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Rudd says he took 'immediate' action when he learned about 'odious' Epstein's payments

Rudd says he took 'immediate' action when he learned about 'odious' Epstein's payments

29/10/2020 4:37:00 AM

Rudd says he took 'immediate' action when he learned about 'odious' Epstein 's payments

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says he took immediate action after learning an international think tank he chairs was embroiled in a scandal involving convicted US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein .

Print text onlyPrintCancelFormer prime minister Kevin Rudd said he took immediate action after learning an international think tank he chairs was embroiled in a scandal involving convicted US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.Key points:Norwegian media reported the International Peace Institute and its president received money from Jeffrey Epstein

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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is chair of the organisation's boardHe said he ordered an amount comparable to the payments from Epstein be given to a charityNorwegian media reported earlier this month that Terje Rød-Larsen, president of the International Peace Institute (IPI), secured a personal loan from Epstein in 2013.

A report last year noted the organisation also received a total of $US650,000 ($922,000) in donations from Epstein's foundations between 2011 and 2019.Addressing both reports in a statement on Wednesday, Mr Rudd said he acted swiftly on two separate occasions when he learned in November 2019 of the donations and, on October 14 this year, of the personal loan to Mr Rød-Larsen.

In the statement, Mr Rudd said he convened a board meeting on December 4, 2019, to recommend an amount comparable to Epstein's donations to the IPI be forwarded to charity."I recommended to the board, and the board accepted my recommendation, that a donation of comparable amount be made to a charity, so that we would not in any way be a beneficiary of the cumulative donations from Epstein over a long period of time," he told ABC radio on Thursday, adding that he regarded Epstein as an "odious character in the extreme".

The statement also said Mr Rudd convened an extraordinary board meeting last week in response to the latest allegations concerning Mr Rød-Larsen, which Mr Rudd said were "deeply" disappointing."I will be recommending to the board that an immediate and comprehensive probity review be conducted into the matters raised," he said in the statement.

He said it was important to remember that Epstein's foundations were donating millions of dollars to "dozens and dozens of charitable organisations" and he had never "to his knowledge" met him.Institute focused on peace and development

The 50-year-old IPI describes itself as an "independent, international not-for-profit think tank dedicated to managing risk and building resilience to promote peace, security, and sustainable development".Mr Rudd joined the board in 2014 and was elected chair in 2018.

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Kevin Rudd said he recommended the IPI donate the money it received from Epstein to a charity.()At the time, Mr Rød-Larsen described Mr Rudd as a "skilful helmsman".On Thursday, Mr Rudd stopped short of calling for Mr Rød-Larsen to resign, saying it was a matter for the board "based on when we hear a full accounting of these matters".

But the former member for Griffith said Mr Rød-Larsen "has a deeply serious set of matters to answer".Mr Rudd said he hadn't received any money for his work with the IPI. Read more: ABC News »

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He was happy to take his money. What did his money pay for? What does this NGO do? Speaking of pedophiles... report on Biden Yeah right! *** Recruiting Now!!!*** The PRESIDENTE OF THE PLANET is Now Recruiting Like Minded Professionals to Join him on his Quest to Start a One World Global RBE & ASI Government! Interested Parties should Email the PRESIDENTE with your Resume! POTP :)

These predators can hoodwink many people, Rudd included, they are experts in deceiving people, showing generosity as a smoke screen for their terrible private deeds. Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile and many more devious monsters who live amongst us. 2020: when the ABC has been so screwed by ScoMo it’s now Rupert Murdoch’s attack dog.

