Newstart recipients to have payment cancelled if they refuse drug test

Newstart recipients to have payment cancelled if they refuse drug test | @canberracamper


Newstart recipients to have payment cancelled if they refuse drug test | canberracamper

The Morrison government says it will cancel welfare payments if people refuse to take part in its drug testing trial.

Welfare recipients who test positive will have their welfare quarantined - with 80 per cent put on a cashless card, which prohibits spending on drugs, alcohol or gambling.

The drug trial idea was first introduced in the 2017 budget, but the Coalition has so far not been able to secure enough support in Parliament. Welfare experts have criticised the plan, saying it will stigmatise those on welfare. Doctors say it will not help those with addiction.

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CanberraCamper I think it’s a great idea cut everyone off Newstart (where basically all monies go to Woolies or Aldis) watch the break and enters, muggings, shoplifting, carjacking home invasions,shootings bag snatching assaults and incarcerations rise.MASSIVE costs to the taxpayers and society CanberraCamper No, just no. Who benefits from oppressive policies such as these.... DoBetter

CanberraCamper Can I have some shares in Indue? CanberraCamper Watch the stampede to become a registered drug tester. CanberraCamper surely these people are stealing double Newstart, Maybe they'll go into dealing as well. CanberraCamper “As a taxpayer” I’m not sure I could possibly care less if an adult chooses to smokes weed (for medicinal or recreation reasons) while on Newstart, but I do wonder how many people will be pushed onto prescription opioids because of this program?

CanberraCamper Morrison is right on notice now let’s see how he responds, sucked in to his own vortex. Cheers mean man. CanberraCamper What if it’s on religious grounds? CanberraCamper Drastic but fare enough. Our money being used to support them. CanberraCamper And what about those on prescription meds

CanberraCamper Can we have the same rules for politicians?

Don't humiliate Newstart applicants with drug test - it's no way to tackle addictionEvery major medical, health and community welfare organisation in Australia has opposed the initiative and said there are better ways. A life on welfare and drugs is not a life. Their will be a more spike in crime. I think the government is SHIT! For hey the economy is SHIT and this is what they're talking about? Where are full time min wage jobs? Any about these days? The government is offering up to $50k rehab for these poor, addicted people. I certainly support this.

CanberraCamper Try paying them more so they don't feel so demoralised. It's amazing how people with orthoritarian attitudes refuse to look at evidence that may threaten their ideology - bit like the evidence supporting climate change. CanberraCamper Honestly he doesn't have enough drug services to support his plan. Why? Because his & successive Governments never properly funded this important part of health care. The result was rising costs in ever other sector that has to deal with this poor decision ScottMorrisonMP

lagcamion CanberraCamper Oh so they just die then hey Aussies are we all good with people dropping dead in the streets? Ffs CanberraCamper Ethics and basic human decency doesn't exist in the Morrison world, particularly when it comes to people with severe health challenges - socialdecay health CanberraCamper Sorry for any offence but this low life pretender of leadership is nothing but a big 'lady bits' who should be dragged out & hung for his crimes against the people & the nation

CanberraCamper It is NOT about drug testing. It is about making Newstart too unappealing for people so that they don’t apply and numbers fall. CanberraCamper So much for the lucky country...rules, rules & more rules. Other countries wouldn't accommodate what we seem prepared to. We've become the apathetic country, willing to stand by & watch

PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper Does this mean they are employing more staff at centerlink? CanberraCamper And you Mr PM should have your pay cancelled for being such a fraudulent, inept PM! CanberraCamper What about politicians or politicians staffers, who refuse a drug test? Will they also have salary cancelled?

Pauline Hanson gets personal over Jacqui Lambie's rejection of drug testing planOne Nation's Pauline Hanson has told independent Senator Jacqui Lambie to 'please explain' her refusal to support plans to drug test welfare recipients. We know why can pauline please explain her entire existence 'Please explain' 'hello cocky' 'who's a pretty boy' ... all Hanson has to show for her decades in public office

CanberraCamper Waste of money and time here in NZ. Very few positives out of testing. A punitive measure while Key was busy for 9 years cutting back and running services into ground. CanberraCamper -Drug addicts fear being found out -Refuse drug test -Lose sole source of money -Out on the street -Muggings and theft increase What, exactly, about this is good for ANYONE?

