Peter Dutton backs Pauline Hanson's legal challenge to Queensland's border closure

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has backed a legal challenge to Queensland's border closures, which some believe may be unconstitutional.

22/05/2020 2:52:00 AM

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has backed a legal challenge to Queensland's border closures, which some believe may be unconstitutional.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has backed a legal challenge to Queensland's border closures, which some believe may be unconstitutional.

AAPOn Friday morning, Mr Dutton urged the premier to reconsider her position, saying Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy says it is already safe to reopen state borders."Just come out and explain where the September date comes from and we can, you know, have a reasonable discussion," he told Today.

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"I'm a proud Queenslander, I'm not taking advice from people south of the border at all, but I believe it's in Queensland's best interests, given that we are a mining state, we're a tourism state, and we want to get people back to work."

Mr Dutton went on to say it was not clear why Queensland's chief health officer had spoken about September when Ms Palaszczuk had previously flagged July for a reopening, suggesting Dr Young had"plucked it out of the air" and"dug herself a hole".

NSW, Victoria and the ACT have their borders open, but all other states and territories are maintaining a hardline approach, fearing a second wave of infections.Federal health authorities are adamant there is no medical reason for borders to remain closed.

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Transport Minister Michael McCormack has also pressured state and territory leaders to lift hardline restrictions, saying the future of domestic airlines could hinge on when they open borders."If we do want a domestic airline to continue and to resume very quickly, then one way of doing it is to ease those border restrictions," he told the ABC on Friday.

'Start to live with coronavirus'The federal ministers' comments followPalaszczuk's border closure in the High Court, claiming it is"unconstitutional". Senator Hanson doubled down on her intention to pursue legal action on Friday morning, insisting three constitutional lawyers had already reached out and asked to take on the case.

"This isn’t leadership, this is dictatorship, and there’s no clear reason to keep the borders shut," Ms Hanson told Today."By midday yesterday, we had about 45 people come forward to be the plaintiff in this action against the Palaszczuk government."

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is threatening to take the Queensland Government to court.AAPSenator Hanson said it was time to put the economy and Queensland businesses first, telling high-risk people to"live with it". "If you are in the elderly age bracket, you have respiratory problems, or you have health issues, then I suggest you start looking after your own health and let the rest of the country get back," she said.

"There's no vaccine for the coronavirus, I suggest you actually start to live with it." Additional reporting by AAPPeople in Australia must stay at least 1.5 metres away from others. Check your state’s restrictions on gathering limits.

Testing for coronavirus is now widely available across Australia. If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, arrange a test by calling your doctor or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.The federal government's coronavirus tracing app COVIDSafe is available for download from your phone's app store.

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h_appleby PeterDutton_MP Hey Peter, is Victoria still part of Australia ? Or has Chairman Andrews sold Victoria to China? Good luck. According to the constitution Australia is separate countries with a trade agreement....just as in pre colonial times but way less than over 200+. Yunno..we need it simples RubyDutton

Unconditional....please. This has been happening ever since Cook showed up on my land. saschaf20 You just focus on the cruise ships fuckwit RubyDutton RubyPrincess What about South Australia’s border closures? Open the bloody borders!!!!!! Make Bs Qld completely Paluzschuk free by 2021!!!!!! Wait til the writs come for the rubyprincess catastrophe ...

My he is a &*?! Mr Borders wants them open now. Ruby Princess PeterDutton_MP you made yourself completely irrelevant. And everyone thought you were before already. Can we lose federal govt. and state premiers having a monthly team meeting. And there is Clive Isn’t everything PD does unconstitutional? Ironic that an ex man of the law has no regard for the law or the decisions of its highest officials.

I thought having close tight borders was Dutton's mantra. Palmer, Clive is also taking on the WA Gov to the High Court. They won't let him in cause he won't answer their questions Big boys are worried. morepowertothestates What kind of treasonous prick holds an office, supposedly responsible for protecting the citizens of a country, then jumps on some fascist bandwagon to attack & undermine State Premiers doing their level best to prevent the spreading of a plague? Look no further than RubyDutton.

