NSW government rejects pill testing, more injecting rooms

The Berejiklian government has released the report into its inquiry into the drug ice, and has immediately ruled out five key recommendations.


The Berejiklian government will reject five key recommendations from its inquiry into the drug ice, including more supervised injecting centres, pill testing and retiring its drug detection dogs

The Berejiklian government has released the report into its inquiry into the drug ice, and has immediately ruled out five key recommendations.

But the remaining 104 recommendations, including the decriminalisation of the personal use of ice and other illicit drugs, is still being considered."The government wishes to acknowledge all those with lived experience, their families and friends, along with the broad range of experts, health practitioners and service providers who contributed to the special commission."

In October, counsel assisting the ice inquiry urged Professor Howard to recommend that the use and possession of ice and other illicit drugs be decriminalised in NSW under a public health-focused drug policy aimed at minimising harm.

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Just one question, why did they have an inquiry if they intended to reject the recommendations - that just wreaks of you may know better but I'm going to keep on working at stupid and doing the wrong things, even though you have told me that I AM taking the wrong approach FARK! These five key recommendations are ridiculous. They deserve to be rejected.

Governments have to keep drugs illegal so they can benefit from money washing through their taxed casinos,clubs and pubs . Why does GladysB bother running enquiries, if she isn't willing to listen to the recommendations anyway? Then the enquiries are just a completely pointless waste of taxpayers' money.

Good to see the long history of LNP government policy uninformed by evidence isn't being threatened in NSW. And we reject the Berejiklian Government. Genuine question: why do politicians assume they know more than experts in this field? Are they just using moral outrage as an excuse, or is it the height of arrogance in order to gain votes?

Liberals taking all action to keep those drug prices high and ensuring the drug syndicates & traffic lords make lots of money out of NSW. I’m so tired of governments being handed heavily-researched policies and plans to effectively reduce the harms caused my harmful illicit substances and then just outright rejecting them

Such forward thinking ‘leaders’ we have. Really clever, observant, pragmatic, compassionate people delivering us policy ahead of its time. What a fucking joke the LNP is. Utterly, astoundingly pathetic. I don't understand how Berejiklian can continue to sacrifice our children's lives in order to make a political point. Where's the moral compass? Beyond baffling.

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Conservative Govts have manufactured every drug problem society has ever had, prohibition doesnt work Poverty and dehumanisation of workers too, low wages job insecurity all feed into the mix Catholic kiddy fiddling wankers interfering via religious BS doesnt stop it either It's in their DNA: reject expert recommendations

So we'll pay how many hundreds of thousands of dollars to generate a report and then just ignore the sections that we don't like. Sounds about right for the state of auspol at the moment. Just ignore the things that work. Of course she will. Why do we put up with this? Thats the last thing this country needs more reasons for kids to take up drugs.

Why would you listen to experts. Seems rather daft What do the developers have To say about this review? After all, they actually run this state. The Koala Killer is just their mouthpiece. She has no knowledge of how to deal with anything apart from spending our money and screwing up Sydney Decriminalise marijuana would be a great start. It would clarify the issues, provide a less harmful alternative to alcohol and get people away from the drug networks. Do the research instead of having preconceived ideas.

Why would they reject those recommendations?

Ex-NSW MP and convicted paedophile Milton Orkopoulos loses his paroleDisgraced former NSW Labor MP and convicted sex offender Milton Orkopoulos will remain in prison after his parole was revoked. This person was Labor MP, let that sink in ^ this twit making it a left/right thing is bold, cosidering the endless list of child molesters in the catholic church alone. you really wanna go there?

It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Has expert enquiry. Ignores expert findings to appease simpleton voters. Come on GladysB, do you understand that this is not only the most compassionate, but also best strategy for the whole of society. Please speak to someone in the Swiss globalcdp about their policies and research, and look at how their work benefits everyone.

Cui bono I’m surprised Gladdys doesn’t understand how addiction works considering how addicted she is to taking cash incentives from property developers. why bother holding an inquiry? Good If you have money to waste on pills you can buy your own pill testing kit. What's the point of enquiries if the government is free to ignore them entirely?


This is how growing up with three mums in rural NSW affected KeelyThe kids at Keely Johnson's primary school in Hallidays Point did not pay much attention to her rainbow family. Things got more complicated by the time she reached high school. Cringe.

GladysB is not concerned with harm minimization & saving lives. If she was, she would listen to what she's been told by those in the field who know & follow their recommendations. No, she's interested in political outcomes that support her political career Not good enough Of course they reject all advice from experts, that is what the LNP does.

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