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Fears for Kurds on Syrian border as Turkish invasion looms after US troop withdrawal

Fears for Kurds on Syrian border as Turkish invasion looms after US troop withdrawal

8/10/2019 12:39:00 PM

Fears for Kurds on Syria n border as Turkish invasion looms after US troop withdrawal

Friends and family of Kurds living near Syria 's border with Turkey are nervously watching on to see what happens next, after the withdrawal of US troops from the area heightened fears of an invasion.

."There hasn't actually yet been any action and they aren't that close, so any action taking place may still allow the immediate area's safety for some time," he said.Foreign Minister Marise Payne said while Australia remained concerned about their welfare, repatriation would only take place if it does not put government officials or forces at risk.

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Most of the Australian women stranded in Syria are not strangers to each other — they are relatives of one man. Who they are and how they got there has until now remained a secret.The EU warned that a military operation in north-east Syria would lead to the"massive displacement" of refugees and risked"severely undermining" political efforts aimed at ending Syria's eight-year-old conflict.

Mat Tinkler from Save the Children Australia said the camp was"one of the worst places in the world to be a child".He added:"The Kurdish administration of these camps represents the best available window to bring these systems home to safety.

"With the news that the US will withdraw its forces that window is rapidly closing. We urge the Australian Government to urgently move the Australian children and women in the camps to safety, with a view to repatriating them."There are more than 40 Australian children in the camps — most under the age of 5 — who have lived through conflict, bombardment and acute deprivation. These children are innocent victims of the conflict and must be treated as such. They, along with the Australian women, must be moved to safety as an immediate priority."

Australian Government monitoring 'rapidly evolving situation'Mr Tastan wants a no-fly zone to be established over northern Syria, and is calling on the Australian Government to make a public statement condemning Turkey.Earlier on Tuesday, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said the Australia Government was"very aware of what's been happening".

"It is too early yet to speculate on the consequences this might have for Australian policy in the region ... as it is a very rapidly evolving, new situation," she said."So we will continue to monitor and act accordingly when we have more information to hand."

Acting Opposition Leader Richard Marles echoed the Government's call for restraint from all parties in the"very complex situation" and said Labor had requested a briefing on the situation."It is so important that as the days and weeks play out from here that we do not see the next chapter begin of Syria's misery," he said.

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And if U.S. troops were going to stay and fight TheirABC would be Banshee howling how realDonaldTrump was a war monger. America was fighting a religious war for decades that wasn't there's to fight but did for the promise of oil and power. Soldiers now go home Who writes this crap? I am in shock that they would desert their allies again

'Natural enemies': What Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria could mean for the KurdsWhy does Turkey want to attack Syria 's Kurds and what does the US and President Donald Trump have to do with it? What about what it means for Australia? What a crock 100yrs mateship is. 'Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.' 3rd Viscount Palmerston b1784 A Nato member launches unprovoked airstrike on Kurds. auspol T. R. U. M. P. - its how you spell treacherous in Kurdish... It means genocide ordered on an ally by Trump.

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US Democrats subpoena Pentagon docs in Trump impeachment inquiryCongressional Democrats have issued subpoenas to the Pentagon and the White House budget office as part of their impeachment inquiry, seeking documents related to US President Donald Trump's decision to withhold military assistance from Ukraine. Why should USA give anything to any other country. Dems want open borders and proliferation of deadly weapons throughout the world. Dems: a party of Murder. How about the video of Biden threatening to withhold military support if the Ukraine Govt. didn't sack a prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden. Now that's a story...crickets from the mainstream media.

UN 'preparing for the worst' from Turkey's Syria operation as US withdraws troopsThe United Nations says it is 'preparing for the worst' in northeast Syria after the US said it would step aside to allow for Turkish military operations in the area. Russia is part of the UN and heavily involved in the area & politics. Surely the UN should be shaming Russia instead of USA withdrawing from the Geopolitical situation. Nothing will happen the Kurds won’t move without US help probably a deal has been made to make Erdogan look like a hero

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