Judgement of two wise men turning around Australian cricket's fortunes

30/06/2019 10:08:00 PM

#OPINION: Judgement of two wise men turning around Australian cricket's fortunes

OPINION: Judgement of two wise men turning around Australian cricket's fortunes

The leadership team of Justin Langer and Ricky Ponting has worked wonders for Australian cricket — now let's trust their judgement over Usman Khawaja and Glenn Maxwell, writes Richard Hinds.

(AP: Matt Dunham) So as Australia approaches the final game against South Africa with semi-final qualification long guaranteed and the luxury of a full week to rest, there is a feeling of calm control — perhaps even destiny — about this surprising team.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Australia has received overwhelming support from other world leaders in its efforts to locate a missing Australian in North Korea.The 29-year-old from Perth lives in the hermit kingdom and last communicated with relatives on Tuesday before going silent on social media.Man has jaw shattered in 'coward punch' after night bowling at Moore Park, Sydney Police Detective Superintendent Chris Craner, said at the scene: "There has been an incident on the freeway that I can't explain at the moment.

Yet — and what would cricket be without a selection debate — even now we continue to fret about Langer and Ponting's team with a pair of regular scapegoats, Usman Khawaja and Glenn Maxwell, the subject of what anguish remains.Given they are the odd couple of this Australian line-up, the reasons Khawaja and Maxwell remain in the selectorial cross hairs are typically distinct.Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke directly with Mr Sigley's family from Osaka, where he has been attending the G20 summit.Andrew McCormack tweet: Big mood #CWC19 Believe their most strident critics and the laconic Khawaja does not look like he is trying hard enough, while the frenzied Maxwell appears to be trying too hard.(Twitter) "We have nothing but overwhelming support and offers of cooperation and assistance to be able to both locate where Alek is and then to take what actions we can to bring him home," the PM told reporters on Saturday.Khawaja has scored his runs too slowly; Maxwell has scored his runs at a furious rate, but not enough of them.Alek Sigley has not been heard from for several days.So despite Australia's spectacular unexpected success, commentator Michael Slater wants Khawaja replaced and the rapidly improving wicketkeeper Alex Carey promoted to number five, while another TV pundit, Kerry O'Keeffe, would shuffle Steve Smith up to number three and have Shaun Marsh take Khawaja's place.One motorist said: "It’s terrible, it’s terrible, we’ve just heard that people have passed away, it’s just awful.

Meanwhile, pretty much everyone with a Twitter account has been briefly aroused by Maxwell's hard hitting, then immediately demanded he be dropped when one of the extreme risks that his job entails in the final overs brings him undone."I will just be measured in what I say because that's all about using the best opportunities we have right now to inform ourselves about where Alek is and what his safety is and where he's being held and what conditions."We're going to work with everybody to secure Alek's safety," the PM said when asked about Mr Trump's visit.But let's take a deep breath, relax, take another reassuring look up at Langer and Ponting on the balcony and consider why both Khawaja and Maxwell have a crucial role to play in this tournament — even if they have only played it briefly so far..(2/4) Having my measurements taken, I ordered a football/soccer kit identical to that of the DPRK National Team, and a DPRK Olympic uniform.

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I for one am not here to complain. When the club is not doing well, we are not doing well.

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