. Leave healthcare to others, please. Who will pay the legal fees ?

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