It's Dutton's fault for being sich an idiot with the Ruby Princess. Unconstitutional? And I was under the impression it was all to do with public safety? Ah, but there is a state election coming up, could it be a rather pathetic attempt to discredit a popular State Govt? 'I'm a proud Queenslander, I'm not taking advice from people south of the border at all,” Oh really so only Queenslanders are smart ? Ffs Parochialism run amuck 🤣🤣🤣

He'll end up shutting himself in his own house at this rate :p Dutton attacks Labor Premier. SA Premier Marshall is doing exactly the same but Dutton is grandstanding. Spite. Sooooook PeterDutton_MP your a bigger fool than I thought. I suppose you'll side with together fool who's crying because WA Have closed the state border good keep it closed stay away who cares

Protection of public health is constitutional. Anyone who challenges border closures in the middle of a pandemic is a psychopath & is against human rights and against rights of states to protect lives of their citizens. PeterDutton_MP PaulineHansonOz smh theage AnnastaciaMP I'll tell you what's UNCONSTITUTIONAL ... DAN ANDREWS SELLING VICTORIA TO CHINA!!

bensab3 bensab3 When do laws or court judgements stop Dutton. He's a Fascist. How about a legal challenge about him bringing in the virus and not stopping the one vote that mattered Please go after Dictator McGowan while you are at it. Cut off funding to states that won't open. wafifoprisoner I know Dutton can’t read but at least he could get someone to read him this: Cunliffe v The Commonwealth (1994) 182 CLR 272, 307–308 (Mason CJ). Recognising that S92 is subject to competing public interests and is not absolute!

If Dutton can't do his own job he should stfu about anyone else's PetraAu Why does unconstitutional bother Dutton! He doesn't care about the law. I tweeted ages ago, that this Dutton is a nuisance to Australia and a hates women in power. Morrison should tell him to STFU... but he's weak. Well that just takes the cake!

Good job PeterDutton_MP Let’s talk Human Rights spud, and the millions of taxpayer funds you have dropped into Paladin and the legal cases you have lost opposing medevac. You’re an expensive racist joke SBS is unconstitutional We're a Federation. States take responsibilty Diversionary tactics from Dutton, again.

As a Qlder I want to know who is funding this legal action and what legal firm is taking it on? Birds of a feather... CV1984 lockdowns are against our human rights. Geez that face.. .Shudder. He's lecturing Annastacia Palaszczuk over border control that's saving QLD lives-- when Dutton let the COVID-19 saturated Ruby Princess in- that has killed Australian people.- Mr Ruby Princess Dutton!

Poorlene and Dutton If he actually read the constitution he would be silent. The fact he and the red haired racist clown are barking up shows neither have zero fucking idea what powers the state's have over the commonwealth when a state of emergency is called. He really needs to STFU and go and mind his own federal business.....which he hasn’t been doing very well lately.

So it seems the Federal gov have money to spend ? Hes a Traitor to Australia ... a match made in hell 😡 It's not unconstitutional. Professor Anne Twomey looked at state border closures. The High Court accepts states implementing closures on the basis of protecting citizens. Case closed. Such a shame Peter Dutton didn’t have so much care for borders with the one boat he didn’t stop RubyDutton

So PeterDutton_MP thinks Australia's borders, including state borders, are federal responsibilities. How did that work again with the Ruby Princess? Peter Dutton should marry Pauline Hanson. I can hear them giggling now. So we should take advice from a guy that backs Pauline Hanson and cruelly dumped minors in the middle of nowhere when he was in the Police force?

QLD only have themselves to blame. It was their fault we got stuck with both Dutton and Pauline in fed parliament. If they would just stop voting for these evil f**k wits in the first place, we'd all be better off. Best get the handout ready for your donors to mount a legal challenge MelodyMac51 Peter Dutton is a national hero

maybe Dutton can answer our questions about Australian Border breaches under HIS watch, before he starts political deflection! RubyDutton RubyPrincess Does this man ever do his own job? He seems to be busy spoiling for a fight wherever he can get it? Or is he confusing the country’s borders with state borders?

PetraAu Queensland politics can't be satirised! Its OK for the state premiers to make their own decisions around restrictions, until it doesn’t fit with saving the economic disaster that the LNP and CoVid19 created. He needs to keep his right wing nose out of Queensland So why only question Queensland border? What about the other states and territories which have theirs closed. No. Do not touch our borders. Leave them alone. We want our health. Travel within your own states. Leave us alone.

