'Epitome of the free spirit': 'Clancy descendant' dies in Paris from COVID-19

3/05/2020 10:45:00 AM

A free spirit believed to be a descendant of Banjo Paterson's drover 'Clancy' has died from COVID-19

A free spirit believed to be a descendant of Banjo Paterson's drover 'Clancy' has died from COVID-19

Before he died from COVID-19 in Paris last month, the extraordinary adventures of Gerald Clancy Taylor held echoes of his grandfather, who is believed by some to be the inspiration behind Banjo Paterson's Clancy of the The Overflow.

Larger text size Very large text size From boyhood in Melbourne to his death from COVID-19 in a Paris hospital last month, Gerald Clancy Taylor, a student and saviour of languages, refused the offices, routines and assorted dull expectations of others.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter A 14th resident of the Newmarch House aged care home in western Sydney has died after becoming infected with COVID-19.AAP 02 May 2020 19:52 The latest coronavirus outbreak in Melbourne, at a meat processing facility, has revealed the fragility of the fight against the pandemic.WhatsApp An 83-year-old Western Australian woman has died from COVID-19, after contracting the virus from a close contact.

At its nomadic essence, his extraordinary life was perhaps not so dissimilar to a famous portrayal of his own grandfather Thomas Clancy, who, some believe, was the inspiration for Banjo Paterson's fictional drover named Clancy, from a station called The Overflow.Putative 'Clancy of The Overflow' descendant Gerald Taylor, a globetrotter who spoke as many as 40 languages, died from COVID-19 in Paris on April 1."This is a very sad time for the family and a distressing and challenging time for residents and staff as we deal with the impact of this dreadful virus," Anglicare said in a statement on Sunday.Mr Taylor never had a proper job until the age of 41.She would not identify the meat facility but said there were no concerns about food safety or risk to the community.He never married, or stayed put for long.The changes will be implemented from next weekend with real estate agents urged to limit the number of people viewing properties and attending auctions and to follow stringent cleaning guidelines including ensuring people don't touch surfaces.His passions were language and travel, and he indulged them wholly.A total of 523 people have recovered, leaving 19 active cases across the State, including three in the regions.

News of Mr Taylor's death at the age of 86 rippled through Peru, where he is revered for his 45-year study of indigenous language Quechuan – in particular, his translations of the 17th Century “ Huarochirí Manuscript ”, which has been likened to an Andean equivalent of the Epic of Gilgamesh.READ MORE New coronavirus outbreak at Melbourne meat facility NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said these measures were vital to ensure the safety of customers, property owners and real estate agents.The total number of infections is 1371 and 1300 of those have recovered.Advertisement The grief spread through the continents he called home since leaving Melbourne in the 1950s – Asia, Europe and South America, where he eked an existence “off the smell of an oily rag” through revolutions, beatings from police and cultural upheavals.If old Tom Clancy was Banjo Paterson’s symbol of freedom in his 1889 poem, then the drover's grandson was the family's worldly 20th century successor.Meanwhile, Anglicare chief executive Grant Millard said the organisation will raise the possibility of extracting residents from its Newmarch facility.Thomas Clancy with his daughter Annie, who was Gerald Taylor's mother.According to family lore, Thomas was the inspiration behind Banjo Paterson's Clancy of The Overflow.There have been some 61 cases and 14 deaths related to transmission at the aged care home.He was arrested a short time later.

“He was the epitome of the free spirit,” says Mr Taylor's nephew, author and artist Antoni Jach."He was a good role model in that way, in terms of you don’t just have to get a steady job and do that forever."We've clearly seen transmission that on the surface looks like there's been breaches of infection control amongst particularly the staff," NSW chief medical officer Dr Kerry Chant said.You can just follow your whims.” Born in Melbourne in 1933, Mr Taylor found refuge from his austere Anzac father and the rigid expectations of schools (plural because he was regularly expelled) in the world of words.There are have been some elements where consistent application of infection control practice has not occurred.His bedside table as a teenager, his family says, was a mess of language guides, the contents of which he practised on the street by bailing up migrant workers."The more we do this, the sooner we can get back to normal.

