New Zealand Hunter receives death threats after posting kills online

'What is the point of killing a goat? Tables should be turned'


A female hunter in New Zealand has come under fire for posing in revealing outfits on Instagram with the animals she has killed. 9News

'What is the point of killing a goat? Tables should be turned'

"What is the point of killing a goat? Tables should be turned," wrote one user, posting a series of gun and knife emojis.

"We gut, skin and clean the animals. Then we cut it up and pop it in the freezer to eat.

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It is blonde and a Kiwi Hunting Aotearoa!! In bikinis. nzherald 7NewsAustralia Quelle merde, les animaux ne sont pas des trophées !! What a pig! and I feel sorry for the swine on her back Good for her... Need more women like her. deport her. Yeah Baby ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I don’t need to see this. And she's a mother of three?! 😅 😂 😅 Unbelievable

She can hunt me down

Air New Zealand cancels flights, impacting thousandsThousands of Australian customers will be affected by changes to Air New Zealand’s schedule over the holiday period, as the airline announced plans to axe a number of international flights. no happy

Disgusting ! Nice tits Tit for tat. Male game hunters post photos of testosterone driven need to kill, boast and flex muscles - and people complain. This Kiwi huntress has achieved her aim: 'There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about' Oscar Wilde That’s sick

Gross in so many ways Great . another lunatic with a camera. Does she visit cemeteries and pose with bodies there too...dumbcunt I'm not surprised. Hunting is a man's sport and a woman shouldn't become involved in it. She has now got the media attention she wanted. Wait animals are killed before they’re turned into food 😱😱😱😱

Good job! Hope I death threats get dealt with.

Federal 'green bank' and Mike Cannon-Brookes back new 'agrifood' fundClimate change and a need for greater efficiency and productivity are driving agriculture in new directions. jmcduling 30 million seems small jmcduling MSM/GovLeadersPuppets of Eco-Terrorist/CliamteHOAX Activist George Soros? Soros intervenes elections in US/Australia? So MSM & Leaders spread lies/fear/hoaxes for$$? MSMNOT 2 inform WeThePeople of Truth/Facts? George Soros' Networks Extend Through to Aus

That ain't a goat. I'm all for living off the land but WTAF? They’re eating what they kill. Maybe a bit OTT putting up pictures of the kills, but I don’t see any problem with the rest of what they’re doing. Geeze I'd hate to see the reaction to Meat eater show on Netflix. Good on her. She hunts New Zealand’s introduced pests for food. Better than buying farmed meat from the supermarket.

Sexier than 2 blokes kissing on the bonds add..didn't even notice the animals apart from the 2 puppies on her chest😂🐶🐶🏀🏀 But this was okay I'm guessing? “Nailed it!” - “who, her, or the pig?” - “yep!” Ah so many triggered people on here. Love it! Women of twitter: “we hate men, how dare you objectify us!!” Women of instagram: “Let me objectify myself doing whatever the hell it is.”

This really effected me I couldn’t go shopping at Woolies for hours or comb my hair all day ‘But ‘could be worse, it could be a bloke carrying a real sell off sell out , government pig , over his back wearing only a Gee string,

Lleyton Hewitt lashes new Davis Cup format but backs Nick KyrgiosLleyton Hewitt is not a fan of the new Davis Cup format, but backs his Australia team, including Nick Kyrgios, to fire at the tournament in Spain. If Hewitt doesn't like it then it must be good.

The people threatening her would be spineless. Pig Horrible person! Jut put her in the jail Stupid bitch no empathy for the helpless animals, different if you hunt to survive for food careful not to make threats on here like certain things should happen to it.. at someone so deplorable like her twitter will ban your account, even if you're not really encouraging violence.. a. i sucks vs humans understanding.

careful not to make threats on here like certain things should happen to it.. at someone so deplorable like her twitter with ban your account, even if you're not really encouraging violence.. a. i sucks vs humans understanding. sick She can always switch to hunting keyboard warriors if they step out of line . 🤭

New $500m memorial ‘will help PTSD’The $500 million expansion of the Australian War Memorial will reportedly help veterans struggling to cope with trauma associated with their service, outgoing director Brendan Nelson says. How? Perhaps funding into mental health may achieve better results... Remind us their service Their bravery Their sacrifice But please don't talk bullshit...

just to get more followers N that’s suppose to be sexy , she just downgraded herself. I know lots of people who hunt and consume the meat of the animal they've shot. It's really no different to visiting your local butcher or the meat section of the supermarket, except this gal is self-sufficient. Purely this is a disgraceful act! What on earth is she thinking? And, I hardly have any sympathy for this disgusting clown.

Disgusting Pig.

Another musician has come forward with a new claimAfter Australian pop duo The Veronicas weighed in on the drama surrounding Black Eyed Peas star, who accused a Qantas flight attendant of racism after a tense incident on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney on Saturday, another international star has slammed the airline over similar treatment. JanetJackson Qantas iamwill JanetJackson Qantas iamwill A person must be seriously lacking in brain cells if they think a bass guitar can be classed as cabin luggage JanetJackson Qantas iamwill Everything is called racism. I get sick of it🤮

Arrival of NSW's new intercity trains set to spark stand-off over guardsThe first of $1.6 billion worth of the new double-deck trains are due to arrive by ship at Wollongong's Port Kembla from South Korea next month. Mattonews I bet train doors & platforms don’t align. Recently on airport train in peak. Very dangerous re public safety.People pushed onto train,trains didn’t stop long enough for ppl with bags to get on/off safely,bad luck if old,disabled & that’s with guards JodiMcKayMP AndrewConstance Mattonews NSW city trains are an accident waiting to happen ...Guards at airport station rushing visitors onto crowded trains is no welcome to Sydney.Trains are on tight schedules, imo a complete disregard to public safety ..we need more guards not less GladysB stuartayresmp JodiMcKayMP Mattonews Show some strength tell the unions to piss-off. Hungry overpaid not interested in serving the public.

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