What about RUBY princess 🥔🥔 What ?trying to say some people only just worked this out ? Constraint of Trade between States for a starter.. duh Ruby Dutton and NRA Hanson ... what could possibly go wrong These two sole mates should stick to lecturing the Chinese it worked so well.... niloc1951 Thank Q PeterDutton_MP

What the difference is qld when compared to SA TAS or the NT?That’s right, they have conservative governments so licking down there borders is an excellent idea?LNPCrimeFamily RubyPrincess Stop watching what Trump is doing and manage your own job. RubyPrincess Wow 🤦‍♀️ MalBJones ffs stop giving these lunatics airtime.

MelodyMac51 There is no reason why state borders should be closed to healthy people Il Duce Peter RubyDutton can hardly talk of social experiment when he is responsible for over 10% of all cases and 31% of all deaths via his incompetence in the RubyPrincess debacle. He had one job! rubydutton rubyprincess qldpol

Idiotic 'distraction' Watch out when this 'it' comes for kids trying to save the planet by means of peaceful protests. This ' snake' is after yr kids. Hopefully NOT in a hurry. As is devious. Already You don't have to report what this snake says. Stop giving him oxygen! What about the other states with closed borders?

Is that as unconstitutional as not allowing international travel or incarcerating a family for years for no reason JUST PROVES THAT DUTTON AND HANSON HAVE THE SAME BRAIN SIZE, tiny! What a shock. Concerted campaign against AnnastaciaMP Govt because there's a State election coming up. auspol MSM As unconstitutional as locking the Biloela family up on Christmas Island (costing $21m+) after trying to deport them in the dead of night?

I'll bet he hasn't stumped up with any of his money During the 1918/9 flu borders were closed within Australia. PeterDutton Tell PeterDutton_MP to put his own money up for the challenge...then we'll see him back down like a cornered dog. cool, look forward to his humiliating himself. What do expect from the man who allowed the Ruby Orincess to dock

Peter Dutton is unconstitutional. No one ever invisaged so much power in one so evil. Perhaps a referendum is in order. Should Queensland's borders remain closed to Peter Dutton and Pauline Hanson? Well I hope South Australia & Tasmania are included in this case. Otherwise it is political, and taxpayer money should not be used. Just joking we know it's political and taxpayer money will be used.

Yes he was the main vector? claudiafarhart How about a legal challenge on this? everyone in the media refuses to ask Llew O'Brien ex Qld copper & chair of the Petitions committee why he hid a petition from parliament about another ex Qld copper Peter Dutton. It details a breach of constitution & crime

PeterDutton_MP is an evil potato! 👿🥔👿 RubyPrincess EvilPotato It doesn't matter what you think of him he is probably right. All citizens enjoy the same rights regardless of which state they are from, hence likely making unlawful the prohibiting of entry across the border. The man dodges questions of accountability over RubyPrincess, sparks a trade war with China & again sticks his nose somewhere it isn’t needed.

Idiot! is the man speaking for his constituents or is this ideological bullying in the lead up to the Queensland State election? auspol LNPfail PeterDutton_MP So much for States rights Home Affairs were still allowing direct flights from Wuhan into Australia in February, checking for virus symptoms on airport airbridges, not sure their opinion matters.

2 idiots Go for it Dutton, ya fuck wit, this will absolutely ensure a Labor win for Queensland. Do you really think you have the support of the people of QLD? 'Ruby' fancies himself as a RW warrior like Menzies, Abbott or Reagan, saving the world from the evil commies. michaelhallida4 Is he after the NT, SA TAS and WA premiers also....what a moron, nearly wants ppl infected, unemployed or just dead

MalBJones Spud a Poorleen. A great pair. Managing borders is his special skill. He brought assault rifles to a virus fight. Mr Duttons opinion is welcomed. However , I’d like to gently remind the Home Affairs Chief Minister , that the qld Premier is heeding the advice of qld CMO. Well said Peter Dutton

SBS Watch out Scotty the evil potato wants the top job. Dutton can fk off. Grandstanding again. Is he in preparation for a Libspill is he? Watch out ScottMorrisonMP I think Dutton is sharpening the spill blade. Does anyone want to come forward for the dog whistlers of unintelligent grandstanding politics? Clive loves the spotlight and is familiar with the courts. I love being a Queenslander.

