The Left ‘only want eradication for the virus’, not for obvious bushfire hazards | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Paul Murray says according to the Left in Australia the eradication strategy only applies to coronavirus not to bushfires.

9/08/2020 3:48:00 PM

Sky News host Paul Murray says according to the Left in Australia the eradication strategy only applies to coronavirus not to bushfires.

Sky News host Paul Murray says according to the Left in Australia the eradication strategy only applies to coronavirus not to bushfires.\n\nIt comes as key recommendations out of the Bushfire Royal Commission found that funding increases to hazard reduction burns are needed, as well as greater prescribed burns close to vulnerable towns, and greater investment in land management.\n\n“The inquiry has confirmed we need to clear our land,” Mr Murray said.\n\n“Eradication apparently only for the virus, not eradication when it comes to something like bushfires.”\n\nImage: Getty

09/08/2020|3minSky News host Paul Murray says according to the Left in Australia the eradication strategy only applies to coronavirus not to bushfires. It comes as key recommendations out of the Bushfire Royal Commission found that funding increases to hazard reduction burns are needed, as well as greater prescribed burns close to vulnerable towns, and greater investment in land management. “The inquiry has confirmed we need to clear our land,” Mr Murray said. “Eradication apparently only for the virus, not eradication when it comes to something like bushfires.” Image: Getty

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your right , where is the bushfires vaccine guys this is not cool 💉 so the brains trust you employ best idea is what exactly, to concrete the whole country? coz thats what it sounds like mediocre buffoon is putting it mildly We keep trying to eliminate cO2 emissions, but they keep screaming about jobs, individual rights (to own a non-electric ute), and denying the science. So yeah, in that sense it’s just like trying to eliminate the virus. I guess the common denominator is Murdoch, the real virus.

The only proper eradication strategy for bushfires is dealing with climate change, and the left has been calling for that for decades. Rubbish Thank goodness we cancelled Foxtel Upping the ante on rank stupidity there sky and Murray. Is having an IQ of below 80 a prerequisite for a job at skynews or is it just a nice to have?

Gee when Paul Murray is your go to bloke you really have nothing to offer. Hey rupertmurdoch this isn’t news and you are ensuring the eradication of your information! All people want is fair and balanced reporting , with sky stacked with has beens and wanna be's from the Liberal party , and the host Paul Murray a sad Liberal mouth piece , it'll never happen

Which 'Greens' environment minister was in charge of that decision? Did Gladys put a green party member in charge of environment management? Who cut the budget? Perhaps we can eradicate earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes too? Why stop at bushfires! Sigh! 🔥 If only we had a mechanism for storing carbon and increasing rainfall in drought stricken areas and keeping moisture in the soil ! 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

Yeah, clear all vegetation and trees and turn Australia into a flat earth desert. That will definitely 'eliminate' dimwit. Now scurry back into your SkyNews burrow you wombat. Don’t blame Left for absolutely nothing, they are not in power but I think majority of Australians wish they were in power. Left showed Australians what gov in power have to do to avoid and act in disaster during global recession. Right Lib gov showed Aust how hopeless their are

No, I think they probably want to eradicate NewsCorpse as well, but then the RWNJ loons are doing a pretty good job of that yourselves. Lol auspol Not news. Report the news. What the absolute fuck Remember when Paul Murray completely failed to actually interview Donald Trump but instead fellated him for hours? See Jonathan Swan for what an interview looks like

Lol, Wut? Apart from fuck all, what is paul murray actually qualified to speak about? Absolute deadshit take Paul Murray is a blow hard with an eating disorder who lives in fear of being irrelevant. Don’t know about anyone else but I am sick of the Murdochcracy calling existential crises, Left or Right! There are NO winners unless we all work towards solving these. We need to condemn anyone who cannot do this. EXISTENTIAL says it all!

Geez Paul is dumb. Is there nothing Murray, Bolt, Jones & Credlin are not leading authorities on? Saushages He also says “shaushages” so he has that going for him. this doesn't even makes sense, come on now, honestly how do you think you contribute in any positive way to society, none of your staff can hold their head up high, this is ridiculously ignorant and mendacious.

