‘I do not consent’: Anti-lockdown protesters converge on Sydney’s CBD

'I do not consent': Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters converge on Sydney's CBD

24/07/2021 6:30:00 AM

'I do not consent': Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters converge on Sydney's CBD

Hundreds of protesters are marching in Sydney’s CBD to protest widespread lockdowns in NSW, as crowds opposing COVID-19 restrictions gather in major cities across Australia.

AdvertisementHundreds of people are marching in Sydney’s CBD to protest widespread lockdowns in NSW, as crowds opposing coronavirus restrictions converged on major cities across Australia on Saturday.Flying Australian and Eureka flags and carrying placards reading “I do not consent”, “drain the swamp” and “authority comes from God”, the crowd arrived with chants and whistles outside Sydney’s Town Hall at 12.45pm.

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Anti-lockdown protesters in Sydney’s CBD.Credit:Michael RufflesThe Sydney protesters were met with a heavy police presence, including lines of mounted police officers, outside Broadway shopping centre before marching north towards Town Hall, where some chanted “my body, my choice” while other climbed statues and the entrances to train stations.

One vehicle driving on Broadway had signs in its windows that read “unite for our freedoms” and “no to vaccine passports”.The driver beeped his horn to cheers from groups of unmasked protesters on the street, one of whom yelled “Freedom ... when do we want it? Now!” headtopics.com

In Melbourne, the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets was brought to a standstill with more than 100 police on horseback and on foot creating a human barricade holding the crowd.The crowd were screaming “no more lockdown” and “Sack [Premier] Dan Andrews”.

Both Melbourne and Sydney are currently under lockdown as they battle outbreaks of the highly infectious Delta variant.AdvertisementLoadingThe location of the protests were unknown until they were announced at 11am on encrypted social media apps. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

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Jail Good place for him! I hope the idiot isn't punching the horse. Perhaps the protesters will volunteer to work in the hospitals, doctors surgeries and mortuaries and then dig the graves…as they think they will be invincible. Don’t hold your breath. Can see the photo....all we see is white people protesting....that all u good at bitching about everything.....follow the law or you will get deported from where your ancestors came from europe

I’m so sad for NSW, massive let down by all these people. Such a disgrace, I hope they find the f***er who punched the horse! 😡🤬 COVID19nsw If people want defy the health orders, and as a consequence they contract COVID and need healthcare, they should pay for it. Not a single cent of taxpayer money, not medicare, not state hospitals, should go to these people.

It’s quite the wake up call for ScottMorrisonMP 491 days since he locked up Australia like a penal colony how long will he prolong this for personal and political gain I bet they are all regretting that move now It wasn’t 100s it was 1000s, at least use your fingers …for the hard stuff They even look like boofheads !

I think it's a couple more than 3500

Thousands cram in to Sydney CBD for anti-lockdown protestThousands of protesters without masks have gathered for an unauthorised protest against the NSW lockdown as the state records its worst day of the Delta outbreak so far. “Unorthorised” FMD. Wonder how many are frontline HCW or essential workers? Those are the people (and the vulnerable) that we should be staying home to protect. This is why you aren’t out of lockdown as you are too self absorbed. Victoria and South Australia are both in lockdown because of people like this!

This image is displays the terrifying scourge of human behaviour and I just really would love the see that piece of human excrement found, stood behind that magnificent creature and booted with full horse power. FK that makes me wild just looking at it!!!! 😡😡😡 If one person has got infected with Delta could spread all of those 3500 peoples + policemen might have chances of infection too? That’s freedom of shame on their selfishness act!

Covidiots Good on everyone who made it. You are doing it for the whole society, your sacrifices are not in vain Guess they will be chanting that when the doctors ask them if they consent to an induced coma. And tiktokguy will be waving his little freedom flag celebrating their right to suffocate at home

This is way, way not just about selfish boofheads! When are these people going to learn that the government likes these types of money making events. Now nswpolice will be coming after all of the protesters they can identify. Will they also investigate the police minister for his past aggressions, asking for a friend?