Ruby Princess Dutton and Poorlean. What a pair. What a reflect of the majority vote. What a reflection of the vision for Australia by a majority of Australians. Absolutely pathetic. Ruby Princess? SBS If PD had DONE HIS JOB there NEVER would'v been a pandemic in Aus in the 1st place AS USUAL PASSES THE BLAME on2 every1 else so HE doesn't face the DEBACLE he + Defence Minister caused BUT had the AFP RANSACK ABC+JOURNALIST'S of event o/s which WE AUSSIES HAD EVERY RIGHT 2KNOW!

Perhaps a legal challenge should apply to Border Force and their minister PeterDutton_MP Send both of them back....... he needs to mind his own business, he's incompetent and useless in his own portfolio, perhaps he should concentrate on his many failings. RubyDutton Oh, the irony !! Ooh better tell every shire and principality in the world they might be illegal

SBS PD had CoVID19 paid while not work'g + refused a pay cut like other LNPPoliticiansMembers COULD'V HELPED those that R still unable2 received any type of Jobseeker Subsidy LNP helped 2CREATE these Jobs 3,6,9mth⤵1yr NOW DISMISSED as INELIGIBLE MORE JOBS LIKETHESE 2COME NO SECURITY About as good as Dutton gets... A truley horrible human being who wont rest till we have his wet dream of a police state in place.

'which SOME believe MAY BE unconstitutional'...And by 'some' we know it's just Dutton and Hanson right? PeterDutton_MP There is something called as Verbal diarrhea and called Metal Asylum. The link is constantly strengthened and validated when we say something. I enjoyed this charming quote from Poreleeen H later in that same article: ''There's no vaccine for the coronavirus, I suggest you actually start to live with it.'' Would it be wrong to hope that she or one of her kids got sick? Yes, it would. Dear me.

If Dutton has backed it you know its a lame horse He must be loosing out in profits somewhere along the way in undisclosed businesses Yet he is okay with inhumane? You've backed a winner there RubyDutton. I was wondering where ‘Ruby’ got to New headline. Peter Dutton distracting from RubyPrincess and interfering in State election. auspol

You know what is unconstitutional? Usurping the authority of an elected State Premier. I think its time for border closures to be lifted too but PeterDutton_MP can take his pinko 'its unconstitutional' and shove it where his mother never kissed him. We are not a centrally governed communist state. States are sovereign, so right or wrong, Feds can just butt out!

SBS A massive big fail here, where stupidity and ignorance is trying to override commonsense! RubyPrincess SBS Dutton you and your boarder force are responsible for 40% of covid 19 infections. Butt out. Some ? I do believe public health has precedence over $$$'s at this point in time. RubyDutton It's so heart-warming to see taxpayers' money being used so prudently with one government suing another level of government.

I hope he loses money. He is a revolting human being Ps.. no bloody wonder he let Ruby Princess to dock and disembark... HOW DOESNT HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT BORDERS AND KEEPING THE US SAFE SBS That’s going to be interesting... who to listen to...commonwealth Chief Medical officer or the State Health Office....the borders should not have closed in the first place as all states were in lockdown and the data shows virus being managed.

Of course he did... I rank him with Pauline of how much I despise, distrust them both So now the monster is for open borders? SBS Does he not have a day job. Or is it bashing of the Queensland Labor Government auspol Minister for cruise ships But not South Australia or Tasmania? I wonder why? 🤔 PrincessPete full of bluster, again sticking his nose in everyone else's business but his own. When's the media going to chase him about deleting evidence from his HA website, which directly implicates him in the RubyPrincess plague ship? to hard a task for any journos?

