Hands off Cup carnival timeslot: Lloyd Williams' warning to AFL

3/05/2020 12:00:00 PM

The Melbourne Cup's most successful owner, Lloyd Williams, says horse racing should not have to make way for a rescheduled AFL finals series

The AFL has set a target of October 31 to finish its revamped season. It's the very same day when the Cup carnival is due to kick off with Victoria Derby Day.

The Melbourne Cup's most successful owner, Lloyd Williams, says horse racing should not have to make way for a rescheduled AFL finals series

, with the Victoria Racing Club willing to go head-to-head with the grand final if it falls on the opening day of the Cup carnival.But it was his role as the sheepish lawyer on Scrubs , on which he made 95 appearances, that made him famous.Legal action lodged by the United States Women's National Team (USWNT) over gender pay discrepancy has been thrown out by a federal judge, a blow which has surprised the defending World Cup football champions.Image Grim Reaper’ warns Floridians to stay off beaches (WMBB News 13) A Florida lawyer dressed as the Grim Reaper has warned Floridians to stay off beaches, claiming looser restrictions will prolong the coronavirus recovery.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan has said the league has set a target of October 31 to finish its revamped season.October 31 is when the Cup carnival is due to kick off with Victoria Derby Day, although there is a view in Victorian sporting circles that October 24 – Cox Plate day – is a more likely date for the grand final."Sam Lloyd made me crack up and break character every single time we did a scene together.Damien Oliver celebrates winning last year's Victoria Derby on Warning.They asked for more than $100 million in damages under the US's Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.The 2020 edition faces a possible clash with a delayed AFL grand final.I will forever cherish the time I had with you, Sammy.Credit: Getty Images The AFL is working towards a start date in late June, to complete a 17-round season plus finals.Mr Uhlfelder has urged beachgoers to continue social distancing, reports the Sun.

But a number of factors, including byes, will determine when it ends.He was also a talented singer who was a member of the a cappella group the Blanks and Beatles tribute band the Buttles, according to Entertainment Weekly "Thinking a lot about Sam Lloyd today," wrote Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence on Twitter."The history of negotiations between the parties demonstrates that the WNT rejected an offer to be paid under the same pay-to-play structure as the MNT, and the WNT was willing to forgo higher bonuses for benefits, such as greater base compensation and the guarantee of a higher number of contracted players," Judge Klausner wrote.VRC chief executive Neil Wilson said all options would be considered if the AFL season stretched to the end of October, and he acknowledged it would make life easier for the racing club if the grand final were either earlier in the month or at night to avoid a direct clash.Advertisement He said the VRC would work with the AFL to get the best possible outcome for Victorian sports fans.He will be missed by so many."We would have to have a think about it [going head to head]," Wilson says."We are confident in our case and steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport will not be valued as lesser just because of their gender," she said."Would they both be on a day format? We have to be on a day format.

We will work together with the AFL to make sure we get the best outcome.That news [about a possible Derby Day clash], I am not falling on the ground because of that."Merely comparing what WNT players received under their own CBA with what they would have received under the MNT CBA discounts the value that the team placed on guaranteed benefits they receive under their agreement, which they opted for at the expense of higher performance-based bonuses," Judge Klausner wrote.Everyone wants the best outcome for Melbourne." Williams, who has had six Melbourne Cup winners, believes that if anyone has to shift it should be the football code, not the racing classic."Gil McLachlan should realise the VRC has had those dates [the end of October/start of November] long before the AFL existed," he says.He said there was not sufficient evidence to show that decisions on field surface were made for discriminatory reasons.

"If they must play football in the racing territory play on a Sunday.More people in Australia and around the world watch the Melbourne Cup than the AFL grand final." Although Flemington is unlikely to be able to host the usual 100,000-strong crowd that throngs the track on most Derby Days, Wilson is hopeful restrictions will have been relaxed enough to at least allow between 10,000 and 30,000 on-course patrons for the fixture.The USSF argued that the men, who have struggled in World Cup qualifying, have more need for charters than the women in order to arrive more rested for their qualifiers.Loading Shifting Derby Day to the following day, Sunday, November 1, to avoid any clash with the AFL should it end its season on the last day of October is another less likely option.It would be fraught with logistical difficulties for a horse who qualifies for the great race by winning the Hotham Handicap on Derby Day, giving it only a two-day break to the Cup itself.

An October 24 finish might suit all parties more.The women's team players intend to appeal the decision against the Equal Pay Act claim, a move that could delay the trial into 2021 or later.The Age reported last month that Moonee Valley Racing Club would consider running the Cox Plate under lights, which would enable broadcaster Channel Seven to roll from the football into the country's top weight-for-age race.Flemington's Cup week (which kicks off with Derby Day) is covered by Network Ten.Wilson says the VRC is still planning for the status quo."We are still working on Cup week being Cup week and we are still working on having some crowds," he said.

"It might not be the big footprint of 100,000, but we have got so much space.Unlike other stadiums where you can't sit people away and the entries and exits are not that easy, we believe we can manage that.Loading "The AFL has been bouncing around a bit, and if they are now saying an end of October grand final it could be a mega day.Our preference is to hold where we are and deal with what happens..

.but we will reach out to the AFL and work with them to see if we can get the best outcome." Another possibility is for Derby Day to be staged on the Friday if the public holiday for the grand final is moved to October when the game is played this year.Normally it is the last Friday in September."I have not given that any thought," says Wilson.

"But the other way to look at that is that it would be a big lead-in.‘ "We have to consider the broader Victorian industry, there's the Cox Plate, the Caulfield Cup, the pattern of racing, so there's a whole lot of things to think through.".

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Who cares? I just want to use the local park right now Nobody gives a shit 😒 Let the torture begin! 😕 Seriously not an issue. Plenty of us can manage to keep one eye/ear on the racing & one on the footy, been doing it for years. It's not as if crowds are a problem, won't be attendances at either. Racing authorities just need to be careful about timing of major races on the day.

Night Grand Final Have you not noticed that most people don't actually care?

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'One of the funniest actors': Scrubs co-star Sam Lloyd dead at 56'Rest in peace to one of the funniest actors I've ever had the joy of working with,' wrote Scrubs star Zach Braff in a Twitter post. RIP