A lot of what Rudd believes in and advocates is the work of the compromat operation Epstein was a part of. Trumps fight against their paradigm resulted in his arrest, and when you reassess global events through this lens you see reality. Anyone at that level is one of THEM. Rubbish. Only when he was told to

And what did your boss Rupert do when he realised he was mates with Epsiein and attended many of his parties? so they abc is now doing murdochs dirty work? This smear campaign won't works. Murdich flew to Epstiens Island, report that! MurdochRoyalCommission What crap.... you mean he had no idea someone donated 65k to a boys club

Giving it to charity doesn’t lessen the fault of the board, if so all charities that received money have to contend with receiving “Epstein Money” or a board that accepts Epstein money. There are those at fault, so sack them and/or the board What did he do. Delete his emails? Get rid of the photos on his hard drive? Delete some contacts from his phone?

Epstein mad donations to heaosof charities, boards, foundations etc. He liked to implicate the powerful and influential with him. Some where implicit, sime not. I call BULLSHIT A huh Quilt by association for other not for Rudd ? After he was blindsided, somehow not knowing for years that Epstein had pumped more than half a million dollars into his vanity project, then he took action immediately. Maybe Kevvy should have cleaned house before he started a petition against Rupert? auspol

MurdochRoyalCommission Paid the money back huh Donated it to benefit molested minors huh Waffle as usual Odious a fitting descriptor for Murdoch I call bullshit If this were abbot, you lot would be lynching him. Instead it's 'took immediate action' You're a complete disgrace defundtheabc This isn't good

Oh no Rudd said he had no idea of his involvement with Epstein a few hours ago. Back peddling much. Oh look! Uncle Rupert makes an appearance in Epstein's little black book but Rudd is the bad boy 😂🙄 Book a Trip to his Island? As long as they got away with it they thought Epstein was a great guy and everything was fun and games . For THEM . Not for the subjects . TruthBeTold OnlineStudentsToo

Got caught. Plain & simple. Grubs. Oh hi! Guys I wrote a poem for Rupert Don’t forget the Royal Commission into Murdoch Remember what you are talking about when you peddle for Rupert anti Rudd puff Read the poem Lovely and succinct MurdochRoyalCommision All tarred with the same brush Instead of this Murdoch concocted drivel that you are reporting , how about you report on the fact that over 400000 people have signed Rudd’s petition for a Royal Commission into strengthening our Australian media .

Murdoch just fighting back. Really? Is that all they've got? 🤣😂🤣 MurdochRoyalCommission auspol Of course the guy is dead now Why did he try to keep it quiet then? These donations were found by him almost a year ago and no media release? He needs to explain his connection to Epstein in full. And the CCP too.

Milky bar Kid on Pedophile Island ? Sure he did Spot on Aunty... it was imprudent for MrKRudd to align himself with a think tank! auspol Kev mate, time to just slip into post PM obscurity like all good Ex PMS should do...... Aunty has finally decided to go after think-tank funders? Can't wait for this story to be told! MrKRudd auspol itsnoteasybeinggreene

Was bound to happen as the MurdochRoyalCommission is getting under Murdoch and the MurdochGutterMedia skin. The petition hit 400,000 this morning now its at402,604. Sign here Obvious hit job from the Murdoch slime factory. Friendly Jordies seems to miss the corruption when it stains his chums. *Epstein died over a year ago*

I feel like the Kathrine Keating thing is being covered up by the Murdoch media for a reason. Former PM's daughter linked to two high ranking pedophile elites and we're expected to believe it's because of some chance celebrity meeting. You know what Rudd isn't currently? An elected official shredding documents to hide corruption. He saw a problem, admitted it was a problem and took immediate action. To ScottyFromMarketing and AlboMP that's what it takes to be a real leader.

