Pell to walk free after High Court overturns conviction

Cardinal George Pell will be freed from jail after the High Court overturned his conviction for historic child sex offences.

7/04/2020 3:48:00 AM

Cardinal George Pell will be freed from jail after the High Court overturned his conviction. The court found there was a 'significant possibility' an innocent person has been convicted

Cardinal George Pell will be freed from jail after the High Court overturned his conviction for historic child sex offences.

Cardinal George Pell arriving at the Melbourne County Court for sentencing in 2018.Credit:Jason SouthIt will also trigger a searing examination of how Victoria’s criminal justice system allowed the case against Cardinal Pell to proceed so far on evidence which, according to the unanimous view of all seven High Court judges, could not support a guilty verdict.

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"The jury, acting rationally on the whole of the evidence, ought to have entertained a doubt as to the applicant's guilt with respect to each of the offences for which he was convicted,'' the court said in a summary judgment published on Tuesday morning.

AdvertisementThe court found there was a "significant possibility" an innocent person has been convicted.The High Court judgment, although a relief to 78-year-old Pell, leaves Australia’s most senior Catholic facing an invidious task to restore his reputation.

The end of criminal proceedings clears the way for the federal government to publish previously redacted royal commission findings into Cardinal Pell’s conduct in Ballarat, a centre of historic church sex abuse.Cardinal Pell and the church are also facing a fresh wave of civil legal action by abuse survivors.

The High Court decision does not repudiate Cardinal Pell’s accuser, a former choirboy who testified that he and a friend were indecently assaulted more than 20 years ago by Cardinal Pell, who was archbishop of Melbourne, at St Patrick’s Cathedral.Cardinal Pell’s senior counsel, Bret Walker, SC, and Victoria’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Kerri Judd, QC, agreed in their submissions to the court that the choirboy was a credible, believable witness.

Rather, the decision exposes flaws within the rest of the prosecution case; evidence given by other witnesses who were at St Patrick’s at the time which raised doubts about whether Cardinal Pell had an opportunity to commit the crimes he was accused of.

The High Court found this evidence should have caused a jury to have reasonable doubt about Cardinal Pell’s guilt. It should also have caused the Court of Appeal majority, Chief Justice Anne Ferguson and Court of Appeal President Chris Maxwell, to have misgivings about the jury’s verdict.

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"While the Court of Appeal majority assessed the evidence of the opportunity witnesses as leaving open the possibility that the complainant's account was correct, their Honours' analysis failed to engage with the question of whether there remained a reasonable possibility that the offending had not taken place," the court found.

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murdock empire FoxNewsLies get him a proper high end escort and keep him away from little choir boys. Some nuts will be nuts and the craziest nut will become a bolt. andrewbolt He’ll have time to look at the “Revelation” series. Justice system is flawed, take the statement from the “High as almighty “ court, there is a possibility (not a probability ) big difference. No clarification that the victims were not assaulted, the hierarchical system of law found Pell’s position more comfortable than the victim

If there’s a hell, there’s a warm spot for you George. I can only feel for the victims. There’s also a “significant possibility” that a guilty one hasn’t been😡 Kangaroo 🦘 Court ! A rock spider 🕷 roams our streets once more. Pell April 1st was a week ago, how long is this twisted fuck actually staying in prison for?

So you can get away with raping kids if you’re friends with Tony Abbott. The victims in my prayers. God will judge him. Hell Yes Pell’s innocent victims have been convicted. He destroyed their lives with his perverse and abhorrent sexual abuse and cover ups. I hope he never gets a moments peace,and when he is released today The Karma Bus better be there to pick up this unrepentant POS!

worse pedos in higher places then Pell, the humiliation is punishment in its self, I wonder who he will start with defamation proceedings? The incompetent Victorian public servant lawyers should have charged Pell with Misprision of Felony. 2nd rate lawyers get jobs in the public service since the top law firms will not touch them.

Bring on the civil cases Just to prove their decision is genuine...would any of the high court be prepared to leave their 5 year old son alone with Pell for a week or 2? Based on a process that opportunity witnesses have said he usually follows, but can’t categorically state on a given day he did. Apparently.

This acquittal is a blight on the Australian nation The people should not stand for it. Nothing short of diabolical. The Australian people should not stand for this ! George Pell is a festering disease. Guess it’s pretty hard to convict rich pedophiles with mates in government. The Illuminati at work Corruption tell that to the victims

George Pell to walk free after High Court quashes child sex abuse convictionsThe High Court of Australia grants George Pell's appeal against his 2018 convictions for sexually abusing two choirboys in the 1990s. “One of the first things taught by high school teachers of legal studies is the difference between a ‘not guilty’ verdict and factual innocence. Not guilty only means the charge against the accused is not proven to the standard required in criminal trials-beyond reasonable doubt. lay them new charges... now...auspol2020 DanielAndrewsMP

Pell to walk free after High Court overturns convictionBreaking Cardinal George Pell will be freed from jail after the High Court overturned his conviction for historic child sex offences Is it the 1st of April again? This is a fucking joke! George Pell is a paedo and was convicted by a jury. High Court of Australia is corrupt. He should celebrate by going on a nice cruise.

George Pell will walk free from prison after High Court quashes child sex abuse convictionBreaking: The High Court quashes George Pell's conviction, with Cardinal Pell to walk free from prison. paedophilePell We can only hope that due to his age, he gets Coronavirus. 😡 😡👎

High Court to hand down George Pell decisionAustralia's High Court will hand down its decision on disgraced Cardinal George Pell's final appeal opportunity in Brisbane on Tuesday morning. Waiting for appeal denied decision. Witches were burnt for less.. 🤔 gelatiparty

In a near-empty room on Tuesday morning, the High Court will seal George Pell's fateThere will be no crowds of victims' advocates or the Cardinal's supporters when the High Court hands down its decision on George Pell's final bid for freedom. Cease the drama. Monsters deserve no pity. Bullet behind the ear for this dirty nonce. For the victims and their families sakes, I hope this scumbag doesn’t get off tomorrow.

The high priest who used the stars to help Captain Cook make it to AustraliaHe left Tahiti to travel on the Endeavour, piloted the ship and proved himself a skilled mediator and diplomat. Without Tupaia, James Cook might have never made it to Australia. Another story proving priests are no good for peace. It's called 'navigation'. Regretfully I had never heard this tale. It's a wonderful podcast episode from RebeccaHuntley2 RadioNational and The History Listen podcast OzPodSquad podcasts history