'The Sam Dastyari threshold': Embattled Gladys Liu urged to consider political future

Embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu has reached the 'Sam Dastyari threshold', says crossbench senator.


Embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu has reached the 'Sam Dastyari threshold', says crossbench senator.

An influential crossbench senator says Gladys Liu has 'reached the Sam Dastyari threshold' after admitting she was a member of a Chinese propaganda organisation.

The Hong Kong-born MP, who was elected in May, admitted on Wednesday that she had been a

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison is standing by the embattled Victorian MP.

"If there are deep long-standing connections back into the Communist Party that raises a definite concern," he said.

"It is an important national security issue and the prime minister must show leadership on it."

"Unfortunately, some Chinese associations appoint people to honorary positions without their knowledge or permission," she said.

"I do not wish my name to be used in any of these associations and I ask them to stop using my name.

He expressed confidence in Ms Liu as a fit and proper person to be in the Parliament.

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Stupid Morrison. He should be asking,for or demanding her resignation,. Bloody wimp PM. Remember the fiasco over dual citizenship. This is worse. She is trying to manipulate the Liberal Party with her Chinese connections and money. Typical Chinese way buy ourselves in and the politicians cant see it. Government is shiting themselves , 1 seat majority . probably accepted donation moneys from her dubious CCP benefactors .

She’s done way more than Dastayari. corruption What’s he going to do about it? Will he still support the Government ? Surely GladysLiu has moved beyond “embattled”. Toxic? auspol

Gladys Liu would be ‘scalped’ if she wasn’t a Liberal | Sky News AustraliaFormer Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has compared the fracas engulfing Liberal MP Gladys Liu — who is under scrutiny for her links to Chinese foreign influential groups — to his resignation over ties to billionaire businessman Huang Xiangmo and statements on the South China Sea.\n\nDuring a fiery interview with Sky News host David Speers, Mr Dastyari said if Ms Liu wasn’t a member of the Liberal Party, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and others would be calling for her “scalp”.\n\n“The fact she’s a member of the Liberal Party and a member of the government is the only reason she’s surviving right now,” he said. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Duh!

Coalition ‘exposed’ after Liu communist connections | Sky News AustraliaSky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says the Coalition has been “left quite exposed” following former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari’s comments on Liberal MP Gladys Liu.\n\nMs Liu failed to explain why her name appeared on documents from a council with connections to Chinese political influence operations in an interview with Sky News host Andrew Bolt on Tuesday night.\n\nWeighing in on the issue during a fiery interview with Sky News Political Editor David Speers, Mr Dastyari said if Ms Liu wasn’t a member of the Liberal Party, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and others would be calling for her “scalp”.\n\nMr Dastyari resigned from the Senate in 2017 over his dealings with a controversial Chinese businessman.\n\n“When you’re firing off blows, you have to be careful you’re not labelled in the glare of hypocrisy when some of these issues fall back on your own party,” Mr Houghton told Peta Credlin.\n\nWhile Mr Houghton said it would be “a mistake to conflate the two issues” of Mr Dastyari’s behaviour and Ms Liu alleged connections, he noted that the Liberal MP’s predicament is “not a trivial matter”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Houghtontweets But this hypocrite doesn’t mind doing so ... scumo ScottMorrisonMP biggest hypocrite Australia has ever had!!

Guests on Gladys Liu list for Malcolm Turnbull event sparked ASIO concernsThe ABC understands the head of Australia's spy agency advised then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull that based on the guest list he should not attend a meet and greet organised by Gladys Liu. yikes How can this happen? Why is there no accountability with this government If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog it is a dog. Suspend her pending further investigation.

Gladys Liu confirms being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilLiberal backbencher Gladys Liu admits she was a member of organisation linked to China's foreign interference operations. So now she will stand aside for a new election in Chisholm? GladysLiuMP Rosebud what the hell are our Intelligence agencies been doing

Liberal MP Gladys Liu says she was 'not clear' in gaffe-ridden interviewLiberal MP Gladys Liu has told Chinese groups she does not want her name to be associated with them. rharris334 she was twisting tongue very badly Too mandarin Hurstville is full of Cantonese rharris334 I'm pretty sure she was quite clear. rharris334 Bye bye Gladys!

Gladys Liu 'cannot recall' being on China Overseas Exchange Association councilsThe Liberal backbencher is being urged to address Parliament over claims of her association with China's foreign influence operations. Resign! virgotweet We already knew she was a liar 🤥 How can she not 'recall' this? Either she was or she wasn't? A convenient memory loss - she needs to go. auspol ScottMorrisonMP

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