Examiners at Xavier College, more tolerant of his caprices, were so astounded at his grasp of local colloquialisms they believed he must have lived in the countries of study.But he conceded there had been breaches of health protocols.In reality, he had been slipping underage into the Young and Jacksons pub in Melbourne’s CBD.For all his love of language and formidable intellect, Mr Taylor failed high school English, a fact that mystified him into old age.Our doctors are highly trained, but like everybody else you can make a mistake.The blip meant he could not sign the matriculation roll into Melbourne University so, instead, he took his first leap outside a then-sleepy city.“Gerald said to me on a number of occasions, ‘You couldn’t believe how boring Melbourne was in the 50s’.When asked whether Anglicare would remove some residents from the aged care home, Mr Millard said the option would be brought up with residents.

And he just longed to escape,” another nephew, Andrew Taylor, tells The Sunday Age.“I don’t think Melbourne, even today, could give him what the rest of the world could give him; what Asia could give him, what Europe could give him, what South America could give him.NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay called on the government to give all Newmarch House residents, even ones who were healthy, the option of being moved to the public hospital system.He inhabited all those continents and made so many connections.” A young Gerald Taylor on the road.People in Australia must stay at least 1.Mr Taylor eventually turned his passions into income by teaching at the famous and ancient Sorbonne in Paris.

By his death on April 1, he could speak as many as 40 languages, friends would say, and was a world-renowned philologist and linguist with books and breakthroughs still to publish.Check your state’s restrictions on gathering limits.“He was curious about people.He loved people.If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, arrange a test by calling your doctor or contact the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.And the way to get to know people was to converse in their language,” Mr Jach says.Andrew Taylor, the nephew, would often stay in Paris with his uncle and remembers him sitting late into the night watching old movies in Hindi, Mandarin, Bengali and Tamil.SBS is committed to informing Australia’s diverse communities about the latest COVID-19 developments.

Those days entailed talking to people on the streets and parties with academics vying to outdo each another with tales of globetrotting derring-do.Mr Taylor last visited Melbourne over Christmas, when he became gravely ill with gallstones.At the Frankston Hospital he spoke Malayalam with nurses from the Kerala region of southern India, the nephews say.One night he spoke Mandarin to a Chinese doctor.It turned out she was from southern China, so he switched to Cantonese.

His last conversations in the Paris hospital were in the native Turkish of his nurses.He was, naturally, proud of his putative Clancy of The Overflow ancestry, the family says.Banjo Paterson maintained the character was a composite, but the family holds it was, at least in part, inspired by Mr Taylor’s grandfather, Thomas Clancy.The family story goes that Paterson came upon the name in a small newspaper brief recording that a “Clancy” was about to drive a record number of cattle from a station called “The Overflow”.As recorded in Grantlee Kieza’s 2018 history Banjo , Tom Clancy claimed to have once driven a "tremendous herd" from The Overflow, near Nymagee in central NSW.

Kieza also cites Clancy’s diary entry from September 29, 1882 which places him with a mob of sheep at the Lachlan River, where the narrator of the poem said he met Clancy “years ago”.Thomas Clancy's will signed by Banjo Paterson.Other families have made claims over the years, including descendants of Tom’s brother, John Clancy, who did for a time actually work at a station called The Overflow.Mr Jach says the connections are tantalising but, ultimately, the specifics are “not so important”.The mystery is part of the fun.

Part of the legend.“Banjo Paterson was quoted as saying that he wanted a particular type.Clancy stands as that particular type – reckless, independent, strong, courageous,” Mr Jach says.Kieza comes to the same conclusion, adding some of the literary Clancy may have been from Paterson’s own late father.Whatever the case, Thomas Clancy struck up a correspondence with the famous balladeer and the family still has his will signed by the Sydney solicitor, A.

B Paterson.Clancy also wrote his own poem, a counter to the romantic drover's life depicted by Paterson.Clancy's riposte talks of “drought-scourged plains extended” and “stock in hundreds dying, along the road are lying”.Mr Taylor could recite his grandfather’s verses by heart.One of them reads: Then a roving fancy took me, Which has never since forsook me, And decided me to travel, And leave the Overflow.


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