May as well investigate this too ...auspol Bullshitboy Watergate Grassgate AngusTaylor ‘Backs Pauline Hanson’ ... says it all doesn’t it? Australia, we’re f*cked! 😢 Hopeless. Just do the job you’re paid for! Dutton puts on his little boy shorts & practices ‘border concepts’ on Queensland after failing miserably at protecting Australia’s borders DuttonForPrison RubyDutton RubyPrincess All on Dutton CoronaVirus

Is it is... Can we get rid of him...? I'll just stay warming up the tar... I'll need someone to help with feathers... A baked potato 🥔 has a crusty skin , bu it is all mush on the inside. Birds of a feather stick together Why Dutton still in the office Must be an election in Qld soon RubyDutton only supports closed borders when it applies to Brown people.

Dutton has no control over Qld borders. Interesting he isn’t challenging the states led by Liberal Premiers. This morning SA Premier said if the border was open SA would have to go back to the lowest stage of the states which still have CV. He is doing a good job for a Liberal. Is he also challenging the Marshall Government in South Australia and the Gutwein Government in Tasmania?

How did we end up with a guy that has no eyebrows and no hair as our home affairs minister? I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure if aliens did visit the earth and infiltrate our top government positions, this is exactly what they would look like. I know we're not supposed to Dutton is a dud. This terrorist!!

“If you are reading this Oi am dead “💀 yup a mastermind the old PH & now this from RubyDutton seriously 😐 These two - Bookend Bogans just need to be quiet 🤐 Both showing their true ‘redneck’ tendencies PeterDutton_MP PaulineHansonOz stay strong AnnastaciaMP - majority Qlders support you! Peter Dutton is unconstitutional.

I guess that shows that even Pauline Hanson is a quicker thinker than Peter Dutton. RubyDutton What a surprise! The state premiers have done all the heavy lifting, now it’s time to stick the knife in. Shouldn't this bloke spend more time worrying about Australia's borders and preventing another debacle like his Ruby Princess failure?

I think it’s fine if Dutton would then accept responsibility if deaths go increase and resigns if they do because of him. Pauline should also resign. But we all know neither of them would accept blame. auspol Is this a joke?! 😳😬😒 If Dutton is so obsessed with state politics, perhaps he could do the rest of Australia a favour, leave Federal politics run for election in qldpol. Sorry to anyone from QLD, I know that's a bit unfair to you though!

What an ass RubyDutton Wow birds of a feather, two of the most hated Queenslanders get together It's a complete mystery how these two fools are listened to at all. Both are ignoramuses who have no comprehension of what is a wise path to choose within the country to protect us from this pandemic. Listen here Voldemort... 😒🙄 2 words... 'Ruby Princess'

This is just posturing. By the time any legal issues are resolved, the borders will be open again. We need to take this man to court for crimes against humanity. Does this challenge include: SA, WA, NT and Tas? Why just attacking Qld? It's actually getting fun watching Dutton fuck up departments he's not involved with. Wonder what the next one will be. I'll throw a bet on somehow ruin road safety.

How about an investigation to the RubyPrincess debacle! Clean up your own mess first Dutton! What closures go in and out by yacht like the rest of them are doing Queensland. Beautiful one day, racist the next. Thanks for getting the lib/nats federally elected again..... peanuts. 😂 the some others may want to look back in history. Ooh around time of Spanish flu pandemic.

it would be good if we abolish the federation set-up Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. Ruby Princess. The virus has taken over his brain to use him as a tool to help it replicate. But then he always was a tool!

PeterDutton_MP RubyDutton Why does he not mention the other states that have closed their borders and why is he meddling in State affairs? Find it very hard to find any LNP politician to actually like! Zero Just put a cruise ship full of C19 carriers on the border, Pete. You'll have no trouble opening it up, then!

I feel it is very Constitutional, given our federation supports the autonomy of states... What is wrong with him? Why can’t he be removed from office for continued vexatious mischief? Interferes with China = we lose our trade Challenges Qld border closure = jeopardises health measures Spud, only answer we want is the RUBY PRINCESS. Stop bullying women in power.

Bull crap; liberal money lies. Just another Attack on a Labor Government. Can we have a legal challenge to PeterDutton who, if not unconstitutional, should be. And who should be illegal on the basis that inciting racism, imprisoning innocent people and torturing them for years and stripping away our freedom is an act of criminality.

surely this dude has more important things to do like... home affairs of Australia? I dunno 🤔 Why is he so interested in QLD politics - is he running for State Opposition Leader?!! We in Queensland are really keeping our borders closed from the authoritarian virus that is breeding in Canberra. Dutton 19.

