74,799 more cases reported in UK; Russia breaks daily infection record – as it happened

24/01/2022 4:42:00 AM

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74,799 more cases reported in UK; Russia breaks daily infection record – as it happened

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Government admits Afghanistan humanitarian visa backlog, stops short of lifting visa cap

A year after the Taliban captured Kabul, only 6,000 visas have been granted. This is despite 40,000 visa applications having been lodged, covering over 211,000 people. Read more >>

Coronavirus live: Japan and Taiwan report Omicron surges; Ireland lifts restrictionsPoland and Russia report record new daily infections; Taiwan to tighten restrictions after 60 Covid cases at Taoyuan factory

Tokyo records 11,227 new COVID-19 casesI am certain it is Scomo’s fault Japan sent back all its Moderna vaccines last year after finding metal shavings in jars. Ivermectin based drugs recommended by the FLCCC are now used country wide so why would their numbers be high unless these are ADR's from Pfizer vaccines, like here, it's certainly not covid. Hope humanity finds its way out of this crisis

Omicron can't be 'eliminated' in WA, government concedes, as case numbers jump and COVID breach occurs at major hospitalCOVID case numbers jump in WA and the Health Minister concedes the plan of attack is now to suppress and manage the virus, not eliminate it. Lmao. Is 24 'big' or 20,000 'big'? Tone it down Auntie. 👎 Big jump. Lol. Lockdowns coming next.

NSW records significant drop in daily COVID-19 cases but hospital admissions upThe state recorded 15,091 new COVID-19 cases in the 24 hours to 8pm last night, down from the 20,324 reported on Sunday morning.

Victoria promising Covid milestoneVictoria has reported a big drop in Covid cases in the past 24 hours, marking the lowest daily tally in weeks. If positive tests aren't being reported, & testing counts are decreasing, positive cases cannot rise. Ahh the successes (and loopholes) of the honour system. NSW will be 15 cases soon to be zero in no time. LesMiz2020 Any mention in News.com.au another 58 deaths nationally. Thats 862 dead Australians since 2nd January Big drop in testing numbers too. Lowest for months.

Perth records temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius for the fifth consecutive dayPerth has recorded its fifth consecutive day of reaching temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, breaking its previous record as it swelters through one of its hottest summers. -26 C here in Ottawa, Canada That place is officially hell

That’s it from me, Helen Livingstone, and the Guardian’s live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic for now.The deputy lead for England’s NHS Covid vaccination programme Dr Nikki Kanani, said on Saturday health care professionals “have a duty” to make sure they are protected against Covid-19.2 hours ago Tokyo has recorded its highest number of daily COVID infections for the fourth consecutive day, reporting 11,227 cases of the virus.WhatsApp WA's Health Minister has admitted the government does not expect to be able to contain a number of Omicron outbreaks across Perth, as the state recorded 24 local cases overnight.

Before I go, here’s a roundup of the latest developments: The Omicron variant has moved the Covid-19 pandemic into a new phase and could bring it to an end in Europe, the WHO Europe director has said. “It’s plausible that the region is moving towards a kind of pandemic endgame,” Hans Kluge told AFP, adding that Omicron could infect 60% of Europeans by March. Dr Kanani was asked if the NHS can cope with the possibility of losing thousands of staff due to mandatory vaccination. A fourth dose of Covid-19 vaccine given to people over 60 in Israel made them three times more resistant to serious illness than thrice-vaccinated people in the same age group, Israel’s health ministry has said.3 per cent. About 50,000 people protesting against Covid-19 restrictions in Belgium have been dispersed by police. I know that our teams will be doing everything they can to continue to have vaccine confidence building conversations and offering that all important vaccination to staff who are yet to. The country is facing a fifth wave of Covid-19 infections, with the peak not expected for at least a couple of weeks. "He was very clear that it can't be eliminated because it's so transmissible.

US authorities are confident most states will soon reach and pass a peak in coronavirus Omicron va .