How many such men work along side unsuspecting others or invest into business without requirement to disclose their ill. How many have been molested by the church from trust being their weakness. How many associate with such men fully aware of the ill. MurdochRoyalCommission Rudd and Keatings Daughter hanging out with epstien even after he was a convicted sex criminal. Most decent people usually cut ties with a guy when he starts raping children. Not old Kevin 'bearly 7' and Keato

Epstein had Murdoch's number, where's KRudds? Murdoch’s relationship with Epstein needs to be investigated SOOOOOOO basically thru all the BS you did NOT return it or turn it down chicken chits First pitch - Rudd bats it out of the ballpark with his response What’s the second pitch from team Murdoch going to look like

Non issue. Good to see that Rudd is pissing off the media with his calls for a royal commission. Don't get distracted. Just a Murdoch distraction from Rudd's petition for a Royal Commission. Don't give it air. BoycottHeraldSun MurdochRoyalCommission What is it with Leftards and paedophile? Sorry Kev, not going to fly. Loved hanging around dodgy ppl. especially Chinese ones. Celebrating Chinese military aquisition of US Military affiliated company with foreign agent's the Biden family,

Which is why it's just come out now instead of him being transparent at the time. Stop supporting Murdoch’s smear campaign. MurdochRoyalCommission Yeah, bullshit! Rudd rolls out the usual Labor “I can’t recall” defence! No wonder Rudd wants NewsCorp gone, as they won’t run protection rackets like the ABC!

You mean he took action when sprung red handed . Yeah right Who else saw this smear coming? He's just annoyed that he wasn't blackmail worthy enough to get on the plane. Predictable smear campaign in response to the call for a Royal Commission Oh so he remembers now Oh that’s right I remember now. Arse clown and an enabler!!!

And look who Murdoch hangs around with. Bring on the MurdochRoyalCommission Close links, huh .... Immediately remembered he couldn't recall anything AFP needs to undertake royal cum mission to investigate the allegations against Rudd.

Former PM Kevin Rudd ‘blindsided’ by bombshell Epstein linkKevin Rudd has revealed he was “blindsided” and “deeply disturbed” to learn that paedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to the international think-tank that he has been a member of for six years. ironic Rudd just posted how the Murdoch press smears opponents How many grps did billionaire Epstein give 2 over the yrs? Y is Rudd the ONLY member of this think tank singled out? Y the timing 4 something that happened yrs ago? Perfect example of MurdochPropaganda auspol Liar MrKRudd He apparently has known since November 2019.

Kevin Rudd 'blindsided' by think tank's ties to Jeffrey EpsteinFormer Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said he was 'blindsided' to learn that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to a think tank he chaired for six years. 9News Naughty Kev. He knows exactly where his money comes from. K Rudd couldn't lie straight in bed. Yea I’m sure!!

Kevin Rudd says Jeffery Epstein's donations to his think tank are 'deeply disturbing'US financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein donated $920,500 to the International Peace Institute between 2011 to 2019, a revelation the think tank's chair Kevin Rudd says is 'deeply disturbing'. the UN-affiliated organisation.... Is this all Murdoch could scrape up on Rudd? Was Rudd on his plane? No? How is this news?

'I was blindsided': Kevin Rudd says he had no idea about think tank's ties to Jeffrey EpsteinKevin Rudd says he was 'blindsided' to learn that paedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to the International Peace Institute - a think tank that he has chaired for six years.

Rudd denies knowledge of Epstein's $650k donation | Sky News AustraliaIt has been revealed notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's New York based think tank.\n\nMr Rudd has denied knowledge of any links between Mr Epstein and his organisation and claims he was “blindsided” when he learned of the cash donated to the International Peace Institute.\n\nThe former prime minister and current chairman of the think tank said he first learned of the donations in November last year - through Norwegian media reports – and described them as “deeply disturbing”.\n\nIn August 2019 Mr Epstein was found dead in his prison cell while under arrest on sex trafficking charges.\n\nMr Rudd has announced the amount donated will be sent from the institute to charities benefiting sex assault victims.\n Didn't take you guys long to start the attack “I know nothing” MaraphotoMara

'I was blindsided': Kevin Rudd says he had no idea about think tank's ties to Jeffrey EpsteinKevin Rudd says he was 'blindsided' to learn that paedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to the International Peace Institute - a think tank that he has chaired for six years.