Lord Howe Island to build renewable energy microgrid

A new hybrid renewable energy microgrid on Lord Howe Island will reduce energy costs and emissions, slashing its reliance in diesel generators by two thirds.


The tiny population of Lord Howe Island will soon be powered by a state-of-the-art solar and battery system to significantly curb its reliance on diesel generators | rharris334

A new hybrid renewable energy microgrid on Lord Howe Island will reduce energy costs and emissions, slashing its reliance in diesel generators by two thirds.

An integrated solar and storage system, purposely designed for a small and remote location, will be built on the World Heritage-listed island, located in the Tasman Sea 700km north-east of Sydney.

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Construction on the hybrid solar and battery system project, which includes more than 1.2 megawatt hours in solar PV and battery storage with a capacity of over 3.2 megawatt hours, will begin early next year and is expected to be completed by June.

Lord Howe Island has a population of about 380 and only permits 400 tourists at a time.

"We set a target to reduce our diesel use by two-thirds, and we believe we will not only meet that target, but potentially exceed it."

He said the initial plan was to include solar and wind generation, however it was determined during the course of the project that the wind turbine component could no longer be delivered.

Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald

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