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Awkward Genital Debate, Family Guy

The Project stars Carrie and Rachel have awkward genitalia debate

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher today revealed that they make their own rules when it comes to personal hygiene.

28/07/2021 4:00:00 PM

While discussing personal hygiene on The Project, Carrie and Rachel get into a very awkward debate about how to clean their privates.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher today revealed that they make their own rules when it comes to personal hygiene .

, only on their private ‘bits’. They also revealed that they only wash their children when they look or smell dirty.Touching on this,The Projecthosts Carrie Bickmore and Rachel Corbett got into an extremely awkward debate about washing their own ‘bits’.

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“Isn’t that the opposite of everything we have been told as a lady?” asked Corbett. “That’s the one bit that you’renotsupposed to use soap on. That’s what everybody tells us.”Rachel Corbett discussed how women are meant to wash their 'bits'. Picture: Channel 10

Source:Channel 10A confused Bickmore started to laugh. “Sorry, did you say we’re not meant to use soap?”“Yes, not on your bits. You can use soap everywhere else,” an embarrassed Corbett continued.“Can we ditch the next three interviews and just figure this out?” asked Waleed Aly.

“It is apparently self-cleaning,” Corbett added, laughing through the embarrassment.Carrie was shocked at Rachel's admission. Picture: Channel 10Source:Channel 10The host was baffled that Carrie hadn't been told the same advice. Picture: Channel 10


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Inappropriate… but this Leftist program must be above the law 🤦🏻‍♀️ Yes weird not washing private’s weird Yuck, these ugly mutts trying to clean out their box Cutting edge of television entertainment. John Logie Baird would roll in his grave friendlyjordies What? Aren’t we all not suffering enough!? Because this show is trash. But keep on promoting it.

How does anyone watch this garbage And this passes for entertainment? This show is way past it’s use-by date . The banality. Thr Project single handedly robbing Australians of IQ points. Rivetting stuff from a trash TV show

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Soap and water And they wonder why the ratings keep falling U used to like the Project but sometimes their comments are discussions are getting a little crass and young women these days are trying to hard to be like the blokes and are losing their decorum and dignity in the process. The old saying 'There is a time and place'.

Why does theprojecttv even exist? This is the media of today No wonder I've never watched the project For those on the Project I would have thought with a steel brush.

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The Project program should be scrapped. I wash my privates 4 - 5 times a day, and I'd wash them more if I could. It's just my stuck up prudish neighbour doesn't appreciate me doing it her loungeroom. And they expect us to take The Project seriously why? This is NOT a story! How did tv get like this ? What a class.


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