CanberraCamper if God does speak to you Faux Mo why don't you listen to him! CanberraCamper At what point do people notice how our government is enacting it's own agenda with no mandate from the people. This is not supported by the greater community or experts. Yet they are pushing it through. This isn't a democracy...

Asher_Wolf CanberraCamper I'm more disgusted by this PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper Menzies CanberraCamper Well done all Australians agree on this besides those 2 or 3 loud lefties CanberraCamper There’s a good way to avoid the drug test. And that’s to get a job. Though in saying that, in today’s world many work places have random drug testing anyway.

CanberraCamper The question media will not ask : 'Has it worked in any other country?' CanberraCamper Politicians tested first, Lead by example.

Scott Morrison says he's 'puzzled' by opposition to plans to drug test welfare recipientsPM Scott Morrison has strongly defended his government's plans to drug test the unemployed, saying it was 'unkind' to suggest it was a cost-saving exercise auspol Oh dear i see Latika is on the 9 media LNP express It won’t cost save it will be a cost blowout to do all the testing 😒 Morrison is disgusting.

CanberraCamper Fantastic. CanberraCamper This is not democracy!!! The government's assault on the unemployed has already killed over 2000 people, How many more people will they drive to suicide? SuicidePreventionDay suicide auspol CanberraCamper Any criminologist would tell Scott Morrison his policies create social conditions for criminality. In particular theft, and house break ins. However, illogical ideology usurps rationality in his warped mind. auspol

CanberraCamper Scott Morrison is cancelled payment, to hard worker did fall from heights bad broken back a week wait for bad operation, no recove, too much stress, f/Bosses/Worksafe 3 head tumor operations ,wait for foot operation. Brutal cruel PM Morrison No disability evidences, Pain No stop. CanberraCamper

JackNice111 CanberraCamper Very Welcome ScottMorrisonMP A lot of dole bludging welfare cheats in the comments. This has to happen. I lived in a low socio-economic area. Welfare cheats on drugs are rife! We need to clean it up. Cheats using taxpayer money to buy drugs needs to stop. PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper Politicians and bureaucrats should also be tested. They're on taxpayer money too.

CanberraCamper Questions: How will people be selected for a drug test? Will this open the way to profiling? After 3 positive tests and Newstart is lost? Is effective rehab guaranteed after the first and second positive tests? Will this approach lead to increase in crime and homelessness? PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper Not surprising. If you refuse any part of being on Centrelink, your payments are cancelled.

PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper More noise from the dumbest PM we have ever had, who cannot come up with any sensible policies re the economy, manufacturing, climate change or health, and then comes up with this 💩 picking on the most vulnerable Australians

Scott Morrison says he's 'puzzled' by opposition to plans to drug test welfare recipientsThe PM has strongly defended his government's plan to drug test the unemployed, saying it was 'unkind' to suggest it was a cost-saving exercise | latikambourke latikambourke How could it be a cost saving exercise. The plan won’t remove payments from anyone. latikambourke On ya Scomo Test em today👍💕 latikambourke Paternalistic nonsense in Morrison’s mind everyone on welfare is incapable of making good choices when it comes to money and lifestyle... Of course more going onto the Indue card isn’t a bad thing either

CanberraCamper OK PLEASE tell me that ALL members of the Government, elected politicians, and SENIOR PublicServants are to ALSO be subject to RANDOM drug tests... THEY receive public monies, and MUST be fit for work. Australia isn't this a reasonable request for Australian political mob? CanberraCamper Good, great, fantastic.. as a taxpayer I'm happy to see my contribution being monitored. ScottMorrisonMP LiberalAus

PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper It's only fair then the Morrison government member's won't get paid if they refuse one PatsKarvelas CanberraCamper Drug tests for all on the public purse CanberraCamper This is a joke right? Why would a government run by a Christian punish the poor and most vulnerable? Big drug treatment centers you numpty!!

Asher_Wolf CanberraCamper There should be mandatory drug tests for all MPs MSMWatchdog2013 CanberraCamper It looks a lot like a victory of idealogy over evidence based policy making. I can feel a legal challenge coming on. TI DumbPolicy CanberraCamper This is bullying people who need to put a roof over their heads, eat and so on, what are they supposed to live on if they don't get payments ? Stealing perhaps.

