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Labor MPs have slammed recently-elected Gladys Liu after she failed to front Parliament following her admission that she was once a member of a Chinese propaganda organisation #auspol


Labor MPs have slammed recently-elected Gladys Liu after she failed to front Parliament following her admission that she was once a member of a Chinese propaganda organisation auspol

Labor MPs have slammed recently-elected Gladys Liu after she failed to front Parliament following her admission that she was once a member of a Chinese propaganda organisation #auspol

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Who gave numb nuts legs I hope some investigative reporting is getting to work following Gladys Lou’s amazing fundraising efforts all while being a member of Chinese government Lol Labor take a look in the mirror. MsVeruca Gone into witness protection MsVeruca And to think that the motion only required Liu to make a statement to the house. Wow... and we pay these 'representatives' a fortune to delay and deflect

Compared with the dual citizenship fiasco this reeks with foreign political interference . Check her bank accounts for Chinese donations. Just standard Liberal Party behaviour....ignore it and it will go away! Steve Bannon on what is really happening with China: It is not xenophobic . don't play the race card argue the point. You poor excuse for a politician

Why do we trust Chinese ppl to be in our Parliament and so the infiltration continues WAKE UP AUSTRALIA MsVeruca Top be fair the Chinese government would do a better job of governing Australian than the LNP.

SBS News @SBSNewsWatch Question Time, live from Canberra, where the government is set to face questions over MP Gladys Liu's alleged ties to Chinese government-linked groups. Rather not listen to Shouty McShoutface waffle on incoherently. Oh Nothing to see here says Scomo.

We will be taken over by China soon anyway. Has any one been to BOX HILL lately I hope she hasn't gone down to cheviot beach to be whisked away by a submarine. auspol haroldholt Fascinating to see all the blue suits (and Gladys) pile into the chamber for the division on this. Not interested in the prior discussion; very interested in stifling further discussion.

So why can’t she answer the question and why can’t we get more info from ASIO? auspol Thanks for casting this, It's instructive to see the cavalier attitudes, and hear the righteous passion, and see the walking dead ideologues. It's a shame the PM has done nothing?

Companies are being pressured to be politically correct: Gerry Harvey | Sky News AustraliaSuperannuation companies are 'pressuring' businesses like Harvey Norman to adopt 'politically correct positions' according to Australian entrepreneur and businessman Gerry Harvey. \n\nMr Harvey told Sky News large super funds 'will not invest' in his company unless he changes his corporate practices.\n\n'Every week or two or three I get a letter saying 'you don't meet the requirements, and you rank very low on all the tick the boxes, so this doesn't allow us to buy shares in your company and would you please rectify this situation,'' he said. 'So I generally just put the letter in the garbage.'\n\nHe said pressure groups with small constituencies, like the 'nobody group the Sleeping Giants' like to put pressure on large companies. You mean like not supporting nut jobs like jones who hate women and sprout bullshit about scientists making stuff up. That could be a good reason for companys not to invest in assholes running appliance monopolies. Why an aussie would buy a stove off you is beyond me. Harvey is a social dinosaur Super firms don’t have a clue. Hence they cannot best the index. Keep slapping them down Gerry 👍

Gladys Liu backflips on claims she has no ties to Chinese influence groups | Sky News AustraliaLiberal backbencher Gladys Liu has backflipped on claims she was not a member of any groups linked to Chinese foreign interference operations or the country’s Communist Party, less than 24 hours after she denied the accusations live on Sky News.\n\n“I can tell you I cannot recall [the council membership] as is reported from 2003 to 2015 … if I can’t recall I can’t be an active member of that council,” Ms Liu told host Andrew Bolt on Tuesday night. \n\n“How can you not recall a membership of 12 years?” he replied.\n\nNow the member for Chisholm has backflipped on her comments, confirming her ties with the Australian Jiangmen General Commercial Association and the United Chinese Commerce Association of Australia.\n\nMs Liu also admitted to holding a former honorary role with the Guangdong Overseas Exchange Association, which reportedly has ties to a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party that works to influence foreign governments. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Sack her. WTF

McCormack and Fitzgibbon go head-to-head in heated QT exchange | Sky News AustraliaDeputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has furiously lashed out at Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon during an extraordinary Question Time exchange. \n\nWhile at the dispatch box, Mr McCormack lost his temper, calling the Mr Fitzgibbon 'a disgrace' as the pair sparred over the government's response to the drought.\n\nMr Fitzgibbon was warned by Speaker Tony Smith after the member for Hunter accused the deputy prime minister of being 'unhinged.'\n\n\n\n\n Good. Fitzgibbon is a dropkick ... absolute embarrassment as an agricultural spokesperson NoIdea What are your thoughts on the plan to microchip the unemployed drug test microchip them in there 60s while there cleaning toilets for 3 bucks an hr we could demonise them more make them kill them selves that will save the Govt money put a star on there clothes tattoo there no Joel turn to buy the lobsters 🦞 tonight 👌🕺

Gladys Liu's potential links to China 'cause for serious concern' | Sky News AustraliaCentre Alliance senator Rex Patrick has called accusations made against Gladys Liu a “cause for serious concern” and says the “Prime Minister should seek advice from ASIO” over the allegations made against the Liberal MP.\n\nMs Liu has been scrutinised over alleged links to the Communist Party of China. \n\nSpeaking to Sky News host Andrew Bolt on Tuesday night, Ms Liu denied being a member of the council or being a mouthpiece for the party and refused to condemn Beijing's actions in the South China Sea. \n\nMr Patrick hit out at the member for Chisholm on Wednesday, dubbing what she said to Mr Bolt as “not convincing”.\n\n“She needs to think long and hard about her past connections and needs to be open and upfront about what occurred,” he said. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Senator_Patrick Asio....have they the turned Liu into a double agent yet, or do they just think this is what theyve done? What about Morrison? A lot of huge foreign entities are getting a huge tax free ride. The money trail suggests morrison is working as a contractor, for anyone except us. Senator_Patrick “Prime Minister should seek advice from ASIO” Whats the point? Everyone now knows she lied. The Liberal Party endorsed a chinese spy and Morrison said its fine. The Liberal Party has let us know who's side they are on. The Liberal party first, China second, you... last. Senator_Patrick Dutton will block it, like he does with every foreign spy if it serves his interests, public & private

'We’re hearing crickets' about improving the economy | Sky News AustraliaAssistant Shadow Treasurer and Shadow Financial Services Minister Stephen Jones says the number one focus on the economic agenda at parliament is “to get Scott Morrison to listen to people other than those who are praising him”.\n\nMr Jones said it is “time for the government to implement a fiscal strategy because tax cuts and monetary policy is not doing it”.\n\nThe minister told Sky News on Wednesday he is “almost certain the budget is going to come into surplus due to record-high iron ore prices and the very low Australia dollar”. \n\n“We need to clearly broadcast a plan about how we’re going to do our bit to turn the economy around, and so far we’re hearing crickets,” he said.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia The govt lets put the boot in while there down make the over 60s pick up garbage for 3,bucks an hour and we will drug test them as well are we in Nazi Germany or Australia your a bunch of Nazis lost the plot you’ll microchip next your not Australians your freaks Just walk outside. Look, everybody is real impressed with how hes doubled the deficit, killed wage growth, collapsed consumption, & delivered a per capita recession, despite collecting zero tax from a windfall $264 billion of resources exports, & almost zero % rates. Well done! Labour giving advice on listening to the people hmmmm

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