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National executive committee members in heated discussions over whether or not the former president should be pardoned.

2021-07-11 07:30:00 AM

‘Zuma shouldn't be pardoned’ | National executive committee members in heated discussions over whether or not the former president should be pardoned

National executive committee members in heated discussions over whether or not the former president should be pardoned.

Supporters of former president Jacob Zuma blocked the N3 highway in Peacevale in KwaZulu-Natal yesterday as protesters continued to demand his release from the Estcourt prison, where he is serving his 15-month jail term for contempt of court. Photo: Rogan Ward / Reuters

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POLITICSAllies of President Cyril Ramaphosa at the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) meeting yesterday said the president would not interfere with the conviction and sentence of former president Jacob Zuma, after riots broke out in KwaZulu-Natal, with protesters calling for his immediate release.

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So ANC is declaring war against blacks or against Zulus as Ramaphosa was saying, looks like the chains of religion may fall out! Sizokubona okwabonwa u Saul. God be with us. KZN is literally burning to the ground and THIS is what they are discussing?!!!? For the first time I agree- he should NOT! Our democracy is not for sale and cannot be held to ransom

Why pardon an unrepentant constitutional delinquent who is showing no remorse for his sins It should go without saying that he should be pardoned from day one but the damage is done he might as well do time 😔 🤔 Seeing that the entire Durban is being looted, what control measures will be taken to/ towards those who bid for tender repair on damages... to ensure monies are not looted like the COVID19 ? Jz LootingForZuma durbanisburning lootingmustfall

How is not pardoning or releasing Zuma improve the competency of the ANC NEC? Pardon him.We understand that he broke the law but you have to save the country. Why let one man destroy a country? We will not judge you as long as this madness stops. Save your people before a civil war destroys us Will he rebuilt the infrustructure destroyed in his name?

It must not be him only

'Comrades haven’t failed Zuma, the ANC has’, says Duduzile ZumaThe former president's daughter said Zuma's supporters would fail him if they stopped advancing the fight for 'Radical Economic Transformation' and economic freedom. Someone needs to tell these children SA is not a monarch, no inheritance of power here. We are a democracy, all are equal before the law 🤣🤣🤣 by burning cars and vandalising the Provinces infrastructure, by underestimating the rule of law... we have comedians The same RET he couldn't deliver whilst in office? Some people are useless

Imagine looting a country to free a man who looted a country🤯😒 Pardoned from what he has caused? Please don't Mr President. No one who use violence is deserving to be listened. These looting and burning of trucks is done by most of R350 gang. No employed person can do that. Someone is paying them to do that.

This is my second time of testifying how great officialalfredw is and how amazing he is, last week after he told me about this online trading I taught it was fake not until I gave it a try and he turned my R5000 into R17,000 just in 7days of trading. He’s the Best! kingSnezzo The guilty should be panished, JZ is not innocent, CR17 is not pure, judiciary is people that r corruptible & constitution was written & editable. SA shouldn't be scared of FreeZumaNow movement. God loves SA and will's that JZ be released ASAP. Not abt ryt or wrong. God speaks.

No pardon for the thug and it’s lootists ! LootingForZuma The journalist is telling us the outcome already, it has become a trend Does the SA Intelligence team have facial recognition technology? The corrupt MYANC is not the GovernmentZA of SA. Its not up to the party to decide nor the govt. Its about the rule of law & the constitution.

'Comrades haven’t failed Zuma, the ANC has’, says Duduzile ZumaThe former president's daughter said Zuma's supporters would be failing him if they stopped advancing the fight for “Radical Economic Transformation” and economic freedom. Zuma failed himself ,voetsek When did RET advance blacks. Or blacks we read connected few? Another newspaper

How is it heated if they’re all saying the same thing? Did he ask to be pardoned? We'll see how many shops will be left standing in the morning Javelin. Shot put. The Executive should not budge into the Judiciary porch.. period.Respect these tenets and we progress forwards We also saying he must be released but we don't need Ramaphosa's semphathy or his pardon

They will pay,heaven is only for the righteous. History has proved all the time Who's that member? They can't pardon him. Else they lose the fight they fought against the RET. That would be really dumb imo... You can’t give up because no one believes in what you do. The person who should have the utmost believe in what you do is yourself. I am who I am today all because of the help of this wonderful human Lindastouffe

What’s in City Press: ‘Zuma shouldn’t be pardoned’; Level 4 to stay; Still no closure for Tembe family | CitypressGood morning! In your City Press today: Level 4 to stay | Selection of new North West premier delayed | School dropout rate at its highest | Lebo M’s saddest birthday | Is this goodbye for De Lille? | Eastern Cape department of health faces collapse GautengShutdown ShutdownSA SAShutdown KZNShutdown FreeJacocZuma FreeZumaNow FreeZuma No surrender , No retreat ✊ Blade Has spoken✊ Zuma did not ask for pardon and he will not ask for it. Zuma is a revolutionary, he is not scared of prison. He will continue to fight for justice as he is doing now. JZ could have chosen the easy way out and agreed to Zondo's nonsense. FreeZumaNow FreeJacobZumaNow should be SHOULD NOT not SHOULDN’T The power of an apostrophe 😡

Jirrre, oupa dolla No other way to explain this when your pockets are fat you can’t think chatlas He must face the music VoetsekZumaSupporters Ori_Debig_Beats I believe they voted right? 🤔 Ori_Debig_Beats Concourt should take that decision not NEC unless if you are indirectly telling us that the NEC ordered justice Kampempe to incarcerate the old man.

