Morrison's hubris shows he's turning his back on ordinary Australians

Morrison's hubris shows he's turning his back on ordinary Australians


Morrison's hubris shows he's turning his back on ordinary Australians

The Prime Minister's recent posturing with Donald Trump and his egotistical reset on foreign policy are putting Australia at risk

"We should avoid any reflex towards negative globalism that coercively seeks to impose a mandate from an often ill-defined borderless global community and, worse still, an unaccountable internationalist bureaucracy … we can never answer to a higher authority," Morrison said.

China thinks and plans in terms of generations. To them, Trumps will simply come and go within their planning horizon. Trump, on the other hand, fluctuates from one tweet to the next. He is the sort of "friend"

So, how could Morrison consider it "putting Australia first" to suck up to Trump and, in so doing, risk offending the Chinese? This is a particularly important question when our relations with China, our largest trading partner (US is No.3), have recently been worse than at any time since Whitlam rekindled the relationship in the early '70s, and when our standing among our neighbours, especially in the Pacific, in some cases specifically relative to the Chinese,

We simply can't take our relationship with China for granted, let alone work in a way that might compromise it, especially when they have been subjected to Trump's trade war, and we seem willing to support the US.

A weakness of Morrison's "patriotism" is that some issues, such as climate and refugees, require a "collective" global solution, whereby we are expected to at least pull our weight.

Our refugee policy has failed in not putting in place an effective resettlement strategy; we should have led a regional agreement between source, transit and destination countries.

Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald

He did that a long time ago 'yes my lord,' says ScoMo to his master, Trump Where’s Jacqui Lambie position now? with what has happening in northern Syria? And the LNPs dick relative in the states ? JaneCaro Is this the most ignorant Prime Minister of our age? Turned his back from 'every' Australian and breaking into speed to get away. auspol

That's what Chinese communists' are saying. Australia-US alley makes Australia safe against communist China. He never had “ordinary Australians” back. It’s the corporate donors and wealthy mates he supports. It’s just - maybe - become more obvious He never had their back No PM Morrison is doing fine and the Australian people is not left behind it is.We are doning okay and change is good.

PM Morrison is doing an amazing job, he represents the quite majority of Australians who just want to get on with their lives and don’t believe in this Climate Change religion. It was always about himself and the 1%

Morrison's hubris shows he's turning his back on ordinary AustraliansScott Morrison would be foolish to assume the continuing, unquestioning support of the 'quiet Australians' through all of this. | OPINION Thanks the age, for such genuine and precise commentary about Morrison! Showing the Age is clear in mind and above the other commercial and politically driven media, kudos!💪💪 That Man is a Wanted Paedophile Charged by Victoria Police in the Year of 1989, then Scott Morrison Prime Minister of Australia, was Hidden in N.S.W. by Now Jailed Police Officer's for Child Sexual Abuse, Wake Up Australia Running a Country with On the Run Criminals. Arrest Scomo We are in danger, you all voted a mad man into power, and man is he using that power, way out of control. the little dictator.

Or, alternatively, crap journalism uses fake news/opinion as a means of baiting clicks? Turning? Down with Quiet Australians. Hewson should have retired in 1993. Morrison's 'I've always believed in miracles' resonated with the global religious hard right, like Pence and Bolsonaro. Morrison never has a plan, because only God has a plan. The challenge to AU democracy is from the radical religious hard right.

Burn for me baby Hello! Has the penny just been dropped? He was never 'with' ordinary Australians. The multi-hat 'blokey' charade was always just AdMo in action - and look who fell for it! auspol Morrison is too self absorbed and licking the boots of a suicidal US President 😡 *Note: Morrison consists of two backs.

'The mystery is gone': Michael Parkinson says his celebrity chat show would not work todayLegendary talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson on the changing nature of celebrity, the most charming person he's met, and why he wouldn't say no to interviewing Donald Trump. why interview Parkinson? do you forget his interview with Helen Mirran?

How good is Trump’s Australia?! Wow this is a potent message from a peer. 🙏🏻 John Hewson as this needed to be said. Hope others step up like you have done. ScottMorrisonMP continues to suck up to POTUS by supporting him throwing Kurdish & European (‘it’s ok ISIS will go to Europe’) allies under a bus. MarisePayne much more circumspect than the PM in supporting this gutless decision. Trump is a coward & NOT an ally you can trust.

What else can you expect from someone who believes in a sky fairy and puts more faith in a story based around a talking snake, incest and rampant misogyny than he does in his fellow human beings? When will we ever learn? Yes. But if there were another Federal election tomorrow he would win. OODOO LOVE SPELL TO STOP A DIVORCE AND SAVE YOUR COUPLE The effects of it. +233549533984/+233540574990. Voodoo spells not only work faster than anything else you have tried before, they also work better and longer. Voodoo spirits are so powerful that they will help you to solve .

. Two words. Ernest. Wong.

‘World’s oldest man’ stuns airport staff with passport showing he’s 123Mr Sivananda's passport date of birth has stunned airport staff... If they're correct, he could be the world's oldest living person - Ever. Read the story:

'Complete betrayal': Kurdish community braces for Syria 'bloodbath', urges Turkey boycottThe Australian Kurdish community is urging the Morrison government to join global action to prevent a 'bloodbath' in northern Syria after accusing Donald Trump of a 'complete betrayal' It's not our job to fight your wars My sympathies to your community, you have been betrayed and hopefully Trump will suffer in some way as his penance. No. Australia shouldn’t be involved

Govt is striving for 'fair' energy price outcome for Australians | Sky News AustraliaEnergy Minister Angus Taylor says the Morrison government is working towards an energy price outcome 'that is fair for Australian households and businesses”.\n\nTo lower Australian power bills the federal government plans to underwrite new energy investments, ensure ageing coal plants aren’t shutdown prematurely, and use its ‘big stick’ legislation to exercise more control over rogue power companies.\n\nThe government’s plans are all a work in progress, with Mr Taylor telling Sky News host David Speers that “big new projects don’t happen overnight”.\n\n“What is absolutely crucial is we retain our big baseload generators in the marketplace,” he said. \n\n'Premature closure of those… that is the biggest threat we’ve got in the next couple of years.”\n Sounds reasonable. Pull the other one there AngusTaylorMP

Labor urges safe passage for Islamic State children trapped in SyriaAustralian jihadi bride Zehra Duman has had her citizenship cancelled, heightening concern for more than 60 Australian women and children in Syria's al-Hawl refugee camp. fergushunter Well fuck Labor . They're not calling the shots. fergushunter And who looks after them? Bring the mothers back too no doubt? fergushunter Labor/Shorten also urged more tax$ policies+abortions up to birth+more ClimateHOAX tax$+Death tax$ as well & that's why The People saw them unelected + they have become IRRELEVANT now😂

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