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Second Melbourne anti-lockdown protester tests positive to COVID-19

Second Melbourne anti-lockdown protester tests positive to COVID-19

26/09/2021 7:05:00 AM

Second Melbourne anti-lockdown protester tests positive to COVID-19

The Geelong man in his 30s tested positive earlier in the week, COVID commander Jeroen Weimar says, and may have been infectious while at the protest.

Key points:The Geelong man in his 30s tested positive during the weekHe was likely infectious while at the protest, COVID response commander Jeroen Weimar saysA Melbourne man was earlier hospitalised with COVID-19 after attending a rallyEarlier this week, the ABC revealed a person had been hospitalised after attending Wednesday's violent scenes at the Shrine of Remembrance.

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COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar confirmed the case was still in hospital and contact tracing work was undergoing."We're also aware that there is an individual in Geelong who was at that protest who has also turned positive, so there's another little flurry of activity going on there," he said.

The man in his 30s tested positive earlier in the week, Mr Weimar said, after attending one of the rallies.Mr Weimar said he was unlikely to have contracted the virus at the rally, "would have been at that protest during his infectious period".

With community transmission rising, Mr Weimar warned "if you're going to hang around in a crowd of 500 people, then if there are COVID-positive people there … then this is where you're going to see some spread".The Geelong man is not in hospital and Mr Weimar could not confirm which day of the rallies he attended.

Mr Weimar said contact tracers were not yet aware of how the two acquired the virus. Read more: ABC News »

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And so it begins! We shall now see more infected from these riots. So self defeating.. it's not rocket science, but obtuse is and obtuse does! 🙄 people who act irrationally without thinking of the consequences .. can we get a testimony from them that covid is real or get a waiver from these protesters that they do not want treatment when they get infected! so as not to burden anymore our medical frontliners 😠

Don't think anyone is suprised, you'll find these will probably end up super spreader events. It's OK. We have 4000 ICU beds!! Don't we Dan? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 givedantheboot sackbrettsutton jobsforunionmates 800 cases a day and they find a couple from the protests, more ABC crap, defund them. Who cares. Let's open it up and let it rip. It's time. Can't hide forever.

How many police affected. I bet a few but it's being surpressed. realsuperspreaders Who is care.... A second person who took part in anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne has tested positive to COVID-19. Geelong man! Geelong to be released from lockdown tonight. Double standards, Geelong should remain in lockdown.

2 in all those ppl.. wow that’s gotta be so newsworthy 😜.. lustennsnd watch the abc at your peril Sorry. No sympathy for anyone who was there & does contract it!!!

Second protester tests positive to COVID-19A second person who took to the streets of Melbourne CBD to protest last week has been confirmed as having COVID-19. 9News Yeah but He's/She's an effing Aussie hero for freedom. Most CV they say is a bad flu, 99% recovery, but ever and a day that he/she will be an effing Aussie freedom fighting hero!!! 💚💚💚🙏🙏🙏 Bullshit 😂 Nahhh... you just want them all to get 'tested' to identify themselves... cmon we know how it works ...

There will be more for sure. They didn’t wear mask and shouting and shouting bursting out their lungs! Excellent Fools. Just get tested as soon as you can. Kãlosia e mōmogo see ventilator le purado.faketradiefiapoks Wow 2 of them they really deserved the superspreader name the ABC gave them. slamup Go check out Craig Kelly’s Twitter inciting all this!

The article states he didn’t contract the virus at the rally, the headliners are click bait! Way more pro lockdown people have tested positive. Makes you think. ABC first with the big stories. FRO

More than 75 per cent of all Aussies have had first dose of COVID-19 vaccineThere were 311,275 more Australians who received a dose in the last 24 hour reporting period, with a prediction one million more will be completed in the next three days. 9News Fkn junkies Forex trading is a great way to get rich, I thank Mrs anna for her great work . If you're looking for a way to earn from forex I suggest you connect with her Whatsapp +❶❺❺❶❽⓿⓿❷❶❹❼ if the virus is as deadly as they say it is shouldn't all these unvaxxed protesters be infected with covid delta gasping for their breath in ICU and on ventilators? clearly its not the case.

COVIDIOTS MurdochRiots MurdochRoyalCommission They don’t believe virus exists, so are they faking that they are sick? funny how there were no cases from all the BLM protests. Once again this virus is smarter than the average bear. I'm calling bulls&it on this article especially from the ABC. Absolute Bull Crap - that what is stands for now

Next he'll be on an advert to get the jab 🤣 But of course these people will be at home taking Vitamins and Invermectin. That should see them off Depends how sick they are. If very sick they may well be tested before they need their breathing support. But are they sick?

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Predictable. But, the science that they demonstrate against will be used to help out those that get sick enough to use our science based healthcare system. Sky News has done a terrific job gaslighting these people. Look at this agenda the abc props up Jesus Christ There'll be dozens more Who’d have thought this is possible. Isn’t denial the best vaccine?

“The demonstrations have been widely condemned by all sides of politics”. Um, no, they haven’t. Too many LNP apologists paid lip service but not n the mildest terms, then used the word “but”. And you have Kelly and Canavan et al urging them on Wow Supreder event already? Or we ll wait until 100 of them get it to confirm that

Still no superspreading? Funny because weren't we told you can't get covid at protests? Like the last one last year that resulted in a major outbreak two weeks later...interesting Ha Ha

‘New high’: Victoria records 847 new COVID-19 casesAnd provided a sportsperson to inform us at the Presser. The fools who protested against being magnestised from the jab are clearly to blame for the spike. So selfish and counter productive. If only morrison did what every other first world leader did and purchase enough vaccines. He failed and Victoria pays the price. dismal failure

Feel for all the break baskets out there doing it tough 'The demonstrations have been widely condemned by all sides of politics' except they haven't. Lot of 'buts' from the LNP. Wow FANTASTIC news , virus has last say ,one way of getting sense into small minds The MurdochRiots keep delivering. Read the article. He didn’t get it at the rally. It’s now been 8 days since the start of the protests & there is so far no spread among those who attended.

Please reasure the people who are doing the right thing & not acting like baffoons with these protests that this bloke is at the back of the que for any hospital medical attention. I find it hard to believe a tradie protesting about the Jab would even consider going and getting tested.... something smells fishy covidproof

There'd be more but they wouldn't get tested. And hundreds of others who didn't go to the protest also have COVID. Where is the evidence that lockdowns are effective or a long term solution?

New South Wales records 1,007 new COVID-19 cases, 11 deathsNew South Wales has recorded 1,007 new COVID-19 cases and 11 deaths in the 24 hours to 8:00pm last night. Vic will surge ahead next week. That's the benefit of a short, early lockdown.

Shouldnt be allowed medical assistance

Queensland records one new COVID-19 case in home quarantineQueensland has recorded one new locally acquired case of coronavirus in the last 24 hours - a person who was already in home quarantine after being linked to the Sunnybank outbreak.