What do you expect DZumaSambudla to respond on these type of tweets showing his father in prison uniform and humiliating pictures displayed? hlatseentle ,Newzroom405 ,SABCNews ,eNCA ,RonaldLamola ,justicemalala ,_AfricanSoil Yes he should not get a pardon. Pardon him and it means he has won over the constitution. He has to sit in jail.

Demons are controlling our media

Jacob Zuma should be equal before the law, says activist Cheryl CarolusAnti-apartheid activist Cheryl Carolus said the rule of law would be exerted equally to all, and South Africans should accept that. What are her political ambitions? Says one of the people responsible for SAA's woes🙄 Nokungena dosi sekuyatinyela.

If the 'pardoned' is about the reversal of the CC judgement then the heated arguments are whipped-up emotions in futility. 'The horses have bolted.' Cde Mbaks. Why are they debating? The NEC cannot give instructions to Ramaphosa how to apply a Constitutional prerogative. May be Ace had a point. Putting up such pictures is provoking an already volatile situation. Can you be considerate. There is a revolution brewing due to reckless and irresponsible behaviour.

Up to now you haven't learned these derogatory articles against Zuma is sparking provocation and more violence? Rubbish! He must serve his sentence Only if he attends the Zondo commission and answer all their questions & take away his flight privileges, Lo baba is sneaky & very Strategic let's not undermine him! Release him based on those conditions.Zuptas must fall!

Wherever are the offices of this crap media someone is looking for them at Jeppee Hostel, just passing the msg. Let those NEC members come out as individuals and repeat their sentiments. They should stop hiding behind the NEC. We want to know them and their position. He must remain in custody, the confused population out there just need to be brought to book, the country cannot take orders from the criminals.

Why not just give Zuma a criminal trail and that doesn’t mean he will walkout free. And justice will be done .

Discussion | Jacob Zuma spends first night in jailFormer President Jacob Zuma has now officially begun serving his 15-month prison sentence. Are we going to have this update for 15 months ?

What is happening in KZN and today in GP is nothing but criminality of a hungry nation. It has nothing to do with the call to realease Mr Zuma, but has all the hallmarks of people stricken by poverty and underdevelopment. I put all these squarely on the doorstep of the ANC … BenjiSeitlhamo This kind of hooliganism reporting is what will make people revolt against these stratcoms

If he were to be pardoned every over sixty inmate should enjoy the gesture Those who are inciting violence in KZN must be charged with terrorism KEEP YOUR PARDON! MYANC UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE! FreeJacobZumaNow FreePresidentZuma FreeZumaNow SAShutdown KZNProtests ShutdownSA ShutDownGauteng Don't know who Drew this picture but it's spot on ..small ears that don't listen eyes of a lizard so I could continue

XikukwaniN I dont like this drawing its direspectful He should be pardoned Bloody agents

'I'll go with you, my child': How 'hero' top cop convinced Zuma to complyThe last thing Maj-Gen Nonhlanhla Zulu wanted was to say anything to upset or agitate the famous man she was there to arrest. But this is an Old Story 🙄🙄 What made her a hero. You like to hype things lona propagandist Good cop with brains.

😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 He will be pardon whether they like it or not. Or else SA will be burning..they should swallow their big Egos and let him free. Happy He must face the music.Pardon ya masepa He should never. Why make it duty of Ramaphosa to initiate the pardon of Zuma. If Zuma wants to be pardon he must apply to be pardoned

you dont report the mess GautengHealth is in thats why we are on level4lockdown R500 Billion down the drain FreeZumaNow FreeJacobZuma GautengShutdown Pardoned for what? He is a corrupt man and destroyed the country with his buddies thw Shaik's and Gupta's. What about other inmates?

Fokof city press is that the best emage you got of Zuma? ABC is Branches on ground. They can fuk off those useless Msunu yenu city press He refused to give it to Abathembu king let him get a taste of his medicine Then it’s them who will end up begging the people. They r wearing suits sleeping in comfortable beds while we the mass r in poverty but they have the guts to pin Zuma a 79 year old man I mean for what benefit, whoever who is advising them is not smart

if he is pardoned, his supporters will take tht as a weakness and tht will deeply instil sense of entitlement to them. In future, the president will find himslf in exactly the same situation and wil b forced to sucumb again PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa please dnt do tht 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Did he ask for pardon?

Pardon him, and we know to get all our relatives jailed out by burning things and causing chaos! Banana 🍌 republic destination status would be achieved sooner than we thought. YESSSS!!!

FAKE NEWS This should be the President's call. The president and president alone. We've bookmarked the cartoon and the tweet The hate displayed by the media against Zuma is obvious. They will hold meets everyday of 15 months, it's still day 4 we have a long way to go with that NEC Don't create anarchy please, your egos will back fire, believe me.

NEC is not made of 7 mascots,what you should have done at least was to name those who who were disagreeing so that as public we will assess the accuracy of your reporting

Let's have tea with them This is President's decision, NEC has no business in this matter This reporting is one sided, weren’t there any NEC members who called for his Pardon? Or only the ones that you pay told you what you want hear? By the way where are City Press offices in KZN I want to say hi to the cartoonist ?

If Jacob Zuma, who is in jail for contempt, and should actually be in jail for corruption and treason;is released then all the prisons should be emptied! Even Derrick Chevuinik was drawn like this in America, the pure distain for one race Good