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CSIRO teams with takeaway tycoon to make 'fake meat' fast food

CSIRO teams with takeaway tycoon to make 'fake meat' fast food


CSIRO teams with takeaway tycoon to make 'fake meat' fast food

An Australian fast food giant launches a '0 per cent beef' burger that aims to imitate the real thing and appeal to meat lovers' tastes.

Australia's national science agency, the CSIRO, has teamed up with the billionaire behind an Australian fast food chain to make and market a plant-based alternative to the beef burger, dubbed the Rebel Whopper.

Doesn't the CSIRO recommend that we avoid processed foods? This seems a little contradictory

The CSIRO and a takeaway tycoon have teamed up to create a fake beef patty that tastes like the real thing

The legume-based burger patty is the creation of plant-based meat start-up, v2food, which is a joint venture between the CSIRO and Hungry Jack's founder, Jack Cowin's Competitive Foods Australia.

However, Mr Cowin said the plant-based protein industry was not an enemy of the existing beef industry.

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. Hungry Jacks strategy team has FAILED big time on this. This is an appeal to a potential customer base that will NEVER becomes a HJ customer. And it's a turn-off to their core market. Maybe they should focus on staff training and cleaning their tables. . HungryJacksAU Makes no difference while they continue to cook vegan products on the same equipment as they do meat, eggs and dairy

That solvent green is so delicious Like in 1984 when all the cafeteria meat was all fake unless you were part of the elite leadership? I had one today and it was really good. Really. The world is going F*en nuts! How's that 80 million dollar budget cut doing. How did that work out for you Why make a fake burger that looks like meat? Smh, crazy!

With 11.2% of Australians admitting to be Vegan, this is really going to be a winner 🤔

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