What a stunning false equivalence '- Sky News at night is a Liberal echo chamber' Paul Murray 2018 scrotes3 “He said that?” ShaughnessyMat “He did, hot mic between promos on his show and Sky accidentally uploaded it to the podcast.” Ive never met some of the types of people that have such intellect deficiencies suitable to be emplyed as a 'journalist' at

Gee these presenters are so simple 🤪🤪🤪 Paul Murray has the IQ of a donut. Or like the Right want too wish away Climate Change and Coronavirus. Who's Paul? FatherBob No dickhead .. same strategy, you are juju st too thick to see it. Imagine all the ‘nature’ is people. Killing off people so there are fewer people to kill is a shit idea only ever acceptable to nazis. Same for trees.. get it?

'host' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sky and Murray. Pimples on the perineum of society. You know what we should do with nasty little pimples. Once a wanker always a wanker..... Rubbish......the right doesn’t even believe in climate change as a major problem with bush fires Just use labels to divide and anger... Trump's play sheet.

It's funny how 'according to the Left' is so vastly different to what the left actually say. Paul Murray is a simple minded propagandist labeling ordinary Australians “left” or right. Typical Murdoch media rt wing propaganda. SkyNewsAust twitter feed is divisive hard right political propaganda. auspol

7 hours on and not one supportive response to Murray's unhinged whinge at more than half the population. Why does Sky News employ these wilfully ignorant people? Sky news... Australia’s no1 Pity Paul Murray supported the repeal of the only mechanism Australia had to reduce CO2. Its almost like he wants bigger bushfires. auspol

This sort of outrage reporting used to sell Foxtel subscriptions. Boring now , ppl just jump on SM and have a rant for free. Could you help paul murray find a new position as maybe a used furniture salesman because he stinks as a comedy show host. Paul Murray has lost the plot. Have another cheeseburger Murray and let's move that coronary up the schedule can we?

Why is it only the left want to eradicate the virus? This is almost as silly as last week when Alan Jones said that rivers following into the sea are wasting water. Some people may forgive Alan because he has age related issues. Paul doesn't have that as excuse. If I had a news channel, and I had ridiculous stories like this being produced, I would be too ashamed to link to them on Twitter.

Dumfuk says what now? 🤔 What does that even mean? What on Earth goes on in the mind of this Trump arse kisser? MoronMurray again being as useful as an ashtray on a Harley. Why are you circulating this when Paul Murray's theories aren't worth a pinch of shit? Paul Murray has a high school level education. I mean, he's a blokey bloke and all, but why would I listen to him over a qualified epidemiologist? This Left/Right crap is for the brain dead.

You kids are terrible at How Stuff Works. Ahh Paul Murray. You can’t tell that prick to fuck off enough times IMO FFS What a stupid analogy. I cancelled my Foxtel so that I didn't have to pay for because of the ignorant and biased opinions like this one. With streaming services giving people a choice in what content they pay for Sky will be gone in a couple of years.

My bush was on fire. But the Scott Minister went on vacation. That was a teeny weeny bit sh¡t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Huh ? This is a very logical and normal thing to say. How do you eradicate bushfires? Seriously stupid comment. What even is this left. It's a manifestation of his syphilitic brain.

A massive problem is ‘taking hold’ across Australia right now | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Peter Gleeson says a massive problem is developing in the country which will affect many families moving forward through the coronavirus pandemic. \n\n“I’m talking about mental health,” he said. \n\n“The anguish and pain some people are going through right now is unparalleled”. \n\nHe said a serious issue is being observed in Victoria, as business people who had done the right thing through lockdowns, now face the prospect of an affected second half to 2020. \n\n“Now, they are back in lockdown, the victims of a bungled hotel quarantine fiasco which should have seen ministers sacked and bureaucrats gone”. \n\nYet he said, “nobody has been held accountable. Nobody has been demoted. It’s extraordinary”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\nAnyone who may be feeling distressed can contact the following organisations for support.\n\nSANE Helpline 1800 18 72 63\n\nLifeline 131 114\n\nBeyond blue 1300 22 4636 what pandemic,,, cant you read or check what a pandemic is? Stop giving free benefits to people you invited in but now hate you.

