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French, Business Trip

A Frenchman died during sex on a work trip — and now his employer is being held liable

A Frenchman died during sex on a work trip — and now his employer is being held liable


A French man died during sex on a work trip — and now his employer is being held liable

A French company is held liable for the death of one of its engineers, whose fatal heart attack occurred while he was having sex on a business trip .

His employer, TSO, challenged the ruling, arguing the death occurred on his own time

The state health insurance provider reportedly labelled the incident a workplace accident, and in 2016 a court agreed, ruling that sex was considered"an act of normal life, like taking a shower or eating a meal".

According to media reports, the company told the Paris appeals court it should not be held liable for his death because it"occurred when he had knowingly interrupted his work for a reason solely dictated by his personal interest, independent of his employment".

The ruling means Mr X's family will be entitled to benefits from both the state and TSO, amounting to a monthly payment of up to 80 per cent of his salary until the year he would have been eligible to enter retirement, and a contribution towards his pension after his retirement year.

This follows a 2017 case where a French court found a company liable for an injury to a businessman's hand even though the injury had been sustained at 2:00am in a Chinese disco.

in a country New South Wales hotel room while on a work trip.

Workplace safety body ComCare disagreed, saying people needed to eat, sleep and attend to their personal hygiene but"you don't need to have sex".

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The man was on a work trip so the boss is liable. ABC staffers. Start booking your business trips rn. Clearly they are responsible, his employer was obviously working him to the bone. Ya don't have to be dead to be stiff!

Man's work trip sex death ruled workplace accidentA French court has ruled the employer of a man who died while having sex on a business trip is financially responsible for his death. 9News O.k But why do you put a dead lady's feet to show a dead man's article? Idiots Le cool

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