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Jacob Zuma

Zondo denies reports Jacob Zuma was sent 80 questions | IOL News

Zondo denies reports Jacob Zuma was sent 80 questions

2019-10-08 01:00:00 PM

Zondo denies reports Jacob Zuma was sent 80 questions

The State Capture Commission of Inquiry denied reports it had sent former president Jacob Zuma 80 questions about the evidence against him.

Last week, TimesSelect reported that the commission had sent Zuma an 11-page list of "areas of interest" which included questions on the firing of Nhlanhla Nene and Pravin Gordhan as finance ministers, the nuclear deal with Russia and questions on his relationship with late Bosasa head Gavin Watson. 

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He was also questioned on his relationship with the controversial Gupta family and whether he derived any benefit from his son Duduzane's business relationship with them.Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo on Tuesday denied the claim that Zuma was sent a list of questions, only confirming that an 11-page document had been sent.

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Jacob Zuma sent 'areas of interest' only, says Judge ZondoDeputy chief justice Raymond Zondo has denied that the state capture commission furnished former president Jacob Zuma with a set of questions he would be asked when he returned to the stand, instead saying it was a document with “areas of interest” he needed to address.

Duduzane Zuma to appear before the Zondo commission | IOL NewsDuduzane Zuma, one of the people whose name has been mentioned in attempts to influence state decision during his father’s ... He must open up at zondocommission. We want to know the truth from the horse's mouth StateCaptureInquiry Guys. Ke kopa number ya ga Duduzane ke mo jole before a ya tronkong. The apple didn’t fall far from the corruption tree

DAYS OF ZONDO: Duduzane Zuma on Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta: ‘That’s my guy’Duduzane Zuma described his very close friendship with Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta, the youngest of the three infamous Gupta brothers. He said they would meet on a daily basis. ‘Mr Tony Gupta is a business partner of mine and he is also a very dear and close friend,’ said the younger Zuma at the State Capture Commission on Monday, 7 October 2019. My dad guided my goals in every area in my life,setting my sails,giving me a sense of purpose and direction in my life.He created my visions emerging as my twisted goals miscarriaged not knowing how to be a man of value whether u rich or poor. ermbates Duduzane__Zuma is beyond doubt the son of that PresJGZuma.

Duduzane Zuma lied to Zondo commission, says Thuli MadonselaMadonsela told Business Day on Monday that investigators had even offered to travel to Dubai to speak to him 🔒 More proof that Duduzane learnt how to lie from the best , his old man Zuma. ermbates Chip of the old block.... Junior Zuma Like father like son!! Corrupt to the core!!

Duduzane Zuma to take to the state capture standThe former president's son will finally have a chance to offer his version in the alleged Gupta state capture saga.

Duduzane Zuma in the hot seat state capture inquiryIt's unclear how many days Duduzane Zuma’s testimony is set down Hot seat? Zondo must ask him why he run to Dubai for sometime as he was asked by government to return Manje “Hot Seat” ingenaphi?