Australia needs 'leaders who are going to lead on principles' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Gary Hardgrave says Australia is in a “socialistic remit” where leaders are going around and praising themselves when things are good, but are criticising the public when things go bad. \n\n“That’s the sort of bad leadership we have in too many places.'\n\nImage: Getty ARE THESE THE KIND OF INSANE PRINCIPALS YOU SPEAK OF? SKY NEWS SUPPORTING ANTI MASK NUTTERS PUTTING VICTORIAN LIVES AT RISK. IS THIS ONE OF YOU SKY NEWS JOURNALISTS WITH PRINCIPLES? PersonalResponsibility nickbarnesaus ozcrimenews Disillu31110791 🐷👹👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🐲😤🤢🤮🦠🐒👇👇👇

New JobKeeper criteria announced amid Melbourne virus crisis | Sky News AustraliaThe Federal government has expanded its JobKeeper program to help Melbourne businesses through the stage four lockdown. \n\nAn extra $15 billion will be spent subsidising worker wages from September, increasing what is already the most expensive support package in Australian history. \n\nTreasurer Josh Frydenberg announced the government was also relaxing criteria for the scheme. \n\nThe Coalition previously insisted businesses record two significant falls in revenue in the June and September quarters to be eligible, but Mr Frydenberg announced yesterday 'those businesses only need to be down in the September quarter'. \n\nThe cut off period for workers to enter the scheme has also been extended to take into account Melbourne’s mid-year reopening. Or he could just let them open their businesses given we are not in a pandemic. Under 200 deaths and you all keep calling it a pandemic. Smh. Why did planes come in from China last night and all the cameras were shut down on the freeways around the airport!! The pandemic can be finished by hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin . Please put those drugs Over The Counter to save more lives. No one will be safe if WHO,Politicians,medias still keep lying.

Atomic bombings helped bring WWII 'to a sudden close' | Sky News AustraliaWhile the 1945 atomic bombings of Japan were a tragedy, the swift end to the war no doubt saved millions of lives, according to military historian Tom Lewis OAM.\n\nThis week marked the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, which killed more than 100,000 people.\n\nA second attack, which targeted Nagasaki on 9th of August, killed in excess of 80,000.\n\nJapanese Emperor Hirohito announced his nation's surrender on August 15th.\n\nMr Lewis told Sky News the two bombs bought a war, which threatened to drag on into 1946, to a sudden close.\n\n'The Japanese forces fought in World War 2 like you wouldn't believe, 97 per cent of their forces died instead of surrender,' he said.\n\n'For example, every month the war went one, you found 250,000 people dying a week in Japanese-held territories.\n\n'If the War had continued through until the end of 1946 we would have probably seen 30 million Japanese dying and probably one-and-a-half million of our people dying.'\n\n\n I don't deny this opinion but it can't be an excuse for the massacre in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Tommy didnt even mention Russia’s critical entry into war against Japan on Aug 8, nor does Tommy consider whether US concerns about Soviet threat in postwar years played any role in decision to drop A-bombs. Tommy also ignores possibility of a demonstration shot in a remote area. To bad they only had two bombs

India plane crash black box recovered as death toll rises to 18 | Sky News AustraliaThe black box and cockpit recorder have been found from a passenger plane that split in two after it crash landed in Kerala, killing at least 18 people.\n\nThe Air India Express flight was landing in heavy rain near the city of Kozhikode, when it overshot the runway at Calicut International Airport and fell into a deep gorge on Friday.\n\nThe plane, which had 184 people including 10 children on board, landed on what is known as a 'table top' runway after coming in from Dubai on a repatriation flight.\n\nPolice in India said 127 people were injured - and at least 15 of them are in a critical condition.\n\nAn investigation into the crash is under way, which is expected to examine whether the runway, the aircraft and the inclement weather played a part.\n

Victoria's economic hit 'closer to $20 billion' | Sky News AustraliaFormer ANZ Chief Economist Warren Hogan says the projected $12 billion hit to the Victorian economy sounds realistic, although it may be much higher.\n\n“It sounds like the number that represents a loss of economic activity in Victoria during the stage four lockdowns,” Mr Hogan told Sky News.\n\n“But if we think about the total costs of this, there was some stage three impacts prior to the stage four, then there is going to be the gradual reopening.\n\n“And of course the impact on other states, which will be quite significant. \n\n“But I think the actual figure is going to be closer to $20 billion when all is said and done.”\n China should pay us for damages! Depression here we come COVID becomes a good excuse for Dan and Tim mismanaging the State's finances!