Federal Government should be in charge of all of Australia and over right any thing the State Government puts's just bullshit They are stupid, that's what they are Dutton and there a festival of total bastards on somewhere? bullies Racists What constitution? lmaoooo we haven't used one since 1906 and it is not even ours. Let's first get a Bill of Rights before we start talking about law, currently Australia has no such thing.

Another waste of tax payers money

Pauline Hanson threatens to take state coronavirus border closures to the High CourtOne Nation leader Pauline Hanson is threatening to drag an escalating spat over coronavirus border closures into court, with a constitutional law expert saying the Queensland senator raises an 'enormously interesting' point. One Nation is increasingly the only party standing for the ordinary Australians It's a sign of democracy that Hanson has a voice. It's a sign of how sick that democracy is that her ideas are given credence. Just waste more taxpayers money

Row over coronavirus border closures escalates as WA Premier hits back at NSW with Ruby Princess jibe - ABC NewsWA Premier Mark McGowan stands firm on keeping his state's borders closed, saying he won't be bullied by NSW, while Gladys Berejiklian says his stance will 'hinder the nation' and cost jobs. How about this we distribute the GST revenue only to States that want to uphold the constitution and reopen borders Wishing or not President Trump remains the only one and the best president for the moment without conquering. He works for the interests of Americans and America. Those who loves him not like Chinese dictatorship. He’s going to make himself very unpopular soon. Bad move politically.

Calls grow to unlock WA's last regional border closures to save businesses 'on their knees'The WA Government stands firm on its regional border closures in the face of growing calls from the Opposition to lift them immediately, with claims the restrictions are sending businesses 'to the wall'. Border with who? It wouldn't matter until it's safe to have more than 20 people in a venue. Liz Harvey is just looking for something to grab onto to be heard. Well WA has close to no cases so I don't see why they're closed. If politicians went without pay I'm sure they'd have a different policy.

Health officials attempting to achieve 'COVID-19 nirvana' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Smith says some state health bureaucrats want to leave a “famous legacy” and achieve perfection through the “nirvana of COVID-19 eradication”. \n\nHe said the country has now entered one of the “most self-destructive periods in Australian history” as the social and economic impacts of the deadly coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt. \n\nMr Smith said state premiers are taking a “destructive stance on borders” due to the advice they are receiving to stem the spread of the pandemic in the country. \n\nIt comes as One Nation leader Pauline Hanson had recently called for affected Queensland businesses to join her to 'start proceedings against the state government' labelling Premier Palaszczuk's border closures as 'unconstitutional'.\n\nMs Palaszczuk had deferred to her Chief Medical Officer Dr Jeannette Young when justifying why her state may not reopen its borders until September.\n\nMr Smith said the constitutional challenge to the ongoing border closures is “just what we need”. \n\nImage: AP \n Never,never trust a pisshead! You have been warned! CDC is now saying the virus isn’t spread as easily from contaminated as they thought. Maybe next week, they’ll discover it doesn’t survive traveling 6ft through the air either. Chris ...what is the alternative to '“nirvana of COVID-19 eradication”? The way I look it means the higher probability of covid-19 returning and back to lock down. What is the number are you prepared to accept covid-19 fatalities so that thing return to normal?

When coronavirus border restrictions mean Australians stuck in other states can't return home - ABC NewsAs the country's premiers argue about state border closures, many Australians have been left wondering when they can go home to visit family and friends. Maybe they will start to understand what it's like to be stuck in a camp with no idea how long it will be before you can get some humane treatment What's with all the whinging from Australians Thought they were a tough crowd Me thinks I'm wrong as the longer this goes on Qld are keeping their borders shut until their election., 🤔 I'm stuck in Far North Qld and have my first grandbaby who was born in Marchk is in SA. He's been ill and spent a week in hospital and I haven't been able to travel to even meet him. I was sad but now I'm getting really angry.

Thousands of Queenslanders want borders to stay shut until September, ABC poll findsA majority of the 36,000 voters who took part in an ABC poll want Queensland's borders to stay closed until at least September, but there was one notable exception. Defund/Privatise their ABC now! Too bad it's unconstitutional. 'thousands'