Selfish? I would say that they are altruistic

Thousands cram in to Sydney CBD for anti-lockdown protestThousands of protesters without masks have gathered for an unauthorised protest against the NSW lockdown as the state records its worst day of the Delta outbreak so far. “Unorthorised” FMD. Wonder how many are frontline HCW or essential workers? Those are the people (and the vulnerable) that we should be staying home to protect. This is why you aren’t out of lockdown as you are too self absorbed. Victoria and South Australia are both in lockdown because of people like this!

I don’t think these guys are actually protesting to let the virus rip. This looks exactly like RightWingDomesticTerrorisim. What does ASIO do? No GladysB ScottMorrisonMP & all other premiers & MEDIA have shown utter contempt for humanity Knowingly sending many people to an early death (but they don't know about it yet) - b/c you've LIED about the EXPERIMENTAL JAB👉NurembergTrials2 auspol 👉

Have a look at HorsePuncher FFS what is this bloke so angry about? His singlet doesn’t really explain it. Does he also punch women? Power to you all! Enough is enough. Of course they show that photo We need Sherriff Bart to give this guy a candygram. Who punches a horse? So the pride of the protest against sanity and reason is a guy who tries to man up by punching a horse. Yeah, seems clear why people would flock to be counted on the same side as this guy

Anyone know if Wanderers signed someone today? bunch of idiots, the lot of them. stay home! seem to all be organising via telegram people have gone mad! If you are vaccinated why are you worried about someone who is not?

Wild scenes as Sydney anti-lockdown protesters clash with policeBREAKING: Worrying video footage is emerging in Sydney of violent scenes erupting between hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters and police. Embarrassing IS THIS ANARCHY ? Anarchy is a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy. The word Anarchy used in English , means 'an absence of government'.

Good on them. I don’t want to see this - 😡 - as if there’s not enough shit to deal with. ScottMorrisonMP you have to take action against people breaking law, abusing service animals that train to protect people and the police - I’ve been patient - I stand firm - help NSW, help 🇦🇺 Lock them all up and throw away the keys.

Maybe they should be excluded from seeking medical care in the event of getting COVID from today’s protests - if they don’t believe in lockdown or vaccines to save lives, why should medical staff risk theirs. But that would be wrong. Time to talk vaccine access passports… Seriously, why are Australians getting dumber by the minute. Protesting lockdown by doing the one thing that will keep us further in lockdown. This is absolutely ridiculous.

A covid infected man in ICU has to have his lungs suctioned to remove the fluid he is drowning in on a daily basis. He is terrified despite sedation. BBC News, U.K. 2nd Wave Jan 2021. For those who can’t handle the truth. Looks thousands. And millions on social media!!!! I don't consent either. But I'm not going to march in a fk'in pandemic Moronic behaviour

Idiots Who organised this protest!

UTS professor found guilty of threatening herselfPolice officers in Sydney are working alongside a charity unable to operate due to lockdown to hand out free PPE in hotspot suburbs. I believe the phrase is “she pulled a Jussie”. Attention seeking brownsnake69 Err... Huh?

They are the swamp. Who organised this Water cannon needed here This is something foolish This is the biggest crock of sh*t as a headline. There were THOUSANDS not hundreds. We need a strategy. We need perspective. We need proportionality. Right now Australia has none of the above. So … it is understandable that people take to the streets.

The irony when this becomes a super spreader event. instantkarma darwinaward dontletevolitionsmackyourarseonthewayout I've been vaccinated because I care about my family, my friends, my colleagues, my clients, the community in which I live, my duty to the nation I call home... Out of 5 mill. people, you’re bound to get a few hundred who watch Sky After Dark and/or US Conspiracy Theories sponsored by pro-Trump loonies.

Cops need to crack some heads. We’re not in this together. Sorry, not with this imbeciles.

What desperate authorities could still doHarsh new measures may be required in NSW to get Covid-19 cases down. Here’s what desperate authorities could still do. Yep make it 5km Have they been in a fkg coma for a year and a half !!!!? It’s been obvious from day one that harsher measures are necessary 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Hhhmmm maybe a proper lockdown.

