Young girls are rejecting curvy Barbie. But why?

Curvy Barbie was the one they least wanted to play with.


Young girls are rejecting curvy Barbie. But why? | thatnatreilly

Curvy Barbie was the one they least wanted to play with.

It also puts a hole in the argument that if only children were given exposure to more “body diverse” toys, they would play with them.

If Barbie were a human woman, she’d be 5’9 or 175 cm and weigh 49 kg – we know this because one of Barbie’s accessories was her own set of scales that were set permanently at 110 pounds with a cup size FF. This made Barbie in real terms around 17 kg underweight. Researchers have previously stated that she would not have enough body fat to menstruate.

Research indicates that weight or shape bias can start as early as 5 years-old and sometimes younger.

“It’s not surprising that girls as young as three are rejecting ‘curvy’ Barbie” says Amelia Trinick, clinician and team leader of the national helpline at the Butterfly Foundation. “Research indicates that weight or shape bias can start as early as 5 years-old and sometimes younger.

It makes sense then, that if children can recognise and identify brands such as McDonalds and Kleenex before they are five, (a fact proven two decades ago) they can also recognise a dominant body type, ie a tall, underweight woman, and eventually come to prefer it.

But there is one component missing from this equation, and it might be the most significant: the role of parents. Children, especially very young children, model what they see and hear, so it’s on caregivers to create an environment of body acceptance.

Trinick tells me that the Butterfly Foundation welcomes the idea of “Curvy Barbie”. But if Barbie is a chance to act out only decorative aspects of the feminine, should we be surprised that the only mode through which young girls are willing to play these out is via an unrealistic model? Barbie can not talk, she can not think, she might have a stethoscope, or a jet pack, but she ultimately exists to be dressed and undressed.

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thatnatreilly Let’s ask Homer thatnatreilly because kids want to play with fantasy not reality. Besides being obese is not attractive for a reason its unhealthy. That's why subconsciously it's rejected. thatnatreilly Humans have developed over millions of years to know what is attractive and normal and what isn’t, the attempt to manipulate and indoctrinate people, kids on what is normal and/or attractive will never ever work.

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