CanberraCamper Why ignore the experts and the countless failed attempts at this when it has been tried? It's expensive, it doesn't work, it's often corrupt, reinforces offensive and stigmatising sterotypes, is likely to increase crime, and causes a lot of harm in the process. CanberraCamper Great so we cut off the $40 a day and then they are just more desperate to feed their habit they are addicted to... sounds like a good plan... should have no affect on crime at all.... I totally agree we need to have drug testing of our political representatives and their staff

Focus on rehab before drug tests: expertsExperts are calling for an extra $1.2 billion for drug and alcohol programs, as federal politicians prepare to debate welfare drug-testing trials. All such things ought to be voluntary. Voluntary tests to obtain access to treatment options. The cashless card is an LNP scam & prevents people from using cash to obtain best deals on food (eg. farmers' markets) & basics, drives living costs up & thus is harmful to families. Drug use is propaganda It's intention is to distract you from the issue of grossly inadequate funding of Newstart It implies taxpayer money is spent solely on drugs so why give them more I don’t think Scumo is interested in Expert opinions . Why listen to expert when you can go nuclear on everything?

CanberraCamper Drug addicts are a product of a sick society The LNP in the last 7 years has created more drug addicts than many small rural towns can cope with LNP policy puts workers on the scrap heap especially older Australians MSMWatchdog2013 CanberraCamper here it comes MSMWatchdog2013 CanberraCamper I was a tad confused about ScottMorrisonMP’s apparent lack of Christianity given his behaviour since the election. But then I remembered, Christianity isn’t about principles its all about me, me and me. All makes sense now.

CanberraCamper So pm you want to label those new starters as possible drug cheats before they are proved to be ,what happen to be consider innocents before proven guilted.The tests will be wrong,this is cost cutting excise. CanberraCamper Hey but ScottMorrisonMP is plugging Friday afternoon drinks with him ...I guess it depends on your drug of choice 🤔 grog Newstart auspol

CanberraCamper Lets not lose sight of the fact that Scomo probably had to ask the 4 Big Banks for permission as well? Sorry. After all they pull his strings. CanberraCamper What is ScoMo on? CanberraCamper cut red tape for biz but more red tape for indiv Brilliant or just bloody minded? CanberraCamper Drug use is propaganda It's intention is to distract you from the issue of grossly inadequate funding of Newstart It implies taxpayer money is spent solely on drugs so why give them more

CanberraCamper Is the PM and his colleagues going to pay for test administration and the analysis? No. More money to a mate who will be happy to do the job without it going to tender, no doubt.

Fiery debate on Q&A over welfare drug testing planGreens Senator Jordon Steele-John has angrily demanded a government MP “cite the evidence” that welfare recipients are more likely to use drugs in a fiery debate on the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night. ZedSeselja The drugtesting claims made by a former minister have already been fact checked sir, why do you ignore that? Good on Jordon for using facts and evidence to show that this attack on welfare recipients is unfounded. Seselja did not cite any references to substantiate his arguments, instead he tried to change the question. the only benefits from this card will flow to the LNP coffers,how to embezzle tax payers money legally.

CanberraCamper What a tosser CanberraCamper The hard man of neo liberal politics? Piss test him. He probably had to ask the PRC for permission to say this? Australia, most China dependent developed nation in the world! CanberraCamper Drug test the politicians. CanberraCamper 👏👏👏👏 CanberraCamper Sure, can we expand this to include random testing of public government employees, officials and ministers and have their employment and pay suspended pending investigation if they refuse or report positive?

CanberraCamper ScottMorrisonMP Hypothetically...I’m 45, never touched drugs in my life, if I had to ask for NewStart it would be clear I just fell on hard times. I’m presentable, educated & well spoken. Would you really make me go through the indignity of a drug test because you think I can’t CanberraCamper I pay tax a % of the tax we pay goes to welfare, people should be held accountable for what they do with that money, use it to become a contributing citizen of this country,give them a job cleaning streets,parks,beaches...etc nothing is free

CanberraCamper Fair enough. CanberraCamper Ah ! The REAL PLAN has been unveiled to take people off NEWSTART & let them starve ! CanberraCamper FANTASTIC! Finally a PM willing to stand up to the bludgers.

CanberraCamper What a dud PM, when you consider that the cost of drug testing and administration will be more than what the lousy Newstart amount is worth, yet he can't find it in his unchristian heartless soul to raise the rate to a liveable amount to his fellow 'human beings' CanberraCamper Hopefully when they test the politicians and they are positive there time in parliament is also cancelled

CanberraCamper cannabis is a medical herb CanberraCamper great stuff ScottMorrisonMP keep it up CanberraCamper Very Christian of you.

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