'Moving forward as one': Predominantly Aboriginal island celebrates Australia Day for first time

'Moving forward as one': Predominantly Aboriginal island celebrates Australia Day for first time

Mornington İsland, Australia Day

25/01/2022 10:37:00 PM

'Moving forward as one': Predominantly Aboriginal island celebrates Australia Day for first time

For the first time, a largely Indigenous community in Queensland's north is celebrating Australia Day as local leaders seek to reinvent a date that carries a painful past.

Key points:Mornington Island's shire council is celebrating Australia Day for the first timeThe local mayor says celebrations are about unifying the islandGames and food from across the island's cultural groups are featured on the dayFor the first time, the predominantly Indigenous community is celebrating Australia Day as local leaders seek to reinvent a date that carries a painful past for their people.

"In the past there's always been conflict over this certain day," said Mornington Shire Council Mayor and Ganggalidda and Lardil man Kyle Yanner."Some people come to it with sadness and other people come to it to celebrate the beautiful country we live in.

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Looks like the bbq 🍖 is going to get a work out 🦘🤪😂💩🦠🇦🇺☠️ 'We've got Germans, Maoris, Kiwis, South Africans, non-Indigenous Australians,' Cr Yanner said. 'We're having spear-throwing competitions, egg and spoon races, we're feasting on Maori and PNG foods, Aboriginal Kup Murris, and of course we'll have a sausage sizzle.'

We have an Australia Day meat shortage thanks to COVID-19, but it was entirely preventable Australia Day barbecues are under threat as Omicron infections continue to cripple meat-processing operations, but this was an entirely predictable crisis that employers and government should have seen it coming. Probably very appropriate that Australia Day is about eating dead body parts. Thanks covid 19, now how am I going to survive 🤔 A perfect time to readjust and become vegetarian

Several Sydney council areas cancel 2022 Australia Day events | 7NEWSSeveral Australia Day celebrations across Sydney have been shelved for a second year running, while others will go ahead, scaled-back and COVID-safe. Councils say that keeping residents protected is paramount, but critics insist that this isn't helping. so those critics have any monetary incentive for the celebrations to go ahead? after all as shown by our domicron there are people out there thinking money is more important than human lives 🤔 Absolute joke!!! 💀💀💀💀 No one can afford to buy lamb chops very expensive. What happened Australia 🇦🇺

What’s on in Sydney on Australia DaySydney Harbour is the place to be on Australia Day , with lots of free events including boat races, Indigenous ceremonies and a fireworks display. Even the weather looks good | JoshDye91 JoshDye91 The history of what has led to the present situation is being hidden for the purpose of preparing the public to support going to war. auspol AUKUS PerpetualWar Ukraine Deceit JoshDye91 It would be good if this year of all years we could let the culture wars go and enjoy being Australians. JoshDye91 I would rather poke my own eyes out with a sharp stick..

WA Police to enforce 'knucklehead rule' with mask mandate in effect for Australia DayWestern Australia Police Minister Paul Papalia said cops will be enforcing the 'knucklehead rule' on Wednesday as a mask mandate is in effect for Australia Day . Lol masks required outdoors 😂😂😂😂 doesn't get much more knucklehead than that Masks outside?! What about a 100 square metre rule? Or a 2 month circuit breaker lockdown. C’mon King Mark. Do something. Beers and popcorn are out on the east coast. This is a nudge nudge wink wink effort to encourage police violence. Defund

What’s open this Australia DayThis year’s Australia Day public holiday falls on Wednesday, January 26 – and whatever you choose to do with your day off, it can be handy to know what’s open.

The economic case for a guaranteed Australia Day long weekendLet’s focus on the economics for just a moment and consider the benefits of making AustraliaDay a floating Friday at the end of January, a long weekend to bookmark the end of summer and return to work. | OPINION by Jess_Irvine Jess_Irvine End of summer is end of February. Autumn starts 1 March Jess_Irvine It's only 18 years since 26 January alalone became the public holiday. Previously it was a floating long weekend on the Monday nearest (after?) 26 January (my parents called it ANA Weekend) - let's revert to a long weekend at the end of January under any other name?