What did I say? Send in the Army We could have such an opportunity to show that we are are greater than our leaders by staying at home and allowing all the people who are suffering in Red Zones to get all the help and information and advice they need to come through this frightening time Swamp creatures requesting the swamp be drained.😬

Lock them all up. Stop taking dumdass lessons from the US. It’s a pity NSW Government turned down help from Defence Force only yesterday If we were going to drain the swamp we’d need to start with the people in the photo 😡 Organised by the unions and Labor to unseat the government. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Fined into poverty Charged with reckless endangerment Cuffed and collared. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Sydney lockdown to last an extra five weeks, modelling suggestsSydney’s lockdown will last at least five more weeks according to new modelling by the University of Melbourne, while the AMA has called for brutal restrictions in the harbourside city. No. Enough! I think at least till October

Hundreds!!!!! Try 50 thousand plus Maybe anyone not immunised should be paying for hospital care costs from Nov christians Is this mean? Open up, take our chances with virus or A-Z? Scientists keep mutations off the scene Hospitals stocked with plenty of oxygeen Mortuarys ready to keep the streets clean And we can sit and wonder what could have been If we had a bit of patience and weren't so mean

Also carry a card saying ' I don't consent to be ventilated when I come into hospital spluttering and short of breath. Atleast the front line staff won't have to waste time on such people.

Has Trump arrived in Sydney? Disguised as Gladys and Morrison? auspol A swirling undercurrent of Trumpian disrupters. Swamp rats say what? 🎼 Load up, load up, load up with rubber bullets 🎵🎸 Why? I'm surprised Morrison isn't leading the protesters? He's been anti-lockdown from the very beginning. ScottMorrisonMP

clowns Get vaccinated so these guys can keep protesting until they have all caught it and died. Pete evans there? Craig Kelly? Or are they just happy winding people up, feeding them pap and nonsense and then laying low in their own safe bunkers. I bet the talked of sovreignty, holding space and bloody breath work as a their antidote to thaivirus. Goodluck with that

Can they all sign a waiver for ICU beds ? If in need of hospitalisation I’m so convinced I forego treatment.

Drain the swamp, how original. Why give them coverage? Certain parties here in Australia deliberately using facebook conspiracy theory groups to provoke mass spreading events during a health emergency. This horseshit has been directly imported from the US where it's been weaponized by the right. You watch, it'll be 'our rights'.

Morons who would eat a live toad if their spirit guide told them to, but could not possibly wear a mask or stay inside for a few weeks. Spare me. So they don't get hospital beds right? If only every 1000 climate protestors could garner this amount of press, we'd read about not much else. Hundreds More like thousands protesting....and there will be more and more every week until this tyranny ends. If Sydneysiders don't stand up to this lockdown nonsense we will be in lockdown until October at least! COVID19Aus lockdownSydney auspol COVID19nsw

OH that’s what we need!! Morons on the streets who are maskless. The numbers are in their 100’s but they object! I object to them protesting.. Insanity Surely these 5000 protesters are in the minority and thus impinging on the rights(not to not die a horrible death) of the majority. Once there's enough vaccine and time for the population to get inoculated. I'm very happy for hospitals to assign Covid to second priority a removed from beds or rejected if other patients need them

Hundreds? Fake news lmao Oddly no sign of politicised NSW police commissioner Mick Fuller out decrying these flat earthers or ordering in his Thug Squad aka PORS to bash heads and arrest them! Wonder why? Perhaps his potential constituents when he stand for an LNP seat in the near future? This is what happened when you don’t equip police with butterflies net :)

Visibly upset. We will get very important data from this rally, likely causing an extension of lockdowns. Trump and QAnon supporters Hmmmm what a bunch of selfish people They all need to be locked up..the people doing the right thing to make this lockdown as short as possible are sick & tired of these stupid protestors

America is leaking 🙄 While MILLIONS agree to curtail their own behaviour for the greater good. Thanks to these guys, Sydney’s situation is now about to escalate from being a national emergency to a national disaster ..

Just in case anyone thought the Qidiots had wised up. You're all gonna die! 😱